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Get your book on!

Credit: La Femme Readers, who hosts this meme in which she asks a book-related question that leaves room for discussion, as well as the lovely image on the left-hand side. P.S. This is normally a Monday meme.

Eleni at La Femme is asking us, "How do you balance reading into your busy lives?" Being that there's "sometimes school, work or being a full time mom cuts into book time."

I've often asked myself the exact same question. How do I balance it all? It's definitely not easy that's for sure, and I'm actually thankful for having a blog, as it pushes me to read as often as possible. I love being able to share my thoughts, so it helps having one! But, really, I don't think there's a magic formula.

 I don't do very well multi-tasking. At all really. So, it is pretty tough deciding on how much reading time I get!

Did I really choose homework over reading that new book I just got?

Honestly, how I manage to read as much as I do goes back to my economics class. One thing we learned pretty recently was a term called opportunity costs which is basically the cost of giving something up when making a decision. For example, do I study for two hours or go read for few hours? Say I choose reading, the cost of doing that will be my low score on the test I take the following day.

So, in short, I figure out what my opportunity cost is going to be should I opt out of doing something to read instead.What homework assignments do I have to complete, what can wait 'til the morning, what can I squeeze in in between classes and still get a good grade? I juggle my choices...

Thanks for reading!


Small Review said...

LOL! When you first mentioned your economics class I thought you were going to say "because it's so boring so I get a lot of reading done there" :P Good thing you're more studious!

Jackie said...

You've just made economics and opportunity costs much more interesting!

I had the hardest time being motivated to read books for enjoyment in college. But, when I did read books, I'd usually study for an hour then read for a half hour, and I'd repeat until I finished my homework. Not the most effecient way to study OR read. But, it did give my brain a break from boring ol' homework.

A. Knight said...

Nah. I love my econ teacher too much! He just knows how to keep the room alive and interested in what he's saying. No way would I even have a shot at falling asleep on him. Lol.

Well, with college being as busy as it sounds, I wouldn't be surprised if you rejected the idea of reading for pleasure. And I've tried the whole read-then-study routine and it does not work well with me. I get too engrossed in the reading part that I just skip the studying part entirely. xD!

Thanks for stopping by, you both!