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Breaking Dawn Pt. I & Thanksgiving

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"No measure of time with you will be long enough. But we'll start with forever." ~Edward Cullen, Breaking Dawn Pt. 1

So there's been A LOT of haters of the Twilight saga, yo. Personally, I can't understand it. For me, Twilight never stopped being cool. While sparkly vampires wouldn't be my first choice for favorite type of vampire, the series is one of the best ones I've read in YA to this day. Sure, it has its flaws or cheesy peasy moments, but no deal-breakers. Come on! You have the charming and handsome Edward Cullen, not necessarily tortured by his past but yes, insecure in being a vampire, however DOES NOT AT ANY POINT throw himself a stupid pity party because of his past mistakes (cue Stefan Salvatore, blech.). He may not be Emmett Cullen, but that takes a special kind of strength, no? And although Bella Swan isn't my favorite MC in the whole flipping fictional world, she is relatable and can we blame her for falling blindly in love with the aforementioned charming, hunky vamp? I think not! And what about the entire Cullen family? How awesome are they? The couples? AND WEREWOLVES, guys. As paranormal critters go, werewolves aren't my favorite, but Meyer did a damn good job bringing them to life, giving them a purpose and history that adds to the addictiveness of the whole series!

The movies up until Breaking Dawn haven't lived up to the MIND-BLOWING spectacularness of the book series. Twilight the movie, I must say, hooked me. New Moon not so much, but Eclipse basically made up for it. Because there's has been such an inconsistency in the quality of the movies, The Mom and me were pretty nervous for the outcome of the finale to the movie series. Breaking Dawn is probably my favorite book in the whole thing! Haters can make cracks about it being impossible for Bella to get prego like the sauce, how weird/gross/ewww the whole imprinting on Renesmee by Jacob is, blah blah blah blah. TALK TO THE HAND. I don't care about the technicalities, as long as the plot is somewhat believable you'll get no complaints from me. And who analyzes YA mind-candy anyway? They're there to ENJOY, mis amigos.

It has been like traipsing through the Sahara Desert with no clothes, no water, NO KINDLE - Yes, friends, THAT BAD - waiting for this last movie, with nothing but my very vivid imagination to keep me going. I would get all soft-eyed and dreamy thinking about The Wedding Scene, get all hot in the CHEEKS (facial ones, you perverts!) thinking about The Honeymoon Scene, then the baby... The baby, I've been so excited for! I loved the idea that Bella & Edward were going to have a child to be with them on their side of forever.

Fetus, my name is Edward Anthony Masen Cullen.
You kill ma baby mama. Prepare to die.

Since I can't properly or adequately describe THE PURE FABULOUSNESS OF THIS MOVIE, I'm just going to describe my reaction when I left the theater. First, I couldn't stop talking about the movie. I yanked aside my friends, the mailman, my neighbor's dog, Lady, whoever would listen, to gush about this movie. I'm surprised I didn't write this post sooner to talk about it. Then again, I blasted Twitter for the rest of the week, badgering nonbelievers to see the movie. You know when a a book has just EFFED YOUR MIND with the genius of it, and your left staring into space replaying and replaying every single thing that happened only to go right back into the book to reread your favorite parts? It's better- worse than that. Seriously. I want to reassure anyone who hasn't seen it yet: Stephenie Meyer herself was MAJORLY involved in the production of this movie, and it followed the book as best as possible in the time frame allotted. However, the romantic parts were more romantic, the funny parts more funny, and tear-jerker parts more emotional, than the book ever conveyed. Everything was just MORE. I was so moved by how beautifully portrayed the movie version turned out to be.

The Mom and I are planning to go see it in a week or two for the THIRD TIME, only this time we're carting off my younger sister as a come-along.

Following the movie-watching, a few days later was Thanksgiving.

What was on your menu, my fellow countrymen? My family had all the requisites (turkey, stuffing, rice, mash potatoes, homemade gravy, fruits, salads, pies and other assorted desserts, etc.), but I'm also Hispanic, and my kind can't do without pernil for our meat and gandules in our yellow rice when we're putting together a feast. This year's Thanksgiving was the first time in a while that my mom, sisters, and I joined my aunts and uncles for the holiday. While I missed having leftovers into the long Thanksgivingless days ahead, it was much more fun this year.

I had a blast with my family! My aunts, mom, and I gushed about seeing Breaking Dawn, going into a play-by-play on the day we each went to see it. My only regret is that the four of us couldn't go see it together, the biggest fans we are :( We bungled up saying grace in ways which I will not reveal in this post. I had foodgasm after foodgasm once we got to finally eat. The desert was superb, baked by my Aunt J (no I'm not related to Aunt Jemima, silly silly people), who, you guessed it, is a baker!

And then we did the whole board game routine, flipping through choices until we finally landed on Scribblish. You know, that game that forces you to display your pitiful art skills so that you're the laughing stock of the ENTIRE dinner table? See, I knew you knew. It was hysterical, looking at all the horrible written guesses and the downright hilariously terrible drawing guesses.

Thanksgiving for my family ended in the echoes of laughter, each of us settling into the warmth provided by being beside each other long after we'd already left my aunt M's house.

If you look at the picture all the way to the left, you'll see leaves dotting the table - my uncle wanted to decorate. I forgot to take a picture of his scarecrow friends that he added in as well.

So, have you gone to see Breaking Dawn yet? Planning to? What about Thanksgiving, what was it like? Are you excited for Christmas too? I know I am!


June G said...

Girl, you and I are eye to eye on this one!I LOVED the first Twilight movie! New Moon, not so much. Got renewed hope with Eclipse. Jacob came alive in that one! I thoroughly enjoyed Breaking Dawn.I get so annoyed at people dissing the series. I know the pregnancy may not make a lot of sense, but the story as a whole is so entertaining, I'm willing to suspend my belief. I think a lot of people are just jealous of Stephanie Meyers's success. Stop hatin' on her, people...lol...Thanks for stopping by my site, Asher. Us romantic girls have to stick together! LOL...

A. Knight said...

*high fives* Don't laugh, but I'm pretty sure I watched the Twilight movie 57 times but *shrugs* who's counting? Like I said, all the haters can just say hello to my hand, because they're missing crack books and crack movies. YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY WELCOME, and so true!

Helena said...
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Helena said...

I have to agree with you that it's sad that a lot of people who used to love Twilight now hate it. Twilight was my first YA love och what got me into the genre in the first place. Maybe I wouldn't love the books as much if I re-read them, but I still think of them with fondness in my heart.

A. Knight said...

Helena- Exactly! They're my first book love, something I'll always remember.