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In My Mailbox (12)

First off, hi there! Welcome to Paranormal Indulgence. You're just in time for In My Mailbox. Hooray! If you know all about it, then just scroll down. For those who are asking just what that is, allow me to explain. Basically what happens is every week a bunch of bloggers participate in this weekly meme hosted over at The Story Siren called In My Mailbox by creating a vlog where they talk about the books they got during the week (or you can just do a regular post about all the things you've got). And the cool thing is it isn't just limited to purchased books, it could be any books, like books from the library. And more, it doesn't even have to be books that you got. You can just talk about random things you bought or your findings of the week. It's a pretty neat meme, if you ask me. And with a bunch of us joining in on it, it's a great possibility that all of us will get to connect.

Of course, none of this would even be possible without Kristi @ The Story Siren, whose vlogs serve as a constant inspiration for me on a daily basis when book blogging.

Want to participate? Well, okay, just click this http://www.thestorysiren.com/ and you're all set. Scroll down and you'll see the In My Mailbox post of the week, with a vlog at its center and a Mr. Linky below, which you must sign. Please, please watch the vlog. They're always really good. And take a peek at her book shelf in the background while you're at it. It's so, so gorgeous. You'll see.

Anyway, enough chat-chit, time to share my findings...

Library Haul

I managed to snag some potentially awesome reads from my library's recent orders. Yes, I got first dibs. (What can I say other than it pays to be extra nice to your librarians?)

Links below lead to Goodreads.com!
The Beautiful Between by Alyssa B. Sheinmel
If I Stay by Gayle Forman
Dark Flame by Alyson Noel


I swear, my mom is too good to me. If you've read my earlier IMM posts, you'll have read a little about my mom - a total supporter of my profound book/reading obsession. Well, last week, both Small Review and Logan E. Turner posted reviews for Waterfall by Lisa T. Bergren, so guess what I begged my mom to get for me (being that my own measly funds are incredibly low right now)? And as an added bonus, she picked something else she knew I'd love:

That's right! The super bonus turned out to be Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins, the second installment in the Hex Hall series! Yippee! *dances around the room*

NetGalley's been so good to me *lol*

I received the following books from NetGalley.com:

(Click the covers to follow the link to Goodreads.com)

Thank you to HarlequinTeen & NetGalley for The Goddess Test (*major squeal*) and to HarperCollins as well as NetGalley for Die For Me (Three words: That...cover! Gosh!), Starcrossed (*rolls off chair and faints*), and Hereafter (Superspectaculartotallyamazingcoverindeed!)!! Appreciate it, very much. Can't wait to read these and blog about 'em!

So, that's all I've got for In My Mailbox, BUT...

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Thanks for stopping by!


Mariya said...

you're gonna love jessica's guide to dating on the dark side. DEMONGLASS was awesome but it made me throw the book across the room. What an ending.

I also got hereafter, starcrossed, and die for me, but I am so mad I can't read them b/c the kindle option still isn't back yet, it is driving me insane.

Missie said...

Please read If I Stay straight away! And please, please love it. LOL

Okay, you don't have to love it, but it is pretty freaking awesome. And I totally need to get my hands on Demon Glass.

Great grabs from Netgalley.

Happy Reading.

Rie Conley said...

Netgalley was so good to me as well!

Those are some great books.


Helena said...

What an awesome IMM! So many great books have come your way.

NetGallery really likes you! I really look forward to "Die for me". I'm gonna look out for a review!

Rebecca said...

Great books you got this week. Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side is really good. Hope you enjoy reading all your books.

A. Knight said...

@mariya-- I've actually read JESSICA, but I'm rereading it since it's been like a year. And oh, no you threw the book??!! That gorgeous book?! There must've been a reason then! Oh, boy, I'm in for it... I can tell.

And I know what you mean about the kindle option. That's why I haven't read any of my galleys yet. It's too inconvenient to try and read them through the computer! I hope you enjoy them, Mariya!

@missie--I know, I must. I've heard so many great things about IF I STAY. It seems like it would be a crime to do anything but love it. And I hope you get your hands on Demonglass soon! I'm so happy to have it, myself. And thanks! I was squealing when I saw how nice NetGalley was being. Lol.

@helena--Thank you, I know! And I'm looking to reading Die For Me, as well, trust me. Ever since the UK cover came out, I've been anxiously waiting to read it. And I'll probably be blogging about it closer to its release date, instead of right away. Hope to you visit too, when I do.

@rebecca--Thank you, Rebecca! I think so, too. And I enjoyed JESSICA so much last year, but with part two coming out, I wanted to reread it since I forgot so much. And thank you, I hope you do the same.

Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

Mariya said...

Demonglass ending was insane. That kindle problem is driving me crazy. It feels to me more like years than a few months..ARRRGGHH

A. Knight said...

Okay, but, Mariya, do you mean insane good or insane bad??? And tell me about it! I was so shocked to see the option removed.. thought they took it away. I heard it was supposed to come back this month. *lol* Months ago I didn't have my kindle, but now that I do, I'm frustrated.

Christy @ReaderBee said...

Great mailbox! I can't wait to read the Netgalley books! I hope you like Jessica's Guide and If I stay! Happy Reading!

A. Knight said...

@christy--Thanks! And I know what you mean... I'm nearly dying with excitement, myself. And I really hope I like Jessica's Guide (after this reread) and IF I STAY since I've heard such great things about it. And same to you!

Logan E. Turner said...

Your mom is awesome!!! I'm sooo happy you got Waterfall. I hope you like it as much as I did.

A. Knight said...

@logan--Thanks, I think so too! I was so happy to have it, and I read it yesterday - and for the most part I loved it. I'm so ticked that I have to wait for the sequel; I'm dying to know what happens!

BooksforCompany said...

Great books!
l SO want to read The forest of Hands and Teeth and Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side.