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In My Mailbox (13)

First off, hi there! Welcome to Paranormal Indulgence. You're just in time for In My Mailbox. Hooray! If you know all about it, then just scroll down. For those who are asking just what that is, allow me to explain. Basically what happens is every week a bunch of bloggers participate in this weekly meme hosted over at The Story Siren called In My Mailbox by creating a vlog where they talk about the books they got during the week (or you can just do a regular post about all the things you've got). And the cool thing is it isn't just limited to purchased books, it could be any books, like books from the library. And more, it doesn't even have to be books that you got. You can just talk about random things you bought or your findings of the week. It's a pretty neat meme, if you ask me. And with a bunch of us joining in on it, it's a great possibility that all of us will get to connect.

Of course, none of this would even be possible without Kristi @ The Story Siren, whose vlogs serve as a constant inspiration for me on a daily basis when book blogging.

Want to participate? Well, okay, just click this http://www.thestorysiren.com/ and you're all set. Scroll down and you'll see the In My Mailbox post of the week, with a vlog at its center and a Mr. Linky below, which you must sign. Please, please watch the vlog. They're always really good. And take a peek at her book shelf in the background while you're at it. It's so, so gorgeous. You'll see.

Anyway, enough chat-chit, time to share my findings...

Library Finds

All of the following links lead to Goodreads.com~
XVI by Julia Karr
Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves

If you don't already know this, I'm a HUGE Vampire Diaries TV show fan, but I've never read the books. So, I'm ridiculously excited! I've also heard excellent things about both XVI and BLEEDING VIOLET!


A friend of mine who works at the library managed to snag this for me as one of the perks she gets by working there. Free books! Next, she plans on getting me Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver.

The Iron Witch by Karen Mahoney

Thank you, my darling mother! I've been dying to have this one, since I've been hearing such great things about it. And I mean, hullo, what do you expect you're gonna get when a book's about elves and alchemy and other such fantabulous things? Can't wait to read this!!!!

How I love thee, NetGalley...

I received the following books from NetGalley.com:
Love this cover!!!
(Click the covers to follow the link to Goodreads.com)

Thank you to HarlequinTeen & Disney Hyperion & NetGalley.com for these fabulous new reads!

Thanks for stopping by!

Before you leave, check out my cover re-do contest for J.R. Turner's Extreme Hauntings series deadline has been upped to April 5, so find out how to participate at my post called Detour 2 Death Blog Tour Contest & Giveaway


Christy @ReaderBee said...

I can't wait to read The Girl in the Steel Corset! I really want to read Bleeding Violet and The Iron Witch too. :) Happy Reading!

Vy said...

The Girl in the Steel Corset has one the most beautiful covers! I've heard great things about The Iron Witch so I hope you enjoy it :) Those two books are going on my tbr list.

A. Knight said...

Hey, girls, thanks for stopping by to start!

Christy-- I know what you mean about The Girl in the Steel Corset! It sounds positively wonderful, can't wait myself. And I'm looking forward to diving into BLEEDING VIOLET most especially. Thanks, and you too!

Vy-- I totally agree! The dress is what had me lusting after cover. It's just gorgeous! And thank you, also for the follow! I hope you get the chance to read the aforementioned books, too!

I'll be sure to check out your posts!

Ravenous Reader said...

I just adore Net Galley and I am happy to see that you received some awesome books this week :)

Akasha Hale & Lexus Salvatore said...

a new Wonderful book haul. I'm glad I stopped by your blog for *In My Mailbox*. I'm now follower and will visit when I can.

The novel "Bleeding Violet" looks stunning with that purple. It would look amazing on my bookshelf. I'll be purchasing this one soon.

-Happy Reading. Please visit my IMM Vlog sometime. :D

Alison said...

Fab books! I'm especially interested in Iron Witch and Girl in the Steel Corset.

The Fiction Fairy said...

I agree I am in love with the vampire diaries too! You got some great books in this week, I've noticed alot of people got The Iron Witch(one I have my eye on!).Netgalley is the best thing since sliced bread I love it!

abeautifulmadness said...

Looks good! I really liked XVI and The Vampire Diaries. Also, The Girl in the Steal Corset looks really good.

ComaCalm said...

I didn't enjoy The Iron Witch butI've passed it on to someone who's dying to read it, so it's all good! I also have the three NetGalley books you have - addict.

