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Covermarked: Endlessly

Originally called Covetable Covers, Covermarked is a random feature I've revamped and invented to write cover reviews on those desirable and alluring (or not so alluring) book covers and rate them accordingly.

 Endlessly has been marked:
But first, A Reflection of the Past...
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Rating: Joygasm-Inducing

Holy. EFF.

That was my absolute first thought. Yes, yes, everyone's probably saying all that across the blogosphere, but I don't think you understand.

THE PURPLE. In this cover. My favorite color is all OVER this cover. How does one's brain not go all mush-pie at just one look at this?

This cover is fabu-licious for all kinds of reasons that my cover slut-eyes latched onto immediately upon first sight. Let's start with the top part of her body. Her hair. How does one begin to describe her hair? Flowy? Flowy shiny? Flowy shiny AND WAVY? Oh, no, amigos it is much more. Her hair is ILLUMINATED, the wind is tackling it and her hair manages to look this stunning. Blond waves illuminated by some light that's breaking out somewhere, bringing out those beautiful almost-curls waves in her hair. Her facial expression is less... burdened-looking. She looks light and free and on the verge of happiness, no longer being plagued by seemingly inescapable evil and darkness. Her mouth is sporting an almost-smile, her lips just about to curl upward, glossed and perfect because of that lovely hue of pink/red/purple mix.

Going further down is the dress. THE DRESS THAT'S PURPLE. The sheer purpleness alone is enough to reserve a special section on my bookshelf just for the book. That dress is billowing in some unseen wind, and it's flowery (and purply) and cinched prettily at the waist (and purply). This dress on HER rocked my world.

And finally the scenery - gorgeous magenta-ish flowers in the foreground, a lighter sky in the background. Put together, it makes one hell of an unpredictable and gorgeous package. Yes. Oh, yes, this book is on my TBR. And even if the series swallowed sucksauce, the cover would've scored Endlessly a spot anyway. How can ANYONE fight that?

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Other Covers in the Series:

So, I'm not exactly finished with this post. Beth Revis, author of Across the Universe, is hosting a freaktacularly ginormous giveaway, and what you have to do is tell us all about a book that you're most grateful for in a post somewhere.

Yeah. You want to take us home. Now. And we get it.
We're just so effing awesomesauce.

Here's the catch... OH, WAIT. There is NO CATCH! :)

So, you guessed it (or maybe you didn't 0_o), the Paranormalcy series is among those books I'm so entirely grateful for. The reason being? Paranormalcy introduces a whole new outlook on paranormal creatures in general. Nothing is like it seems. Not the pretty heroine with a taser named Tasy. Not the guy she starts developing major feelings for (at least for everyone but Evie!). And not the agency she has been working for all her life. Both Paranormalcy and Supernaturally have caused some serious LOL moments that rival that of Bridesmaids (heck yeah, the movie). For me, anyway. The characters are wonderful and lovable. And the villains have so many deeper issues going on below the surface.

I treasure this series and recommend it every chance I get. I tell people, "You haven't laughed over a book the way you will with Paranormalcy, and the heroine is like everyone and no one you've ever met." You see how I slap them with this and eff with their mind so that they are so confused and puzzled and curious they have to find out what this series is all about?

That's how it's done. I'm a genius like that. :D

(I know Revis only said one book and I clearly went and picked three. But I'd like to add two more - Stephanie Perkins's Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door. They give a beautiful name to the words 'contemporary' and 'romance'. 'Nuff said.)

So what do YOU think of Endlessly's cover *wipes paintball gun ominously and aims a deadly narrowed look*? And what books make you so grateful you want to bow down to the author in admiration (but don't tell JUST me, tell Beth Revis and everyone else and their brother's mother, okay?)?


Liz. R said...

Purple is my favourite colour too. I LOVE this cover. I love it. The series is just so pretty! I've actually still got to read Supernaturally (don't hurt me! :P) but I can't wait to get to it! Agree that Evie is not like any other heroine :P.

