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Wait Watchers! Week of 10/17

What is Wait Watchers? Well, with all these book-turned-TV-show shows going on and being awesome, I figured it's about time I post about them. Especially considering I read some or all of the books related to the following shows. Feel free to debate, discuss, and compare... amicably, of course. 

Warning: Some recapping and episode jumps will be incorporated in the post. So, if you've missed episodes you might not want to read this. Be sure to check for the date in the heading.

THE LYING GAME... East of Emma, Summer Finale 

So, last week I was actually grounded and one of the terrible tortures of my sentence was lack of tv. No The Lying Game! Completely torturous. I was left to imagine every possible way the episode, the finale, would go, and it wasn't until two days ago that I was able to see it. Did you see that coming?!!

Let me 'splain.

As avid watchers of the show are already well-aware, Sutton, Emma Becker's twin sister, spent some time in Emma's shoes, walking a day in her life. While hangin' with Lexie, touring the school, and meeting new hotties was fun, everyone had to be wondering about this devious twin's plans after that horrid letter she sent to her parents about Emma being an imposter. Poor, poor Emma is scared and hurt, and it's easy to be angry at Sutton. With the birthday bash planning underway, Emma is hard at work at her speech to what has become the only family she has ever known.

For me, the highlight of the show had to be when Ethan video-chats with Sutton-playing-Emma and he unknowingly confesses his love for Emma. *SWOON* All the air fled my lungs at the admission. And then I was blushing like crazy and cussing because Emma hadn't been there to hear it.

"Hell hath no fury like a twin scorned," said Emma, and aptly. Sutton sure knows how to dish out retaliation like a hateful pro. Kissing Ethan, threatening Emma, Sutton was definitely asking for a karmic punch to the gut, a cosmic beat-down. The romantic reunion toward the end of the episode with Ethan and Emma solidified my undying love for this couple! Another highlight!

"Do you love me?" asked Emma.
"You know I do," replied Ethan, gruffly.


But then, but then, the part that knotted my stomach was the end. Emma's on the verge of delivering the speech in which she will reveal her identity, while Sutton is actually drowning in a nearby river/pond/thing trapped inside her car, when... ANNIE HOBBS shows up!

Kristin's confused, "Annie?" combined with Emma's shocked face made for an awesome reaction, but it's nothing like how I imagine Ted and Alec are going to react! After more of Sutton's struggle to get out of the car, it's fade to black.

So far the show hasn't been following the book exactly. Then again, I only read book one. Fans of the book series: how closely is the show mirroring the books? Do you think Sutton's apparent drowning will lead to her death, making it sort of like the books? What about Emma and Ethan, think it'll last? How will Ted and Alec react to Annie's sudden appearance? And, and, what is Justin's, Laurel's boyfriend, dirty little secret?

Ugh, what a way to temporarily end the show! I'm left with more questions than when I started!

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES...Smells Like a Teen Spirit, Season 3, Episode 6

First thought: Vicki, where the hell did you come from?

I mean, yeah, she and Anna have been appearing here and there, but now she's messing with Matt's head, wanting to be solid, trying to kill Elena. Is the girl always going to bring nothing but trouble with her?

Klaus is gone (to my chagrin) because of Damon's well-played name-dropping. Michael. Vampire who hunts vampires. Nice add-in, CW.

Stefan is now being the obnoxious, evil vampire, forcing Damon to play the role of Good big brother. But, what I didn't expect was for Rebeka, Klaus's sister, to stick around. I do like her, even while I'm annoyed with her presence. She's pretty bad-ass. And staking Damon in the stomach so quickly with a great line just proves that. Other than Stefan, though, what does she really want? Elena's reaction to the previous flirting between the lovely lady vamp and Damon was priceless, and I relished it. Can't wait until they get nudged together more forcefully, because that Delena scene in the middle of the episode was... *blows out a breath* indescribable.

I definitely don't like Rebeka playing at Tyler, that's for sure. I'm a MAJOR Caroline and Tyler fan, so she's really starting to piss me off. And so is Tyler's attitude realignment! This needs to be fixed. Now.

