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Wait Watchers! Week of 10/24

What is Wait Watchers? Well, with all these book-turned-TV-show shows going on and being awesome, I figured it's about time I post about them. Especially considering I read some or all of the books related to the following shows. Feel free to debate, discuss, and compare... amicably, of course. 

Warning: Some recapping and episode jumps will be incorporated in the post. So, if you've missed episodes you might not want to read this. Be sure to check for the date in the heading.


THE VAMPIRE DIARIES...Ghost World, Season 3, Episode 7

This week's episode was... well, for lack of a better word, insane.

As you may have already seen, ghosts flood the small town of Mystic Falls, from cherished old friends from previous episodes down to horrible villains of the past.

Mason Lockwood leads a reluctant Damon onto a helpful, though confusing (alarming) discovery that has to do with the Original vampires in which Rebekah and Klaus and Elijah are related to. Lexi (oh, how I missed her!) returns to help with Stefan-turned-Evil Stefan intervention, showing Elena how to bring back the Old Stefan. You know, the non-psycho killer ripper dude who blacks out when he has too much blood. And surprise, surprise Grams is also brought back to help Bonnie close the door to the Otherside, before the ghosts can wreak more havoc on the town.

Then to bring it up another notch, Jeremy is caught red-handed smooching *spits* Anna. Poor Damon is staked more than a few times in this episode. Bonnie is working tirelessly to find the answers to their current situation. Caroline - have I mentioned how cool she is? - takes on a flock of bad-ass evil vamps, saving Tyler's mom in the process. And Tyler is, along with Rebekah, absent. Does that mean they're together somewhere?

Still no word on Katherine or Michael.

And the episode closes with heart-wrenching goodbyes to all of the characters you, along with the cast, hadn't really been ready to let go of several episodes ago. As much as I hated Anna, I'm glad that after all this time she finally manages to find her mother. That got me a little shiny-eyed.

Where does that leave TVD now? No freaking clue. But it sure seems like the characters remain in one ginormous mess.


THE SECRET CIRCLE... Masked, Season 1, Episode 7

This Halloween-themed episode was purely EPIC. 

Faye persuades Cassie to throw together a little something for Halloween at her house, in which Cassie views it as an opportunity to get Diana and Adam back together. Melissa is still grieving over the loss of Nick, *sniffles* so sad. And Jake turns out to be the biggest surprise of all!

From episode six, fans gleaned that Jake is part of an organization of witch hunters hell-bent on killing our beloved circle! Jake blames witchcraft for his parents' and brother's deaths, and is now looking to rid Chance Harbor of witches for good. Threats are made, surprising members of the hunters revealed, secrets are slowly unveiled, and beneath all that we're given clues as to who the mysterious John Blackwell (clever!) is and what really happened during the boat accident sixteen years ago.

The witch hunters decide to make their move during the party, systematically kidnapping each member of the circle to prepare them for their executions. And by the time it's all said and done, we learn that Cassie has dark magic within her and that she can't be killed like an ordinary witch. 

And the culmination of the episode, to me, would be the point when Dark Magic Cassie goes berserk! What an awesome sight! I was like, WHOA :O

Jake manages to come off as innocent to the whole plot, and the circle remains intact and safe. Meanwhile, Cassie's grandmother finds a shocking sight when she makes it to Faye's grandfather's lakehouse. She's knocked unconscious, mysterious footsteps drift away, and we're left in the dark.

The preview promises for some surprising turns and I'm craving what's to come!


Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

i haven't gotten into vampire diaries but i liked the episode of secret circle that i watched.

A. Knight said...

They're both amazing, but I can see why The Secret Circle would appeal more. Definitely catch up, because you don't want to miss those episodes. They are awesomesauce.

Theresa @ Fade Into Fantasy said...

I couldn't read your entire post because I just caught up on the past seasons of TVD last night, but I am obsessed! I cannot wait to start watching this season!

A. Knight said...

Oh, if you loved last season, this season, in my opinion, is turning out to be much crazier. Hope you like!