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Kaylee and Davey, from the Extreme Hauntings series, are here!

Asher: Hi, Kaylee! Davey! It’s so nice to have a chance to talk to you guys, as I’m rapidly falling for the Extreme Hauntings series. Which, speaking of hauntings, how’s that been going for you, Kaylee? Any new ghosts you’ve been dealing with lately? Any demonlike creatures, perhaps? Have you encountered anything weird lately, Davey?

Davey: Define weird! You can’t imagine the trippy dudes popping up in my world lately. I just got home a week ago from the freakiest hospital in the world. There was this guy, Molok—a class-A jerkwad. Never want to see him again.

Kaylee: I’m just happy to be home finally. I have this weird feeling I’m supposed to be getting ready to do something though. I don’t know. I need a vacation. Only, when I go somewhere, bad things seem to happen. And Davey was right, Molok sucked big time. The reapers were the worst though.

Asher: So, in DFF: Dead Friends Forever, Kaylee, you start to come into your powers. How does it feel doing something that others can’t? And Davey, how do you deal with all that’s been happening to Kaylee as far as her powers go? Is it really hard to believe?

Kaylee: It’s sort of cool, I guess. But in some ways, it really bites. Because I can’t really control it, you know? I want to do things, like move stuff or read someone’s mind, or see the future, or something, and sometimes it doesn’t work. Other times I get this random info that has nothing to do with anything. Sort of confusing.

Davey: No matter what, Kaylee can do anything she sets her mind to. I think it’s one of the things I really like about her. She never lets anyone define who she is, she’s just herself. Real, you know? So no, it’s not hard to believe. Well, maybe at first, but I saw a dude I know get pizza-slapped in the cafeteria and I knew right then and there, she wasn’t crazy.

Asher: So, how did you guys become best friends? And what kind of strain did Davey’s sudden infection and disability have on your friendship? 

Kaylee; I dunno. My parents bought our house when my mom was pregnant with me and Davey’s family moved in when he was a year old. Guess our parents sort of hit it off and since we’re both the only kids in our families, it was a no-brainer that we’d end up friends.

Davey: Dad says we had our own like secret language from the moment we met. Not like words or anything, just baby talk stuff. That we “got’ each other, if you know what I mean.

Kaylee: I didn’t know that.

Davey: That’s what he says. But about my TM. I don’t think it really did much to our friendship or anything, maybe just made us realize we really depend on each other a lot more. Like we don’t take our friendship for granted so much anymore.

Kaylee; I feel the same way.

Asher: In School’s Out 4-ever, you two are separated as Kaylee is sent over to Barclay Hall. Were you scared to handle the ghosts without Davey around to talk to? And readers got to see how Kaylee coped with the distance. How about you, Davey, was it pretty rough being away from Kaylee so abruptly and completely?

Kaylee: It would have been so much worse if I didn’t get to see him before I left. And he did help me out through email and stuff. Plus, I got to see him for my birthday, so that was cool. I guess I sort of always felt sort of like I had to handle this stuff on my own—I mean, Davey was totally there for me, don’t get me wrong, but the ghosts and stuff were definitely after me.

Davey: It sucked worse when my mom said we couldn’t be friends anymore. Funny how all that changed when Kaylee saved my life! But seriously, I don’t think our parents could keep us apart for long. We’re gonna be eighteen in less than three years. They won’t be able to stop us then. Not like they want to, or anything.

Asher: This question is for Kaylee: Are you used to the ghosts by Detour 2 Death, or do they still completely freak you out?

Kaylee: I wouldn’t say I’m used to them. They still freak me out, especially when they come out of nowhere or they’re sort of twisted or something. But I’m not really as scared of them as used to be. What scares me more are the demons and things that force them to stick around, won’t let them move on, that sort of thing. I wish I’d never have to worry about another great big evil thing doing that ever again, but I have a feeling they’ve been at it for a very long time.

Asher: And for Davey, I wanted to ask: What can you tell us about Feverland? And how did you end up there?

Davey: I barely remember Feverland. Every now and again I get these dreams that are more like memories of the place. It’s weird, but I have this feeling like it represents my body. I got the idea when I was working with my physical therapist. They had this map of the nervous system and the spinal column and something about the colors and the way the nerves branched out and everything, made me think of Feverland, the roots of that tree and how red the sand was, like blood cells, you know? Or maybe I was just hot because of the infection.

Asher: Let’s talk bad guys. Enemies. Villains. Whatever. Who can we readers expect to encounter while journeying with you both in Detour 2 Death?

Kaylee: Molok was the worst of them. Gosh, he’s a butthead. You should have seen what he did with Davey. Well, you’ll read about it, I guess. But I hated him more than anything.

Davey: Why? I don’t remember much.

Kaylee: Because he did stuff like snap his fingers and take your legs away from you, then he snapped them again and you got them back. Only it wasn’t just like that, your bones actually broke. I’m glad you don’t remember him. But there was a white reaper and a spirit thing called Charun. Oh, and there was a white reaper, too, but he was easier to handle.

Asher: Now, I don’t want to make things awkward for you guys, but I have to know: Have you had any romantic developments from DFF to Detour 2 Death? How have your feelings changed from DFF to Detour 2 Death?

Kaylee: Uh, I’m not sure what you’re getting at. Davey and I are just friends.

Davey: Yeah, just friends. I mean, Kay’s a really pretty girl and everything, but we’ve been friends our whole lives. It’s not like we’re brother and sister or anything, so if she was the last girl on the face of the earth, I wouldn’t mind being like the next Adam and Eve with her. But yeah, we’re just friends.

(Asher: Suuureee. *rolls eyes* You both forget that I've read the latest installment.)

Asher: Okay, last thing. If you guys could change anything that has happened from the previous two books to now in Detour 2 Death, with everything you’ve learned up 'til now, what would it/they be?

Kaylee: I wouldn’t break the law, or I would be a lot better at covering up for breaking the law. I’ve got like a criminal record now and everything. It’s not gonna look good on scholarships. Not like I want to know what I want to be when I graduate high school.

Davey: I’d try to recover quicker so I could help more. Or I wouldn’t have gotten sick in the first place and Kaylee wouldn’t have had to fight all those battles alone.

Asher: Well, I’m all out of questions, guys. So, would you do me a favor and say bye to whoever’s reading?

Kaylee: Bye everyone! Too cool of you to come visit us. Peace.

Davey: Thanks for droppin’ in, everyone. See ya!

Bye, guys! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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