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Tom Hanks had Wilson, I have YA books

I have a serious thing for Misty (The Book Rat), her blog, and most especially her book chats. They are fun, interesting, and DEF. thought-provoking, which is the whole point, OBVS. For one reason or another I haven't been able to participate in Misty's chats - at first, it was nervousness, then it was lack of time. Which really stinks because some of them were amazing topics.

This month, however, I said to heck with all the things and let's do it! So before you lay my vlog chat in which I talk about the five books screaming through my head at the mention of 'stuck on a deserted island.' It was very hard to choose, let me tell you.


*No featuring survival guides and crap like that
*Pick five books (try to think of ones that represent YOU!)

  1. Book Choice #1 has to be a favorite read
  2. the second has to be something you've never read, but have been meaning to read
  3. a childhood favorite
  4. a favorite series (and assume that all of them are in a bind-up) or a book that's been recommended to you a lot
  5. a freebie, to do with what you wish

The Books:
Scarlet by A. C. Gaughen
Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
Howl's Moving Castle by Dianna Wynne Jones
Shift by Jeri Smith-Ready
To Catch a Prince by Gillian McKnight
The Nightworld series (#s 1-9) by L. J. Smith
The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson
You too can participate in this month's book chat by popping over to The Book Rat and signing up at the provided linky after you make your post! Did you participate? Drop a link so I can stop by!

Don't be shy about leaving comments down below in the comment section to tell me what some of your favorites are, which books you'd risk your life to bring along with you as you crash land onto a remote island! Fun, fun, fun, so LET ME KNOW IT.


Natalie @ Mindful Musings said...

I love Misty! The Book Rat is one of my favorite blogs. And I totally know what you mean about not having the time to participate in her book chats. I always mean to, but end up not doing it...lol.

Cindy said...

I've never heard of these chats :O This is awesome! You chose great books (I love Howl's Moving Castle - the movie!) and I also want to participate now! I might make a vlog later this week also, thanks for sharing this :)

Asher Knight said...

 Isn't Misty just AMAZING. There are a few of her book chats that have been especially tempting, but time has gone away from me. This one is relatively quick and easy so I figured I go with this one.

Asher Knight said...

First time hearing? AWESOME. Makes me feel good that now you've found an oppurtunity to visit Misty AND participate :DD I hope to check it out. Tweet me when you've got a vlog up :)

Heidi said...

YES! I love Misty and her chats as well, and also kind of want to participate, but haven't for various reasons.  Partially because I'm still too chicken to vlog, but it's so much fun in vlog form.  I highly approve of your choosing Scarlet and Howl's Moving Castle.  

Also, you're one of the first big readers I've talked to that wasn't really a reader as a kid. I think that's awesome, and gives me total hope as a librarian! :P

Asher Knight said...

 *bump fists* Misty is the bombdiggity. She cracks me up all the time. YOU SHOULD TOTALLY VLOG. I'd like to "meet" you. Scarlet, Scarlet, SCARLET. I can't get enough of that book. Best believe if I'm all by myself for a looong time I want that book. And I NEED TO TRY HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE.

Yep. Didn't read books much at all. I think that makes me appreciate books more now. Because I understand how much more they've enriched my life.

Misty (Book Rat) said...

So, since my first comment didn't take, we're going to try this again:

There are a number on your list I want to read and haven't (don't even have TO read, actually), so I definitely approve. I keep looking at copies of Howl's and want to just cave and buy one, but I can't decide on an edition. Is that not the most ridiculous reason for not reading a book? I have high hopes for it, though.

I'm reading Shadow and Bone right now!! I wasn't when I first read this post, so now I can say stuff about it. But I won't other than...taking a book set in the COLD could be genius or could backfire. I'm not sure which. ;)

Lastly - I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU RIGHT NOW. I mean, I did before, but NOW?! Done. ^_^

Asher Knight said...

 I already tweeted you this, but the one I have is so pretty. Of the Howl covers, I mean. It reminds me a lot of the animated movie which I totally <3 and the other one feels so... I don't know, unattractive. It just looks strange to me. BUT IT'S NOT A RIDICULOUSLY HORRENDOUS REASON. I get like that too.

I seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY hope you love Shadow and Bone. It's so rich in the world-building and the characters are pretty fab. Let me know what you think, asap.


Vivianamott said...

My teen daughter just finished reading (and really enjoyed!) an eBook called Hear by Jacqueline Abelson. Great plot, interesting characters and a real message of self– empowerment. Here’s the link:


Sarah (saz101) said...

Oh goodness, seriously... I know you've told me to read Scarlet, bu I so need to actually, well... LISTEN TO YOU O___O

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