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(Hopefully) Major Blog Revamp!

*/UPDATE: Currently working on changing the blog! If it begins to look funny just keep in mind it will be fixed.../*

With Christmas time and the new year approaching, I've got a bunch of new ideas and additions for my blog. Doing this for two months now, I'm getting a better hang of what's working for me and what's not... Plus, there's these new things I want to try to kind of spice this place up!

With that being said, below are some of the changes you can expect in these next few weeks...

First, review-wise:
  • Better Organized Reviews
  • New Format
  • Less Stuffiness (xP)
Blog Posts:
  • Blogsphere Breakdown (Coming in Jan.)
  • Meme Spotlight (Limiting my memes to two a week max. and no more)
  • Make a Wish @ 11/11--Coming Jan. 3 ft. Julie Kagawa (Author of the Iron Fey Series)
  • Author Chat-Chit (Have an author interview lined up and coming in Jan.)
  • Touché Thursday: Discussion (Only did one and kinda stopped; will start back up soon)
  • Continue PiC (Pretty in [COLOR]--See first PiC here.)
  • Bring Me to Life (Coming soon.)
  • V. Diaries Rehash & Hottie Throwdown (Coming Jan. 27/28)
  • Author Center Stage (Coming soon.)
  • Fresh New Blogger Alert
Pages To-Be-Added:
  • Blog|Author Index
  • My Big, Fat TBR List
  • Scrapbook
  • show my face, finally
    Sidebar update coming up:
    • Note for Authors/Publishers
    • Library Pick Up List
    & Lastly, layouts:
    • New one for reg. basis
    Can't wait for the changes already! I'm working hard to get everything done and up soon... So, get ready for some adjustments people! *waves*

    Thanks for reading!