I'm also a Bonnie and Jeremy fan, which is why I practically spat at the screen every time he and Anna were together. Anna and Jeremy were cute once, I liked them together, but it's time for some B & J love, and I'm being denied so early in the season. What's with the ghosts? Isn't there enough going on with Klaus's vampire-werewolf-hybrid making?

Matt's goodbye to his sister was heart-crushing. But, even more heart-shattering for muah, was the whole Katherine bit in the end. I was horrified and yet fixated by what Michael proceeded to do. Then outraged. Katherine is one of my favorite characters in the show and that had better not be her half-assed farewell! To top it off, my baby Damon is knocked out by the dead Mason Lockwood? Really, dude? Ya had to come back?

Also a show deviating from the books, The Vampire Diaries has proved to be ten times more engaging and interesting than the original book series. More, do you think Caroline and Tyler have a shot, even after his hybrid transformation? Bonnie and Jeremy? How long do you think it'll be before Elena just gives in to Damon? Think Stefan will revert sooner rather than later? Will Klaus show up soon? We all know he isn't gone for good. As for Katherine, is she dead? And as bad-ass as Michael seems to be, will he be the answer to the issue at hand or pose a ginormous problem?

THE SECRET CIRCLE... Wake, Season 1, Episode 6

So far CW hasn't steered these shows into places where I scream and shout, "I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!" But, they're heading there with The Secret Circle. I dealt with the casting choices. Because, let's be real here, they weren't awful. I wasn't big on Adam in the beginning, but this adaptation is growing on me. And while Diana isn't blond, she's retained most of her admirable traits that made me fall for her character in the first place. This Cassie hasn't WOWed me yet, but looks are similar. Nick, I loved. Faye, I loved. Melissa was kind of a whatever situation with me. But she grew on me as well.

I dealt with the fact that they chopped the circle in half, omitting several lovable characters. And I'm liking all these plot twists and turns that were never explored before in the original books. In that sense it's more curiosity-piquing and absorbing, BUT I draw the line when one of my circle members is killed! The week before's episode left me in utter shock. The jaw-dropping, pulse-freezing, heart-stopping kind. I couldn't believe my eyes. They had KILLED NICK ARMSTRONG. An imperative cast member to the whole story!

Yet, as my mom so wisely pointed out, I still keep coming back for more. And it's true. Despite how they're turning the books on their heads, I'm engrossed and eager to find out what the heck's going on!

I was wary to start-up with this episode. Because Nick would not be there. On the plus side, the actor used to play Jake was one of my fave characters from 10 Things I Hate About You from two years ago. That got me a little excited. And I must admit, that despite my grief over the loss of Nick, I'm intrigued and plagued with curiosity as far as how this show's going to continue considering where they're going with it. I mean, demons, witch hunters (though there were some in the orig. books), and bad parents.

So long as no more characters are murdered, I'll continue to watch the show. I need Faye, Diana, Adam, and Cassie to remain the same. I loooove the actors who play them!

Just like in the books, I'm totally Team Cassie as far as who should be with Adam. Diana is much more of a 3-d character here, though, so it's hard to refrain from swaying to the other team. Diana is much more relatable and likeable than how I found her to be in the books, making me feel ten times more sorry for her and sympathetic.

Anyone else catch the name-drop of Blackwell? Think that'll be Black John they're referring to? Hope so. And I don't know about everyone else but I'm lovin' the grandma now and her inclusion in circle business...

Ultimately I don't know what to expect. And I think that's the show's best chance of hooking me, the element of surprise. As long as the bad ones don't rack up, I'll continue looking forward to what's to come. Anyone else excited for the Halloween party this week? O_O


Sarah said...

Very cool feature! There's so many books gone tv shows that I really want to watch, but I want to read the books first so I keep waiting! lol

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting too. :)

♥ Sarah @ I'm Loving Books

A. Knight said...

It's so fun to watch and compare!

And your blog is quickly making it to the top of my must-read daily list :)

-Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)