New follower - I love your blog, it's as cute as you sound! XD


A. Knight said...

Ravenous Reader-- Why, thank you, and I agree completely! It's almost as good as boston creme doughnuts! ;D

Akasha Hale & Lexus Salvatore-- Thanks, I think so too. And I'm glad you stopped by as well, since I always like seeing new faces around here. Thank you for the follow and I hope you enjoy my future posts!

And as for Bleeding Violet, you're right about it looking stunning on a bookshelf. It looks so wonderful on mine, I'm sad that I have to return it. :(

I'll be sure to visit your blog sometime today. (Reading Demonglass and trying to keep distractions to a minimum.)

Alison-- I thought the same, especially of the IRON WITCH & THE GIRL IN THE STEEL CORSET. I'm really into steampunk, so I'm looking forward to delving into that one...

The Fiction Fairy-- Like that name, by the way... Yay, a fellow V. Diaries fan! How nice! Why thank you. And yes, NetGalley is nearly as good as sliced bread, or in my case boston creme doughnuts...

abeautifulmadness-- That's sounds reassuring considering how skeptical I was about XVI...

ComaCalm-- Tomorrow's blog post (after I announce my Extreme Hauntings giveaway winner) is going to be my thoughts on THE IRON WITCH... Let's just say, I expected so much more. *high fives fellow NetGalley addict* And thanks for the follow, I hope you stick around and enjoy my future posts! And thanks, I think it's pretty cute myself. ;)

Thanks everyone for stopping by, as well!

Anonymous said...

You get a "like" for putting Jaejoong on your blog. He is so pretty. And yes, awesome books!

A. Knight said...

If that was all it took, I'd be pasting Jaejoong's beautiful face everywhere... Just kidding... Well, maybe not about potentially putting his face everywhere... It is a totally delectable and adorable face. *drools*

And thanks! I think so too!

Helena said...

You seem to always get some good books. The Girl in the Steel Corset looks very interesting.

Majanka Verstraete said...

The Girl In The Steel Corset sounds like an amazing read, and I'm totally in love with the cover. Requesting that one as well ;) I have so many things to read as of late, I don't know where to start :P I heard a lot of good things about The Iron Witch as well. Happy reading!

So, what's in my mailbox this week?

Mad Scientist said...

I also requested The Girl in the Steel Corset. It just looks too amazing!

I love the gears in the background on the cover... how could I not request for it :)

Please do stop by for some gossip, a crumpet to check out my newest giveaway :)

Mad Scientist
Steampunkery & Book Reviews

Mad Scientist said...

New Follower :)

A. Knight said...

Helena-- I try, I try. I just love books!

Majanka Verstraete-- We're both totally in that love with that cover! And you and me both. I have a ridiculously huge reading pile to make a dent in...

Mad Scientist-- My sentiments exactly. And I'll be sure to stop by. Thanks for the follow, and I hope you enjoy my future posts!

Thanks for stopping by, all!

Sally said...

Awesome books this week. The Girl in the Steel Corset looks fab.
Happy reading.

A. Knight said...

Sally-- Why, thank you! They all look fab if you ask me, but when you're right you're right. Thanks, you too!

And I'll be sure to check out that IMM!

Thanks for stopping by!

Brittany @ Nice Girls Read Books said...

ARGH. XVI! I want it so badly! As for The Iron Witch, I've got it on my shelf but I haven't read it yet! I hired out Bleeding Violet from the library myself a few weeks ago but never got around to reading it! I hope you enjoy!

Check out my IMM this week!

Anonymous said...

Ah! I was in the same position as you for Vampire Diaries... I was surprised how different the books were from the TV series but they were still wonderful :). And Bleeding Violet is awesome too - Dia Reeves has some cooky ideas! And and! the Iron Witch is also wonderful :). Looks like you have a great week ahead of you! Happy reading!

Bibliotropic said...


XVI is one book in particular that I want to read. If my library doesn't have it, I'm totally going to buy myself a copy. Possibly even if my library DOES have it!

BooksforCompany said...

Great library finds! =)

A. Knight said...

Brittany-- I haven't read XVI or Bleeding Violet but I intend to. Don't they sound pretty great? I hope you get your chance to read them.

Christinareadsya-- I hope so. I'm a die-hard for the TV show, so I'm a tad skeptical to read the V. Diaries books... And I've heard rumors as to how cooky Dia Reeves is when it comes to Bleeding Violet *lol*

Bibliotropic-- I know! I wish I had it in my real possession...

BooksforCompany-- Thanks! I like them too ;)