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Hand Over That Book, Please II

Last week, I talked about genres that I sift through in search of That Perfect Book. Now, it's time for something both noticeable and commonly overlooked.

Fictional Settings:

Victorian London

This is probably The Favorite setting, only because everything about it attracts me. Even the fact that the air was polluted and the streets were dirty. Horse and buggies, top hats, clock towers, pocket watches. Fascinating and so much playing room for the writer to take the story to astounding and wonderful heights. And when steampunk is added in and interwoven--WOW.

The Roaring Twenties

The flappers, dangerous and thrilling speakeasies, jazz, sex, the charleston, the rise of gangsters, lavish and extravagant parties and events. Dazzling, sparkling, incredible!

Example(s): Vixen by Jillian Larkin

Sadly, I haven't read any very contemporary books that take place in the crazy 1920s! I hope to find more books like Vixen.


This is another favorite for a few reasons. First being that I love castles. I love, love, love castles and the towns and structures that link up to it. AND since medieval is usually paired with fantasy makes it even better. There are no cars, there's no technology to get in the way. People ride horses and everybody is so proper and well-spoken. It's just so appealing in the face of such a technologically-inclined generation.

Mixed with time-travel, though, and this setting can help add to something heart-stopping and totally addictive! Which brings me to...

16th Century Italy

I had to do it, had to. I had to make a reference to the setting of Lisa T. Bergren's PHENOMENAL River of Time series. In a place like 16th century Italy you can expect to find well-spoken, thoughtful, chivalrous knights who's "prowess in battle" is nearly as amazing as they are. There are raging battles and turf wars, crazy politics, courtly intrigue, and such emphasis on family bonding and faith that makes you happy to read something so great in this type of setting. Horse-back riding, weapon training. And battles! I can't stress that enough only because I'm ALWAYS looking for the next fight to sink my teeth into and shake up my nerves. With the books set in Italy so long ago, the River of Time series does both of those things!

Look out for next week's Male Characters that make me want to read a book in Hand Over That Book, Please!! III What are YOUR favorite settings to read about?


Kate @ Musings said...

Very cool post! My favorites would be: Renaissance period - kind of like your 16th century Italy...but all of Europe would fit the bill! Regency England because of the civility and Jane Austen. I also enjoy books set during the French Revolution and Napoleonic Era for all of the turmoil, strife, and spying, as well as some fighting! Looking forward to the male characters and checking out your past Hand Over That Book Please posts!

A. Knight said...

You know, now that you mention it, I haven't read any YA books with spying in them... How cool would that be? I agree with you about the Renaissance period--DEFINITELY holds appeal. And I'm so glad you're enjoying my blog and these series of posts, and I'm looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts.