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Happy New Years +New Years Resolutions!

So, we've just entered the new year, thankfully! And, unsurprisingly, I'd like to share my New Year's resolutions with all of you...

  • First, I'm dedicating much of my focus and concentration on a particular goal. I'd very much like to become healthy mind, heart, and body. It's vital to me that I get out of the funk I've been in this past year due to all kinds of incidents, familial or otherwise personal. It's the time to move forward and I want to close out my junior year happily, and start senior year with a fresh take!
  • My next big thing is to read more! I so, so need to read more. I wasn't that impressed by my total tally of all the books I've read this year. Though, since I did most of my reading this year, I do have quite a bit in my already-read-pile, but I'd like to increase that number.
  • I definitely need to start showing off more of my existence in the outer world, rather than the computer or in the depths of a novel. I refuse to let my life slide away, lose my friends and so forth because I don't make any time to be social.
  • Grades are also important... I'd like to maintain the good grades I have as is, if not improve them!
  • This one kinda goes back to my first goal for 2011, but I want to keep to a healthy diet where I don't eat too much or binge on junk food. I don't want my health to deteriorate because I can be a pig sometimes. Therefore, I hope to be able to swallow down some veggies and start taking in less sugar...
  • And the last one on the list is to meet new people and make new friends. Whether it be online or not.
*shoots fist in the air* Yay for 2011! Let's all try our best to keep to our resolutions for this New Year's!



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