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In My Kindle #3

In My Kindle is a weekly companion meme to The Story Siren's In My Mailbox. The whole purpose of this feature is for ebook lovers to be able to discuss nothing but the ebooks bought (or won, or acquired for free)! Note: If you'd like to use the above graphic, please comment below and I will edit the post with the code.

NetGalley sent me:

All covers below will lead you to Goodreads.com!

Amazon Freebies

All of the following covers will lead you to Amazon.com!

So, as you can see, I scored a lot of awesome-sounding reads, and I hope to get to them soon. And I'm glad to share the love, because all of these books (or most of them) are available to YOU free of charge. (With NetGalley, though, you have to be a book reviewer in order to utilize the site and gain eligibility for books.) So, what did you get in your kindle/e-reader this week, ladies and males? Let me know. :D

And thanks for stopping by! Happy blogging!


BooksforCompany said...

Some great books, netgalley is just amazing <3

A. Knight said...

BooksforCompany - Yes, I totally agree! Thanks for stopping by!