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Covermarked: The Selection

Originally called Covetable Covers, Covermarked is a random feature I've revamped and invented to write cover reviews on those desirable and alluring (or not so alluring) book covers and rate them accordingly.

 The Selection has been marked:
But first, A Reflection of the Past...
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Releases: April 24, 2012

*eyes bulge*

Now I know I said last week that Endlessly was totally beautiful and blah blah blah. But I've become a philanderer at just ONE LOOK at this cover. My breath caught in my throat, and all those raging reactions that seem to take place in YA romances.

I know I got this look in my eye, this crazy gleam in my eye that says, I WANT THIS NOW.

First, let's start with the dress. I would not normally wear something like this dress, unless I was absolutely sure that I could pull it off. But man does this cover girl REALLY rock it. It fits her body perfectly, and those ruffles *drools* do wonder for the cover. It's the different shapes and the way it flows out encompassing that whole bottom half of the cover.

Typically a pose like that would throw me. It would look awkward anywhere else. Here it's intriguing. It makes you want to take a closer look.

Then there's the mind-numbingly beautiful background. At first glance, it appears as if she's outside. It looks like the rain has created a mirror room, but what's reflected is not the same girl in the same position. If you look closely it's either the same girl doing different poses, or different girls doing different poses. It truly is gorgeous.

The colors just add to the whole effect, varying from a kaleidoscope of blues and greens and a mix of both. There's also the font of the title. It wouldn't be anything too special if not for the crownlike swirls at the top of it. I'm a sucker for princesses, and princess-themed typography might as well be the same thing.

And the thing is there ARE princesses. At least the chance to be a princess is a part of the plot. Several girls are competing for the role of Prince Maxon's girl. There's secret forbidden romance with a low-class member, courtly intrigue, dreams at the tips of everyone's fingers. All I can is that my mind has been blown to smithereens, and I can't wait until this releases!


Monaliz said...

Love love love it! Just sooo gorgeous! :)

Helena said...

It an unusual cover as far as the coloring goes. No black and red at all! Absolutely gorgeous!

Erica said...

I love tihs cover so much - this is definitely one of my most anticipated books for 2012

Liz. R said...

I adore this cover! So beautiful, I love the effect of the mirrors! Amazing :).

Deea said...

Oh my! I've been staring at this cover for a while! It's so beautiful! And... I don't know, there's something special about it. *stares some more* This may be one of those books I will purchase just to have this blue shiny cover on my keeper shelf!

Book Sake said...

I love this cover so much - it's simply gorgeous!

Little Miss Becky : ) said...

This is one amazing cover. I think I actually gasped the first time I saw it. Definitely one of my favorite 2012 covers so far.

A. Knight said...

Monaliz- Don't your eyes just thank you for looking at this? XD

Helena- Yep, totally different. Never would've thought I'd fall for a blue/greeny/turquoise-ish cover as much as I would for a purple one!

Erica- *high fives*

Liz- Right? The mirrors really had me going :O

Deea- I know what you mean. It won't even matter if the book itself is sucksauce, just so long as it graces my bookshelf.

Book Sake- *stares dreamily at it* I know.

Little Miss Becky- That's the best thing about not knowing what's in store for 2012. There could still be so amazing covers yet to be discovered or created. Have you seen the one for For Darkness Shows the Stars? I almost did that one instead!

Thanks all for stopping by!

Rachel Morgan said...

Now that is a WOW cover! Incredible dress! And I've just been to Goodreads and the story sounds great too. Why do we have to wait so loooong for it?? Ugh!

A. Knight said...

Rachel- It left my brain in mush. *sighs* I hate waiting, too. It makes it so agonizing that this cover is so great and the story has such potential... :(

Lu said...

Oh wow what a fantastic cover!

A. Knight said...

Lu- It is beautiful. Save it to your TBR(;