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Blurb: Some great, great things headed this way!


Ladies and males, if you've been keeping up with my status updates in the sidebar to right, you'd already know this, but Paranormal Indulgence is working through the stages of becoming http://www.paranormalindulgence.com/ and for that, sadly, the blog is having a bit of a rough time transitioning. The links are all a little screwy and for some reason, my twitter updates and followers widget are spazzing out. Just bare with me, Blogger says that the transitioning period should end within three days...

Now, on a less frustrating, exasperating note, please look forward to bunch of fun posts, including (but is not limited to) some awesome authors (particularly 2011 debut authors) participating in interviews, HERE, for Paranormal Indulgence. I'm so excited to welcome these authors here, and only hope that my interviews do their books justice... So excited for winter break, because that's when the real fun will begin...


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