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Captivating Thursday: Théâtre Illuminata Series

Captivating Thursday is an original meme hosted by In Which A Girl Reads which promotes beautiful things--but, in this case, here in my blog, it will be book related. 

Now look at these GORGEOUS covers:

Eyes Like Stars: Beatrice:

"The fairies flew suspended on wires despite their tendency to get tangled together. Beatrice Shakespeare Smith, busy assessing her reflection in the looking glass and thinking perhaps she shouldn't have dyed her hair blue on this particular morning, turned to glare at them when they rocketed past the end of her nose for the third time in as many minutes.

'If you make me spill this stuff on the stage,' she said, 'I'll squeeze you until your heads pop off.'"


Misha1989 said...

The covers are so pretty! I have had these books on my TBR for quite a while now. Have you read them?

A. Knight said...

Sadly, no. But, I've been wanting to ever since I saw the covers. They are absolutely beautiful. I especially loove the white/silver haired dude in the second cover!