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Pretty in [Blue] (2)

Pretty in [COLOR] is a brief, random feature that showcases upcoming novels that I'M particularly excited for... It is quite possible that I could interpret what a certain color looks like differently than you, and to that I say: *shrugs* Oh, well, it can't be helped.

This week's PiC theme is blue.

  • Tempest Rising by Tracy Deebs (Walker Books|May 10, 2011): I have big hopes for this one, that this ends up being a quality novel... Why? Well, just yesterday I posted up a review for The Mermaid's Mirror... Mermaids are shoving their way into the YA paranormal genre; they're just awesome all around! The description for this novel's got it right... "A contemporary paranormal romance out just in time to ride the wave of the newest creature craze: mermaids!" Cannot wait for this book! Pretty cover too!                      
  • Divergent by Veronica Roth (HarperCollins|May 3, 2011): First off, with a weirdly cool cover like this book's got, Divergent just can't go wrong! At least, I don't see how... Second, dystopian thrillers really get me; I just like the type of genre, you know. I cannot wait to meet Beatrice/Tris, see the boy she's having a little romance with. I love the idea of the five factions and having to choose from 'em! This is going to be a fabulous read, I can feel it.
  • Hereafter by Tara Hudson (HarperCollins|June 7, 2011): I'm excited for Hereafter, mainly because it's creepy. Which sounds weird coming from me simply because I cannot handle creepy, intensely creepy, or scary kinds of anything. Yet, here I am, filing it under TBR, willingly submitting myself to lots of anxiety and creepy-filled tension... I just do it to myself.
  • The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong (HarperCollins|April 12, 2011): I've got three reasons why I want to read this novel: a) the summary definitely implies something supernatural involved, therefore I'm all in hands down but also b) I've never read anything from Kelley Armstrong before, but I've heard some great things about her books so I want to give this new one a shot and c) it sounds frigging awesome so I'm totally excited!

  • My Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent (Harlequin|January 4, 2011): Okay, here's the thing though with the Soul Screamers series: I was really into this series initially. Read the prequel, the first book, then got close to halfway done in the second and I just stopped. I got turned off by Kaylee's situation with Nash so... But, now I'm debating with myself on whether or not to go back to this series and give it another shot! I mean, I just love when some big problem happens because of new (or in this case old) love interest rolling into town... I'll think on it.
  • Shadowspell by Jenna Black (St. Martin's Press|January 4, 2011): Now, I really have to get to the first book, Glimmerglass, 'cus it sounds pretty neat. The idea that there's this girl who can travel between the Faerie world and the human world, and she kinda helps the two worlds out by handing technology to one world and magic to the other. I'm fascinated, and definitely intrigued. Will see what happens at my next library visit.
  • Waterfall by Lisa Tawn Bergren (February 1, 2011): I really like this cover! I'm excited to dive into this once because it's featuring Italy, you know. Such an exotic, fresh place. *shrugs* I'm looking forward to it.
  • Breath of Angel by Karyn Henley (WaterBrook Press|June 21, 2011): Now this novel, I'm not feelin' the cover too much, but I'm super interested in it anyway thanks to the summary. I've got a weak spot for angels, you see. And then there's small, slight implication of a love triangle, at least that what I construed from reading the synopsis. I'm hoping I like this one also...
& that's all. Thanks for reading!

What upcoming novels are you dying to read?