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Brief Review: Bloody Valentine by Melissa De La Cruz

WARNING: If you haven't read previous books from the BLUE BLOODS series, then you probably shouldn't read this review. Especially since it may contain spoilers!

B l o o d y  V a l e n t i n e by Melissa De La Cruz (WebsiteTwitter)

Release Date: 12/28/10 (Hardcover)
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 160 
Series: Blue Bloods (#1-5)
Source: Bought (Amazon)
Summary: Goodreads»»

Warning: Those who have not read the Blue Bloods series 1-5 may not want to read this review, because it does contain a few spoilers. 

"Just Another Night in Suck City"
Summary: Oliver Hazard Perry hasn't been doing so well since his best friend, Schuyler Van Allen, skipped town to fulfill the legacy her grandfather left her with the help of her love, Jack Force. Their vampire-familiar connection not yet severed, Oliver is having a rather hard time moving on. "Might a new witchy girl help cure Oliver's broken heart?"
Review: Once I finished Misguided Angel, I assumed Oliver was going to be alright, that he'd be able to move forward despite having such a strong and deep connection with Schuyler as her familiar. And honestly, I was too busy ogling at Schuyler and Jack, and the latest development in their relationship by the end of book five, that I didn't pay much attention to Oliver. After reading this though, I truly got inside Oli's head, got inside his feelings and the tragedy of his situation, and I started to sympathize with Oliver's character.That's why I was glad that Freya came into the picture. Though their relationship didn't amount to what I had hoped, I still felt content by the end of the story, with the thought that I will refrain from being careless with Oliver in future books.

Melissa writes: Check out Melissa's new, upcoming adult fantasy series Witches of East End releasing in the summer of 2011!
"Hyperion has signed Melissa de la Cruz — whose Blue Bloods vampire books have all been huge YA hits —to a two-book deal for an adult paranormal series. The first, The Witches of East End, will go on sale in May 2011. “It’s about a mother and two daughters who move to town and shake things up,” says de la Cruz. “There’s already a family of warlocks living there who aren’t too happy with their arrival…It’s based on old Norse mythology.” She notes that characters from Blue Bloods will show up in the books — “some in essential roles; others more tangential” and says, of her switch to adult fiction, “I’ve been writing YA books for more than a decade. Many of my fans have grown up. Now I can have more grown-up themes: One character works in a bar; another gets involved with the mayor. There are romantic entanglements that are not so innocent!”" --shelf-life.ew.com»
"Always Something There to Remind Me"
Summary: At last, the untold love story of Allegra Van Allen and Schuyler's human father, Bendix Chase. Blond and gorgeous is Bendix, but more, a love blossoms between these two unlikely characters who are from two entirely different worlds (pardon the cliche). Follow Allegra's story, discover what would make her--Gabrielle, the Uncorrupted--abandon the love of Michael, law and tradition. Just "how did Allegra fall in love with a human?"
Review: I was definitely overly anxious to dive into this story. I've been dying to know all about Allegra, a little bit of her history and feelings, uncover some of the huge mystery, part of which began with Schuyler's human dad. Seeing life through her eyes, I couldn't help but feel empathy toward her. The poor girl's got it rough, her being Gabrielle and all. And that aspect of her life, just how hard it is to be her and live up to those expectations, I don't feel was ever conveyed in the other novels so it was great to finally see a piece of Allegra that I hadn't seen before. My only complaint was that it ended too soon and abruptly. I felt like I was just learning more and then got cut off in the middle, which I guess was the point. If The Reader found out too much, what would be the point of the rest of the series...? *shrugs*

"Ring of Fire"
Summary: Bloody Valentine goes out with a bang, as it closes with an incredible, romantic peak in Schuyler Van Allen and Jack Force's one-of-a-kind, absolutely forbidden love! Before the couple separates: Schuyler to find the remaining gates of Hell; Jack to travel back to New York to face off his unhappy, betrayed twin, Mimi, the two have put together a beautiful ceremony display their cultivated love. "Will Schuyler and Jack finally be bonded?"
Review: This story did it for me. Bracing myself for the worst, I'm not going to lie, I thought that it would all turn out to be a horrible disaster of an event, that something would go wrong. I've been rooting for Jack and Schuyler since the beginning and to finally see them move to something so huge, it quite simply took my breath away. For that small amount of time, I wasn't worried about the problems they were going to have to face in due time. Instead, I was completely focused on this romantic ceremony that truly gave The Reader an inkling as to how much these two love each other, as if they hadn't showed it before. It was so wonderful to journey with two such amazing characters and finally see the lovely end result! I'm so happy for Schuyler and Jack... my only hope is that nothing breaks what they've built up thus far.

Melissa writes: Also, be sure to check out Wolf Pact, a Blue Bloods spinoff series starring one of the protagonists Bliss Llewellyn, which is going to be hitting the shelves April of 2012!
"Wolf Pact will follow the adventures of Bliss Llewellyn, a central character in the Blue Bloods novels, as she goes on a quest to find the legendary Hounds of Hell and convince them to join the Blue Blood vampires in their war against the Silver Bloods. The Wolf Pact series will reinvent the myth of the werewolf in the same way that Blue Bloods breathed new life into the vampire genre." --from Melissa's 'Site
& Heads up! Want a special preview of this highly anticipated kick off the upcoming Blue Bloods spinoff? Go and buy the Keys to the Repository (here) and read a delicious excerpt!

Thanks for reading!


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