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Reduce Bullying, Make a Change!

Today at school my English teacher shed some light on some very disturbing issues regarding bullying and it's far-reaching hand, the seriousness of it's effects and how high the number of bully victims has increased. This is actually something that's been bothering me a really long time. What with all the bullying I've witnessed and felt necessary to stop, suicide reports, and the rise of cyberbullying. Being a teen myself, I've seen this stuff happen in my school everywhere. The locker rooms, the hallways, bathrooms, gym, cafeteria, etc. And I've seen some of the repulsive crap people have posted online via Facebook. And it's not pretty. It's harmful and could be damaging for a lifetime.

I've been a victim of bullying, during my middle school years, and it wasn't fun. Eventually, I was able to overcome that, get comfortable in my own skin, and stand up for myself. Only recently have I realized that not everyone is able to do that and how often this type of act has resulted in deaths. I didn't know that suicide rates in teens has been steadily progressing over the years. It's scary and it's heartbreaking.

I know that this issue has been tackled before, but with the increasing rates of teen suicides and cyberbullying, I want to attempt to bring awareness. So I have a few questions for you, which can be found on the form below. I also want to know if anyone knows the official Anti-Bullying date for the U.S. UK and Canada ones keep cropping up...