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Hand Over That Book, Please IV

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The last post I did for this series, in which I shared my favorite types of male characters, was a month ago. A whole month! My list of favorite FMCs is long over-due. So, here goes. Favorite female protags that make me fall in love with whatever story I'm reading.

Female Characters:

Bad/Mean Girls

From reading around, I've noticed that not many people particularly care for the female baddies in books. For me, I find them to be unique and unpredictable, with delicious ulterior motives that spice up whatever book I'm reading. These girls can be one of the following: a) deceitful b) manipulative c) bitchy and/or rude d) scheming e) all of the above, with undercurrents of selfishness. These devious girls are catalysts of some type of change, usually on the negative side. Generally speaking, these FMCs also, deep down, have warm hearts and will fight for the greater good. And, most importantly, you love to hate them. Prime examples would be the likes of Faye Chamberlain, Aphrodite, Mimi Force, Jessamine, and Isabel Culpeper.

Troubled Toughies

TTs include girls like Resident Evil's Alice, who is both bad-ass and kick-ass. These girls are more likely to punch first then ask questions later. They know all sorts of techniques and take-down moves, are serious and intent during battle. These girls will give any person - guy, girl, Strigoi, zombies, etc. - a run for their money. If they're not tearing down supernatural villains, then they're out doing daring things like jumping out of trains and stopping wars! They are hard-core. But they are also burdened by the weight of something - the fate of mankind, the unfailing protection of others, the need to succeed, etc. And they manage to overcome their obstacles and stay true to themselves. Some even find themselves and who they were meant to be all along. Females you do NOT want to cross include Tris, Deuce, Rose Hathaway, Elisa, Isabeau St. Croix, Meghan Chase, Hunter Wild, Calla, Riley Blackthorne, Clary Fray, Tiki, Gabi Betarrini and Bryn.

Peculiar Psychotics

In Fatal Attraction it was hard not to like the crazy chick. I mean she was so fascinating. And that's what I find insane characters to be - absolutely fascinating. To no end. I get so transfixed on the story because I'm curious about how these people's minds work and how they process what's happening. When I'm reading the POVs of serial killers in books, it's chilling and creepy definitely, but weirdly captivating.

The only crazy heroine I've been fortunate enough to meet and love is Hannah from Bleeding Violet. That girl is beautifully disturbed, wonderfully out there. And the book fits her like a glove. Know of any similar books? Drop a comment and let me know.

Admirable Adorkables

adorkable [adj]: simply adorable but in the utmost dorky way. Cute. Silly. Funny. (Urban Dictionary)

FMCs that I find to be Admirable Adorkables are the protagonists that are fun, sweet, happy, and unique. They make the story with their adorable silliness and utter dorkiness. And they appeal to you because you know someone like them or they are basically you. They're relatable and genuine. Quirky. And often times they are also extremely hilarious, whether because of said dorkiness or by nature. They all exhibit some type of strange habit or personality trait that makes them endearing as well. Overlying that, though, is the fact that these FMCs are innately good people.

Ex. Zoey Redbird, Evie, Stevie Rae, Erin, Shaunee, Anna Oliphant, Kara, Lena, Lily, Claudia, and Sophie Mercer.

Girly Girls

This is written as a sub-heading because I think girly girls kind of do fit under the Admirable Adorkables. I mean, they geek out over fashion and sparkles. Lola Nolan and her dazzling costume designs + Evie, her glittering Tasy, and penchant for pink sums up this whole sub-category. Do I even need to go into further explanation? 


This is another sub-heading because the following girls are nice, sweet, with Hearts of Gold and underlying dorkish tendencies, thereby endearing themselves to me and fitting in this category. Desi from Princess for Hire, Jill from BloodlinesJazza from The Name of the Star, Violet from Haunting Violet, and Amy from The Vampire Stalker.

Serious Supergirls

FMCs that are normally on the quiet, serious, though not necessarily shy side who take up action are Serious Supergirls. They kick ass in their own way, whether by smarts or physical skills. They are determined, focused, and typically precise. Some of them just like to keep to themselves and slowly battle the fear of fighting against evil. If that means breaking the rules (even though they normally wouldn't) or putting themselves in danger (like in the midst of a serial killer!), they'll do it just to save those that matter most to them. Such girls would be Lia Betarrini, Sydney, Violet Ambrose, Tamsin Green, Hermione Granger, Gwyneth, and Maddie.

Snarky Spirits

Sprited, spunky, and snappy. The triple S's that make some FMCs super fun to read about. They provide you with entertainment because they're witty and sarcastic. Some have a bit of a superiority complex and others have a complex where they switch personalities. It's really a toss-up. But their attitude is what truly gets across, is what makes the female protag totally memorable. The following girls will get to you as you read about them: Emerson Cole, Karou, Finley Jayne, Ari, Clare Fern, Ash Wilde, Pearl, and Isabel Lightwood.
And this, my friends, concludes my basic list on all things beautifully female in YA fiction. Look out for next week's most-loved Plot Elements that push me to wish for myself solidifying inside the story in Hand Over That Book, Please V.

What types of fictional girls make you fist-pump?


Brittany @ Nice Girls Read Books said...

I love these posts! I'm thinking about doing something like this for my blog. Would you mind if I stole it *eep* LOL! I'd link back to you of course ;)

A. Knight said...

Brittany- Thank you! & You go ahead! :) I think that's a wonderful idea! Makes me feel like I came up with something that everyone can share and enjoy.

Helena said...

I really like these posts and I'm happy every time there's a new one! Don't get me wrong; I like reviews too, but these list-type things are awesome! Keep up the good work! :)

And Happy Halloween! What will your costume be this year?

A. Knight said...

Helena- I get what you mean. It's a nice change of pace from reading reviews all the time. And that's ONE of the reasons why I do it. To write something fresh and interesting, and also entertaining. Thank you!

And I will be a pirate for Halloween this year, thanks for asking. And you? Dressing up this year?