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Wait Watchers! Week of 10/31

What is Wait Watchers? Well, with all these book-turned-TV-show shows going on and being awesome, I figured it's about time I post about them. Especially considering I read some or all of the books related to the following shows. Feel free to debate, discuss, and compare... amicably, of course. 

Warning: Some recapping and episode jumps will be incorporated in the post. So, if you've missed episodes you might not want to read this. Be sure to check for the date in the heading.


THE VAMPIRE DIARIES...Ordinary People, Season 3, Episode 8

So this week's episode was pretty crazysauce!

I've been so anxious to learn more about the Originals since forever, since last season. I mean vampires as old as time practically. Besides needing a lot of anti-aging cream, what else do we need to know about these Original vamps? Viewers soon discover that their origins lead back to the Vikings (love the mythology!).

And Elijah is back to play his part in the flashbacks - from Rebekah's POV - that tell the tale of their coming to America, their cohabiting alongside the werewolves. The original witches. 

Alaric, Bonnie, and Elena team up to try and decipher the story that's written underneath the Lockwood property, telling of the time when the Originals finally became vampires and what led to their family's separation. Gleaning that Michael was pretty much a creeptastic bastard put me on the edge. I'm a little worried about our modern vamps, especially my Salvatore brothers. (After Damon nearly got killed when Michael showed up for interrogation.)

Meanwhile Damon releases Stefan from his bondage underground and tries to get the Old Stefan back, attempts to recruit him on their side for the fight against Klaus, who Stefan has no choice but to be loyal to.

Elena learns what actually happened between the Original family from the only living source around - Rebekah, who's reluctant to tell and only concedes after hearing that Michael will possibly be awoken. Another ominous warning comes straight from her, when she tells Elena that waking Michael will doom them all. 

Rebekah grew on me this episode! She delivered feisty line after line. "You don't threaten me, Elena. You will learn what I allow you to learn..." Only having said this after Elena attempted to put on the whole I'm a Bigger, Better Bad Girl Than You And Could So Take You On routine *rolls eyes*, PLEASE GURL. And then when Rebekah threatens her with something like, "If you fuck with my brother I will tear you apart..." (okay, I added the f-bomb in there, but it was just so cool!) Rebekah won serious mean girl points. In this mean girl power struggle, Elena lost. Big time. Now if Katherine had been there...

Seriously, where the hellski is Katherine??? O_O

The episode basically ends with a ginormous bomb being dropped on Rebekah, a new truth to the story she hadn't been aware of and I felt terrible for her. This is the first time I've sympathized with her character.

All I can think now is, what the eff is going to happen now??


THE SECRET CIRCLE... Beneath, Season 1, Episode 8

My mom goes, "I hate Cassie."

I kinda have to disagree. Cassie started out for me as a nothing-special girl, which pissed me off considering how much I loooved the original Cassie, BUT, but these days Cassie has been rising on the cool-o-meter. What with her dark magic that makes her go all beserk and bad-like and powerful. I admit, her power attracts me to her character more. Cassie's dark side is waking up, and I find it FASCINATING.

And I kinda want Jake and Cassie to get together for a little while, being that Adam is clearly not getting over Diana anytime soon.

Mom continues with, "This show has too much sex now."

Again, I have to disagree. The sex is sexy and WHOA, a mind waker, that's for sure. At the risk of sounding like a total creeptastic pervert, I love watching Diana and Adam get it on. I think there's a pretty great chemistry there, where as the Cassie that was cast I can't see having that same... umph, when the sexy times start cropping up.

ANYWAYS, Cassie & Co. decide to head to Henry's, Faye's grandfather, lake house in search of her grandmother. When they arrive there, they come in contact with Jane's scarf only but no Jane. Soon after Cassie receives a text saying that Jane is already on her way home, leaving Cassie puzzled and everyone else stranded there due to conveniently bad weather.

As soon as Faye steps foot on the property, she begins hearing eerie child's laughter, and continues to see FREAKY apparitions, leading her to a shocking and very sad discovery by the end of the episode!

I admit, my excitement for The Vampire Diaries has grown to tenfold for The Secret Circle. I love TV show dances, and next week's homecoming episode is no exception. And is it just me, or does it seem like Jake is developing a bit of a crush on Cassie? *waggles eyebrows* Next week's episode is sure to be DA BOMB.



A said...

I quite like Rebekah too - it was definitely her character that outstood the rest in this episode.

I use to really like Cassie, but not so much after she so gullibly choose to trust Jake. Jake is an evil bastard and he doesn't deserve Cassie at all! But I like the actor because he was Joey in 10 Things I Hate About You and his character there was cute and funny :P

Brodie said...

I have decided I love you. I mean, you're a TVD and TSC fan. So clearly, you're amazing.

Rebekah grew on me a lot this episode and I, too, actually felt.... sympathy for her. An emotion I would never have though she'd evoke from me! I love this show so effing much. They never fail to deliver <3

And I'm loving dark-magic Cassie too! I want to see her go all dark and twisted and baaaad. Both TVD and TSC are going to leave us on crazy cliffhangers next week, I know it. 2012 will not come soon enough!

A. Knight said...

A- Unexpected, right?

And although Jake is bad RIGHT NOW, I'm sensing a change is coming, and because of Cassie :) (Another 10 Things I Hate About You lover! <3)

Brodie- Well, I love you back for loving me for watching TVD and TSC like an addict *waggles eyebrows* We're both decidedly amazing, I'd say.

It was so strange to actually feel bad for her and her situation. The fact that she made me emote so much throughout the episode... that was A SHOCKER. TVD does now how to put you on the edge with just one episode.

Doesn't she look all demonic and possessed when she gets like that? She's so cool right now. I can't wait to see her totally lose it!

2012 is still so far away *pouts*

Liz. R said...

The words "mid-season finale" make me weep. WHY?! Gotta agree that I'm quite liking Cassie, even more now! I'm actually shipping Cassie and Jake...maybe this is an example of my love for bad boys going too far, but he's so much better than Adam in my opinion :P. As for TVD...O_O. That show is amazing. AMAZING. Enough said.

A. Knight said...

I swear, CW hates us all. Or just enjoys torturing the hellski out of us. Sometimes I can't take it. But the sick thing is. I. Cannot. Stop. Ever. Not until the shows are done.

Right now I like Jake better than Adam, because Adam is still pining for Diana. It wasn't very much like that in the books (yet somehow more realistic), and I want Cassie to get a little love.

TVD grows more and more amazing every season. 'Nuff said, for sure. :)

Yiota said...

Both Secret Circle and VD had one of their best episodes this week. I enjoyed it a lot. Especially VD with more on the originals and stuff.
Secret Circle was creepier than than usual :p

A. Knight said...

If we thought THESE epsiodes were great, imagine next week. I'm going to be useless all week because I'm so focused on the anticipation *lol*