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Fact Fusion with Jennifer Shaw Wolf + Giveaway of Breaking Beautiful (US only)

About the Author:

Jennifer Shaw Wolf grew up on a farm in the tiny town of St. Anthony, Idaho. She spent cold Idaho mornings milking cows in the dark and attended a school where Hunter’s Education was part of the sixth grade curriculum. She’s always been a writer, whether it was sewing together books to read to her little brothers or starting an underground newspaper in sixth grade. She met the love of her life at Ricks College, (now BYU Idaho), after he dropped her on her head. She graduated from Ricks and then Brigham Young University, Provo with a degree in Broadcast Communications. Now she lives in beautiful, green, (rainy) Lacey, Washington with her husband and four kids. She loves to produce videos, ski, ride horses, and read, but really all she has time for is chasing kids and writing.

Written by Jennifer Shaw Wolf

My family isn’t on the best terms with the Union Pacific Railroad company. When I was 17 I was in a car accident in which I ran into one of their trains. (It was a DARK night, the train was parked across the road, and I really didn’t expect it to be there.) Two years later my sister was hit by a train during a blizzard. (She’s fine now.) About a hundred years before that, on the exact same day (December 29th) one of my great-great grandfathers was killed when he was crushed by a train car. Ironically, my author photo was taken on a train track.


I like to drink hot water and lemon juice all the time.


I took Hunter’s Education as part of my 6th grade curriculum.


I met my husband when he dropped my on my head during a college volleyball game.


I can’t stand to sleep uncovered, even if it’s really hot. Maybe it’s a security thing?


I hate anything that ruins a surprise. I can’t stand it when my kids (or my husband) snoops into their Christmas presents, and I have a hard time giving away the ending to anything I write, even to my editor.


The worst grade I ever got in high school was in band. That was the semester I decided to switch to a journalism class.


After I finished (and passed) the AP English test, one of my best friends and I went bridge jumping (see my website if you don’t know what this is) to celebrate, even though it was November and we lived in Idaho. COLD!


I wrote a long series of notes back and forth with my best friends in high school (pre-texting days) and I saved most of them even though we usually wrote “burn this” at the end. My nieces recently discovered my stash of notes. They laughed themselves silly over what I was like in high school. I’ve asked my mom to send me the whole pile. I need them for research. (Sorry Katy, Evelyn, Becky, and Mitzi.)


I have a scar on my eyelid from getting it caught in the car window when I was three or four.


My house was completely washed away by the Teton Dam Flood in 1976. I was two. My family was homeless and soon after my younger brother and I both got the measles.


We had a measles epidemic in high school because the batch of the vaccine my little town got was bad. We were all lined up like cattle at the high school and given the vaccine, even me because I had no proof that I had already had the measles. (See above post.) That year, the state high school rodeo finals (yes there is such a thing) was held in my town. You had to show proof of immunization to get in.


I got my driver’s license when I was fourteen. I was one of the last kids to get it at that age in Idaho before the law was changed to 16.


When I was 16 I was about 2 points away from losing my license because I had so many tickets.


I got to put a wreath on the “Tomb of the Unknowns” in Arlington National Cemetery when I was a junior in high school. The spirit of reverence and patriotism at that spot is unmatched anywhere in the country.

Thanks so much, Jennifer, for stopping by the blog and divulging pockets of yourself people wouldn't normally discover!! I know I enjoyed Breaking Beautiful tons! Be sure to check my review out later!

Allie lost everything the night her boyfriend, Trip, died in a horrible car accident—including her memory of the event. As their small town mourns his death, Allie is afraid to remember because doing so means delving into what she’s kept hidden for so long: the horrible reality of their abusive relationship.

When the police reopen the investigation, it casts suspicion on Allie and her best friend, Blake, especially as their budding romance raises eyebrows around town. Allie knows she must tell the truth. Can she reach deep enough to remember that night so she can finally break free? Debut writer Jennifer Shaw Wolf takes readers on an emotional ride through the murky waters of love, shame, and, ultimately, forgiveness.

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Caitlin said...

This was a really fun post! Ouch to getting your eyelid trapped in a car door though.... I really want to read this book!

The Cait Files

Molli @ Once Upon a Prologue said...

Wow, this was an awesome interview.  I'm starting Breaking Beautiful tonight (I so did not realize it was out yet!  oops!) and I can't wait.  Between the summary...and this interview, I really hope I love it like you did, Asher.

And yikes, if someone I loved was being abused, I hope I could help them!  Or have the courage to tell someone or get them to tell and leave.  

Sam @ Realm of Fiction said...

Love this post! I love the way Jennifer met her husband. ;) Plus I can't ever sleep uncovered either, even in the summer. Or at least, my feel have to be covered! 

This book sounds great - I've heard wonderful things already!

Kelly Mills said...

What would you do if someone you loved was being abused?

I would do whatever I could to help them.  Having been in an abusive relationship myself, I know how difficult it can be to extract yourself from the situation without any outside help.

Thank you for another awesome giveaway!

Asher_Knight said...

 I KNOW. When I read that I was like, WHAT the what?? Couldn't believe it. I can't even imagine... Just OUCH. It's a good, solid book, Cait, so hope you enjoy it!

Asher_Knight said...

 Why, thank you, Molli <3 It's very good and deeply striking as far as emotions go. (And I know what you mean - I HATE getting release dates mixed up!)

I wouldn't know right off what to do in a situation like this? Would it be better to leave it alone, mind my own business, especially at the insistence of said loved one? Or should I stand up and against it? HARD decisions, yo.

Asher_Knight said...

 I love little tidbits or stories like that, about meeting one's significant others. I have to have my feet covered by something too! Unless I drop off without realizing they're UNcovered.

It's really wonderful. I was really frustrated because my emotions kept get stabbed at.

Asher_Knight said...

 I can't even imagine being in a situation like that, let alone trying to figure out what to do to help someone in that that situation.


Erica said...

I honestly just don't know - I definitely would just do whatever I could to help them the best I could.

Missie Bee said...

Bridge jumping and eyelid scars? Jeez! Some people
sure do know how to live exciting lives. :)

Super fun post! I love it when authors share random stuff about themselves.

Missie Bee said...

P.S. I tried entering but the Rafflecopter is not letting me. Can I enter through comments?

Asher Knight said...

I'd like to think I'd do the same, though it would be hard to decide if I should interfere or not. 

Asher Knight said...

RIIIIGHT? I don't know it's possible to do all those things without some serious damage, but YEAH, exxxxciting *lol*

I love when authors share them too, which is why I like to do this so often more than actual interviews. I think this is more telling about the person behind the book.

Asher Knight said...

Reaaally? That's so weird. Uh, yeah, EMAIL your info, like email address and stuff so that I can put it in for you. Otherwise, I can't get it to add you to the randomizer it uses to select the winner... So weird...

Jasmine Rose said...

I would alert the proper authorities because it's never okay for someone to be abused and if they aren't willing to do anything about it, then I definitely am.