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Showin' Some Story Siren Appreciation


Note: This may be a little sentimental and sound a little weird, but Kristi & THESTORYSIREN.COM have been my inspiration since before I started blogging, so I NEED to do this.

Letter to Kristi:

Dear Kristi (The Story Siren),
I've always meant it when I said that you are my well of inspiration and the one that gave me enough courage to start my own blog (I still remember that very first time I watched In My Mailbox: coolest freakin' vlog ever!). So it puzzles me to see this:
"I don't deserve any special recognition, actually I don't deserve any recognition at all, special or not. I do what I do, because I love it.... there isn't anything exceptional about me or what I do."
If only you knew how many exceptional things you did for me, let alone other bloggers and authors out there...Picture this: a closet book geek who never dared show off the new books she got, what she was reading, or how excited she was when new releases were coming out, and so forth... never had the courage to do any of those things. A girl who was afraid that people would think her weird for loving to read (because that's not something that's exactly popular amongst the teenagers I'm surrounded by). A girl who never had the chance to express her love of reading at any given point... And then one day she stumbles upon thestorysiren.com of all places--credit to an online pen pal who pointed me in that direction--and who'd've thought it?
After that, this bookish girl slowly broke away from her shell and stopped caring about what others thought... she eventually joined book clubs at her local library, made friends with other teen readers, became pals with several librarians... this girl stopped being scared.
Then, the girl kind of became an obsessive stalker of thestorysiren.com (O_O), always devouring the latest bookish news, interviews with authors of books she never would've found out about if it hadn't been for her frequent visits to this one website...
She loved blogging so much, the idea of it, that she decided she thought she could blog, and now...

Here I am. Asher Knight, owner of Paranormal Indulgence.

The point is without you & your website I never would've had the courage to do so many things, like starting my own blog. So, in reality, this is just one big thank you for all that you've done for me.

Thank you so much, for everything, Kristi, 
~Asher K.

P.S. Josh (my other cat) agrees with Sam, he just didn't agree with me when I tried to position him for a picture... *shrugs* Cats, what can you do?

Thanks for reading!


the story siren said...

Never thought I'd make an impact like that. I'm glad I aided in your path to fulfill your love of reading! thank you.