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Why do I need snow if I'm just gonna melt?

S n o w  i n  L o v e by Claire Ray
Release Date: 1/1/09 (Paperback)
Publisher: Dutton
Pages: 304
Source: Own/got it as a present
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Word Blurb: Simple, light, and cute!
Welcome to Alaska!

A special welcome to my boyfriend, Jake, the cutest tourist I've ever met!

Explore our natural beauties and untouched wilderness.

Jake and I like to hike our great (romantic!) nature trails. . . .

Enjoy our perfect skiing and snowboarding conditions.

Be sure to catch Will Parker doing his snowboarding tricks. He makes all the girls in town melt. (Except for me. Who needs Will when you've got Jake?)

Experience our world-class resorts and spas.

While you're there, find out what's up with that hot girl Jake brought to the lodge this year. She's probably just his cousin or something. Right?!

Get ready for a vacation you'll never forget!
Being that it's been ages since I've read this book and I'm too pressed for time to reinvest myself in this story, I'm going to make this talk super brief...

I picked Snow in Love because there's such a young voice behind the narrator that I thought it'd fit well with tweens. It's a story of crushes, first relationships, and cute romance all around. You've got pretty great best friends - Erin and Abby - accompanying Jess, tagging along and helping out. There's Jake, who like most boys at his age, totally sucks. I distinctly remember being incredibly frustrated with Jess for keeping feelings for this Jake, when the oh-so-completely-delectable Will - as Wills of the fictional world tend to be - is standing right in front of her, offering to take her to her school dance!

I was rooting for Cam and Abby to get together since, like, page one! Not kidding. They're that couple that have you rolling your eyes at their shyness and, most times, their stupidity. Leave it to a dumb boy to choose the bitchy Sabrina first, realize his mistakes, and finally realize that a sweet girl like Abby's been in front of him the whole time! But, it was pretty cute when it happened. Trust me, I remember that much. ;)

And that's the whole air surrounding the entire read. It's fun and light, at the same time very sweet and cutely romantic. The writing is simplistic... I'm pretty sure that anyone in that tween range can relate to a read like this one.

Verdict: Had I read this in the present, and considering my current tastes, I'd've liked it, translating to three happy/smiley faces.