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Wait Watchers! Week of 11/7

What is Wait Watchers? Well, with all these book-turned-TV-show shows going on and being awesome, I figured it's about time I post about them. Especially considering I read some or all of the books related to the following shows. Feel free to debate, discuss, and compare... amicably, of course. 

Warning: Some recapping and episode jumps will be incorporated in the post. So, if you've missed episodes you might not want to read this. Be sure to check for the date in the heading.


THE VAMPIRE DIARIES...Homecoming, Season 3, Episode 9


Last week, we all figure out that Michael means business when he says he wants Klaus to kill or else he's going to go all ninja vampire on everyone in the town. So warning duly noted.

And besides being a mean vampire beastie, Rebekah (Klaus's sister) turns out to have a soft, vulnerable side underneath all that pettiness and glam. I love her penchant for awesomesauce fashion almost as much as I love peeling back the layers of her personality! For me, Bad/Mean Girls are the BEST kinds of characters to get to know! And despite her bitchiness, I felt for Rebekah, and got pretty emotional, last episode. So watching her struggle with her decision over trapping Klaus and luring him to his eventual death succeeded in making me feel very bad, especially when Elena turns around and surprise attacks -__-. WTF am I supposed to do with all this guilt? I mean, Rebekah's love and hate for her brother is tangible, and has been from the moment we've met her. In short, she's grown on me.

While before Stefan annoyed the living stuff out of me, I actually started to like him a little bit in this episode. He's actually getting a few hilarious lines that pretty much left me smirking at him in delight. I still think Stefan should jump off a bridge at some point, but at least he's got some Bad Guy ulterior motives to spice up the plot before he goes down.

I'm not satisfied with the current state of Bonnie/Jeremy and Caroline/Tyler! I CANNOT believe the direction CW is effing taking two of my favorite couples. Can't they toss a wrench in the plot with something, somewhere else? I can't take the added stress, and honestly this rage is certainly spiking my blood pressure to dangerous levels, so really CW needs to watch it before they cause any medical problems.

What really has me feeling homocidal though? This agonizing tension between Damon and Elena. JUST HOOK UP ALREADY. Yet, at the same time their slow progression into that stage is actually... very sweet and fulfilling. It'll make their eventual surrender to these feelings THAT much better. Yes, I'm a firm believer that Delena will... consummate their love(;

But that "terrifying turn of events" sent me into a whirlwind of shock and fear. This episode, in my opinion, was totally unpredictable from beginning to end. From Michael and Damon's shaky partnership, to Katherine's sudden and surprising appearance, finishing out with THE MOST SHOCKING TWIST OF ALL.

Now all we have to do is wait until EFFING January before we are privy to the consequences of these obviously insane characters' decisions! Will Stefan successfully screw Klaus over? How will Rebekah react to the new of Michael's death and to Elena's backstabbing (literally)? Is Damon going to be able to win Elena over? And is there any chance for Bonnie/Jeremy and Caroline/Tyler to thrive?

I guess we all have to wait out our prison sentence of one whole and full month before we find out!


THE SECRET CIRCLE... Balcoin, Season 1, Episode 9

Is it me or is Secret Circle landing consecutive slam dunks every week?

Readers of the books will totally be confused as to the direction of the show, but, there's no way to stop watching. No matter how much the original plot line gets altered, it's impossible to resist the allure of each mind-blowing episode.

I can't be the only one who loves Jake Armstrong! The fam can't stand him, but I absolutely love him. (And NO that's not because of my insane obsession with his character in 10 Things I Hate About You!) I do miss Nick, don't get me wrong. I honestly don't see why they couldn't keep both characters. BUT, Jake adds this darkness and thrill to the series that really packs a punch. And now that he's falling for Cassie, well, I can't help but want them to have a romantic tryst before her eventual set-up with Adam. He's too appealing to pass up!

Kudos to CW for twisting around so many elements and interweaving so much interesting history into the story. I love the way they are integrating the Blackwells slowly but surely into the show. I love Dark Magic Cassie. She's just so bad-ass, and learning about her origins is so exciting! Especially being a fan of the books and wanting to pinpoint each of the differences. The show is certainly going way more in-depth, and I can't help but adore that.

Frankly everything else that happened in the episode, Diana's flirting with Holden (Melissa's cousin), Dawn and Charles's power struggle, Jane's fractured memory, and the witch hunters off to the side waiting to strike, hit the background in the face of Cassie and Jake time for me. Seriously, I was so acutely focused on every encounter, that the rest isn't exactly a blur but isn't totally clear either.

Now with his identity finally revealed, Jake must find a way to redeem himself in Cassie's eyes soon. And in the preview, it indicates that Cassie is gonna go all Berserk Dark Magical again, and I'm so stoked to witness the change! I'm also curious to see what particular details the circle manages to unearth about the Blackwells as well. What will happen next to the circle?


January couldn't be farther away. Only it can and is.


chelleyreads said...

i don't watch either of these shows but i'm thinking of starting because people are always talking about how good they are. i got a lot to catch up on though.

thanks for stopping by our blog.


A. Knight said...

chelleyreads- Oh, yeah, everyone should be watching BOTH shows. They will blow your mind with their awesomeness!

And you're welcome, the same<3

SimplyMe said...

I love The Secret Circle. And I'm so falling for Jake too. Hope he doesn't disappoint. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I'm having a giveaway at my blog, make sure to check it out at Book Addict !

Yiota said...

VD episode was amazing. I really didn't thought about how will end. I can say that i was pretty sure Klaus will die, then have problem with Michael. LOL. The series starting to be exciting once more.

As for SC...the episode was okay. Nothing really excited but it was Jake's best episode. I really do hope they bring him back again. I really like him. It's funny because i have watched some earlier jobs from the same actor and he was really bad. Now, his acting is actually good.

Yiota @ Splash of our Worlds

A. Knight said...

Simply Me- *high fives* I KNEW I couldn't be the ONLY one.

Yiota- I really thought I knew what was going to happen, too. I was BEYOND wrong, and I love TVD for surprising me at every turn.

I love Jake, and did you see the preview? He IS coming back, thankfully.