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Welcome, Raphael!

Asher: *stares at holy hotness* Um, hi. *clears throat* I mean, hello Raphael. It was so nice of you to take time away from your holy duties to, uh, be here with me today so that I may badger you with questions.

Raphael: It is my honor to serve such a fine young woman as yourself.

Asher: *blushes* Okay, well, um, why did you aid Kaylee in DFF: Dead Friends Forever to help slay Asmodeus? 

Raphael: Asmodeus and I have a very long history together. Wherever he appears, I follow shortly thereafter. My faith in Kaylee has never wavered. I was always meant to participate in her…activities.

Asher: Why does Kaylee’s scar repel demons? Is that some heavenly spellcasting voodoo abracadabra stuff?

Raphael: When I healed her palm, her own powerful energy absorbed part of the abilities I possess. We did not expect this, but in hindsight, we should have. Kaylee is much more powerful than we imagined... I am very proud of her.

Asher: How old are you, exactly?

Raphael: There are no numbers. I have been here nearly as long as my Father has.

Asher: Oookay… In School’s Out 4-ever you manage to disguise yourself. How did you pull that off and why was it so important that you be there? More over, that you let Kaylee handle the demon herself?

Raphael: We are restricted as to how much we may interfere. Kaylee needs to develop her skills today for the challenges she faces tomorrow. Each time I interfere, I stall her progress. If I interfere too often, she may be unprepared to meet a challenge and I would be at fault. However, there are certain times, with certain beings, where I am needed to maintain the balance necessary for her to survive.

Asher: *grins* I have to know: are your feelings toward Kaylee purely platonic or are they in anyway romantic?

Raphael: I love Kaylee. There is nothing platonic or romantic about a fact. I simply love her.

Asher: *rolls eyes* Leave it to an angel to masterfully evade my question… What do you actually look like as an angel, anyway?

Raphael: My true visage is far brighter and larger than the one I don for meeting humans. I am in all other ways, exactly the same as you see.

Asher: Well, what can you tell us about the reapers Kaylee will be facing in Detour 2 Death? Do you, I don’t know, know them or something?

Raphael: Reapers are lesser beings than angels. They are below my notice. I only have interest when they fail to do the work they were created to do.

Asher: What role do you play in Detour 2 Death? Will we be seeing more of you in this installment compared to the last two?

Raphael: As I mentioned, I do need to curb my involvement for the sake of Kaylee’s well-being in her future. I do come when she calls, or when she needs me, though I don’t always reveal myself to her.

Asher: Quick. Cupcakes or muffins?

Raphael: *chuckles* Cupcakes. I have a terrible sweet tooth.

Asher: Hm, an angel who likes cupcakes. Interesting… Well, I think that’s everything. Thanks so much for stopping by, Raphael! And I can’t wait to read about you in Detour 2 Death. Want to say goodbye to the readers out there?

Raphael: Goodbye, readers.

Oh, boy. Thanks for stopping by, Raphael!

(And on Saturday I'll be getting to know the author responsible for your fictional creation.)

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