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Hand Over That Book, Please III

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I know that last week I was supposed to show you male characters that make you want to read a book, but things got a little hectic and so I couldn't do the post. Sorry about that. But, I'm ready now.

I give you favorite types of male characters that make me swoon.

Male Characters:

 Aggressive Alphas

These fictional males are intimidating, incredibly tough, and extremely combative. They get hostile when their girls are being harmed. They have a tendency to be uncommonly gorgeous and sexy and their bodies are, naturally, very well-muscled. They are also well-known for their innate ability to infuriate and frustrate our FMCs (Female Main Characters). Furthermore, they almost always possess the Inner Bad Boy, other variations including the Reckless Boy, Heart-of-Stone Boy, Dangerous Boy, etc. I'm talking Jace Wayland, Kaleb Ballard, Will Herondale, Dmitri Belikov, Kingsley Martin, Alex Fuentes, Gideon de Villiers, Damon Salvatore, Tucker, Justin, Marcello, Luca, Beck, Ash, Evan, among so many others!

These type of guys are probably my favorite to come across. *sighs dreamily* Their typical habitat include paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and historical fiction books (all favorite genres of mine).

Sentimental Sweethearts

Boys who make you want to cuddle, Sentimental Sweetheart males are the guys that do and say things to your FMCs that will make their -and, invariably, your- hearts melt down to a puddle. It's possible that they may not look like much, but they're fiercely loyal and protective, generally good-hearted. Sometimes these guys have had a rough go in life and harbor terrible/heart-wrenching pasts. They are bound to make you go Aww or wipe away tears at some point in the book and they are full of depth. Guys that have warmed my heart include Etienne St. Clair, Joe Fontaine, Henry Dmitri, Sonny Flannery, Tamani, Adam, Sam, Ajax, Lend, Neville, Matt, and any others you can think of!

Courage Carriers

The boys who do outrageous things in the name of the Greater Good fall under this category of favorite male characters. Generally, in the beginning they have doubts as to their strength and courage, about what they can handle and don't always realize how brave they actually are. Then they pull some ridiculous but necessary stunt and, even though they might not see it, you see just how courageous these guys are. Sometimes self-sacrifice may even be in order. These males are easy to fall for because they've got big hearts, high moral standards, and courage you wish you possessed and hope that you do in the face of adversity. Courage Carriers would definitely be Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and nearly all of Gryffindor House, Severus Snape, Michael Weaver, Percy Jackson, Davey, Four, Travis, Colin, and more!

Funny Fighters

Okay, these males are definitely my second favorite type. They are, either by nature, look, deed, or word, regular comedians and consistently pry LOL-moments out of you. Witty and charming are ESSENTIAL qualities to these characters. But they are also bad-ass - you do not want to cross these guys because chances are they can kick your can by either physical or magical means from here to Timbuktu without breaking a sweat. FFs most definitely are Magnus Bane, Adrian Ivashkov, Robin Goodfellow (Puck), Luc Cain, Luca, Garrett, Gabriel... and I feel like I'm missing some. Care to contribute?

And this, my friends, concludes my basic list on all things deliciously male in YA fiction. Look out for next week's Female Characters that make me fist-pump in Hand Over That Book, Please!! IV.

What types of fictional guys turn your heart over?


Sarah (saz101) said...


Also... Snape... *sobs* yes :'(

—O -`O—^^^ IT'S HARRY! GET IT???

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