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Rewind and Review: March

Books Shown:
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Switched by Amanda Hocking
Babe in Boyland by Jody Gehrman

EDIT: Just realized that Babe in Boyland isn't actually 2010 release. MY BAD.

Hosted by:
Ginger @ GReads!
Lisa @ Lisa is Busy Nerding


Sam said...

Great video! I wish I was cool enough to film myself. ;) 

YAY for the Hunger Games! :)

Asher_Knight said...

Oh, thanks, Sam! And I'd definitely love to see you doing a video at some point. I think you're cool ;)

And *fist-bumps* I can't wait to be part of the whole that so loves this series. I feel like such a loser for having waited this long *LOL*

rogier said...


Asher_Knight said...


Mimi Valentine said...

Ohhh, Asher, you are SO CUTE! <3 LOL The Hunger Games is just too amazing for words, and I just finished Switched too and am dying to read the next one -- it was so good!! I hope you enjoy your ARC! :) I have to admit that I've been keeping my TBR pile stocked mostly with books published after 2010 though haha but you encouraged me to go looking for some awesome ones!

Love this idea, Asher! Hope you enjoy them all! :) <3

Asher_Knight said...

Hehe haha. I do like my earrings XD

People mostly have the same harmful reaction to my not having read The Hunger Games, yet, you Mimi, are DIFFERENT. *bows* You are kind. You did not try to throw virtual condiments and veggies at my head. Thank you.

Switched was an ok read. I wasn't as impressed as I'd hoped to be, unfortunately.

I love watching Lisa (Lisa Is Busy Nerding) do this meme, so I thought I'd go ahead and give it a whirl. Turns it out, it was fun! Though I did make that minor mistake about Babe in Boyland. HOW DID I MISS THAT? *LOL*

<333 I hope so too ;)