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When is Enough Really Enough?

 Today is Tuesday, and normally I'd be posting some meme-related bookish post. But, I've decided to whip out a discussion post instead... One that you may in fact find interesting and maybe a bit... astonishing (and if not- totally boring).

Get this. I currently have one... two... three... no, sixteen books checked out from the library. Sixteen!!? And what's even worse, they're not even all from the same library.

It's because of this horrid habit that I've cost myself at least $100 in a span of two years... Resulting from forgetting to renew... failure to bring them back when I should... I've been telling myself for weeks now, Okay. Okay, Asher. Enough is enough. Take only three books at a time, and only when you finish all three may you go back for more. 

I'm sure you know that expression that goes something like, look with your stomach not with your eyes. I've known it since people called me infant. That same piece of wisdom should be applied to my situation as well... It's a little unrealistic to expect myself to read more than ten books within the month when you consider school and responsibilities at home. Right?

But then, something happens. I walk into the library. And I see something like this:

And this:

And that new book smell is wafting in the air as I make my way over to the New in YA section. Something snaps. I think it's probably my control. That's when I start to look like this:

And I end up walking out the library, trying to refrain from being ashamed of my addiction, my obsession:

Imagine instead of all that food, hordes of books!
My latest stash...

Am I being greedy by taking so many books at one shot? Is the first step really admitting you have a problem? I've had this compulsive addiction for some time now, and no matter how I try to avoid it, the books keep calling me back. Should I be maintaining some self-control? Or should I just be like what the heck, you only get to live once, might as well enjoy/pick up as many as possible?

I mean, I also have to consider how this might affect the other important people in my life...

The people who help fuel my addiction don't seem to mind (aka my three seperate librarians) , since they generally look like this once I leave them:

My mom starts out like

And ends up like that-->
(especially when she ends up having to pay the fines... it's not my fault that I never seem to have cash on hand when this happens...)

I've definitely got a find a way to curb my obsession. As well as manage some type of control, before I reach outstanding fees and fines and eventually get banned from my libraries altogether. What about you? Have you ever been prone to taking out a gazillion books out from your local library at a time?

How did you manage to break the habit and become... let's call it, a responsible, reasonable, realistic reader? (hehe... those were all r's) Seriously when is enough ever really enough? I mean, I've tried to stop. (Don't give me that look.) And I know I can't be the only one who is that weak.

One of you has to have the same problem, am I right? Right...? Oh, boy.

Thanks for reading! And happy blogging! Sayonara.


Small Review said...

LOL! You remember my mailbox this week, right? :P I think it's safe to say I haven't learned anything resembling responsible, reasonable, or realistic when it comes to getting books from the library.

What I did learn is to get a job at a library. Now I can waive my fines and extend my due dates!

Of course that only feeds my obsession. But, hey, my wallet's happier :)

Miss Bookiverse said...

I don't think there's a cure to going to the library and bringing home such a huge stash of books. But maybe you could get a calendar especially for your library books in which you mark the days (maybe 3 days ahead? ;) on which you have to return which book. That way you keep track of which book you should read next because you have to return it soon and when you can spot right away when you should totally visit the library (only to drop off books of course, don't go inside, don't tempt yourself!! :D)

BooksforCompany said...

LOL! Love these pictures. Great =)
Great post and some GREAT books there! My library doesn't get as many great books as you (new ones =[)
l don't think you are being greedy at all by having so many books, especially if they are your main books which you read and don't take like 2 months to get to them.
Maybe you could put a reminder on your phone so you don't forget to renew? That's what l do. Or even use an online calendar.

Linda said...

I'm the same way. If I allow myself to browse (verses just picking up holds) I wind up with too many books. Then I do my fall back rule. Finish two books, then get one more from the library. I too get really excited about how many good books there are. But I can't read them all at once. I also make lists of books I want to read so I won't forget.