A. Knight said...

*high fives* We share a soul, I think, Liz. It's too coincidental. First you like the same books as me, the same shows, and NOW THIS. My effing favorite color. And then when you spell color with a 'u', I can't help but think your Britishness is soeffingcool.

I won't hurt you over not reading it. But I will get you if you don't read it soon. Seriously. Read. NOW. It's hilarious and heartwrenching, I promise. :D

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

this is the prettiest cover yet for this series. now i just need to start reading them!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness it's beautiful. I've really loved all the covers in this series. But definitely loving the purple. Now she needs to do a PINK-ish cover!! :)

♥ Sarah @ I'm Loving Books

Maria Behar said...

Hi, Asher!

Hey, thanks bunches for commenting on my WOW post! Super cool!!

This is a terrific feature you have! Love it!! And you've picked a totally FABULOUS cover, too!! I love it myself, even though my favorite color is blue. However, purple does happen to be my second favorite color. That's one of the reasons I featured CHARMFALL in my WOW post. the other reason being the plot synopsis, which I thought was terrific. That cover has purple all over it, too. That's why it caught your eye!

Everything you wrote about the cover of ENDLESSLY is spot on! It's very well-designed, very pleasing to the eye. I'm a very visual person, so books have to have superb covers to pull mme in like, right away. ZAP! If I don't get zapped by a stunning book cover, chances are I won't bother to look inside the book.

You know, I love covers so much that, on many occasions in the past, I have spent MORE money on a book with a gorgeous cover, when I could have spent much less on the same book, but with a cover that I totally disliked!

Kudos on this feature!!

Maria @ http://anightsdreamofbooks.blogspot.com/

Guen the Random Girl (Ezine of a Random Girl) said...

OH MY FREAKING GOSH. That's is so freaking BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm at a loss of words. *tries not to cry from awesomeness overload*

Anna said...

I just loved the cover myself!Like everything about it!

Jenny said...

GORGEOUS!!!! I absolutely adore the covers for this series, they're just really beautiful and simple and I can't wait to add this one to the first 2 on my shelf:) Thanks so much for sharing it Asher, I hadn't seen it before:)

A. Knight said...

Carrie- Agreed. On both fronts.

Sarah- It's hard not to love them. All of them have gorgeous dresses, pretty scenery that sets the overall mood of the book. And this one knocks it out of the park. Pink lover, huh? I like pink, especially when accompanied by sparkles.

Hi, Maria- You're so very welcome. I had to show Kiersten's new cover a little love. Especially in light of that beauty. Heck, yeah, that's one of the reasons why Charmfall caught my eye.

I do judge a book by its cover, and this would be in my house inside of a week, just off the cover. And it's so hard to tell which has as good of story on the pages. Those books are like vampires.

Thank you for the appreciation!

Guen- It's one of those books, right? Now your duty-bound to your cover-lover soul to buy this book.

Anna- You and I both.

Jenny- RIGHT? All of them have been spectacular so far, but this is by far the absolute very best. You have to get to this soon! You're in for a barrel of laughs. And you're welcome, it was my pleasure. Seriously.

Me said...

HOLY CRAP. I read both Paranormalcy and Supernaturally and loved them. I did a little happy dance when I saw this post because I had NO idea that this book was coming out. Thanks for sharing!! I will be adding this to my TBR list!

A. Knight said...

Me- I HATE being the last one to know things, so I'm glad I prevented that from happening to you :P

The ending is bound to be EPIC.

iLuvReadingTooMuch said...

THIS COVER IS GORGEOUS!!! I totally need to read Supernaturally before this one comes out :P

A. Knight said...

iLuvReadingTooMuch- How can it be possible to love reading too much? :P

Yes, this cover has induced jaw-dropping on my part. I couldn't believe that THIS MAGNIFICENCE was the final cover. Hurry up and read, that way we can discuss it(;