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Front Five Friday: The Addict's Guide to Shrinking Your Reading Pile

Front Five Friday is a feature in which I rebel against Top Ten Tuesday—'cause really how HARD is it to pick ten—and pick five things of whatever theme I choose. Because I'm the one rocking the Bossypants, yo. 

The following tips are pieces of wisdom you don't want to ignore. Trust me. I speak from a checkered past. I know what you're up against.

1) DON'T stock up on review copies.
I swear to Bob you've never met anyone more SUBCONSCIOUSLY greedy than me. I don't choose to run around to NetGalley (or so I tell myself) and start clicking away at all the pretties. I just pass by to, you know, YOU KNOW. And then I'm making my way to the Teen/YA listings, then I'm browsing through... It's a vicious, endless cycle. Every time I head over to NetGalley, I request at least a couple. BECAUSE I CAN'T RESIST. I've tried to avoid going there unless it's to post a review, but, like I said, it's subconscious. I don't even realize what I'm doing until it's done.

DO try to be content with what you have. Even subconsciously. You may THINK you don't have enough to read, but when you actually sit down and count what's waiting for you, you're all like

2) DON'T stalk your library for new releases
As a matter of fact, just STAY THE HELL AWAY. Because I find I'm not, and this is subconsciously again, JUST there for brand new releases. I'm there FOR EVERY BOOK I HAVE EVER WANTED TO READ IN MY YOUNG LIFE. Did you know library cards hold up to 50 checkouts? At least on mine. I'll let you imagine whether or not I've taken advantage of that little sunshine clause.

But, even so, you're not helping yourself out by collecting what will be a dusty pile the size of Fuji of new books to read. DO chill out and leave your librarians alone, because they will thank you for it. And you'll find you've stopped owing them scary amounts of late fees :D

3) DON'T get anywhere near ANY bookselling stores
If they sell books at your grocery store, THEN STARVE AND DEHYDRATE. It's for the greater good of your wallet and banking accounts. You don't want to be held responsible for living in a cardboard box with no socks and just your e-reader. (Or DO you?)

4) DON'T let yourself be lured in by e-book deals

DO ignore any horrible emails from places like Amazon with all sorts of specials and deals. Remember to just say NO.

5) DON'T keep borrowing books from your friends
I see what you're doing there. You think because this avoids your book buying ban that it's OKAY TO DO THIS. You're wrong. This about your reading pile, and the more you keep adding onto it the more likely you're going to end up looking like

And you really don't want that. DO the right thing and tell your friends thanks but no thanks. Less stress, no mess.
And, sadly, THAT concludes this week's Front Five Friday. I know I talked a lot of game up in this post, but want to hear something funny? I HAVEN'T TRIED ANY OF THIS. True. Story. Anyway, if you have any ideas for next week, let me KNOW IT!

So. What did you think? How long can you last without acquiring any newbie reads? Let me know down in the comments section. Don't be shy!


Fara Nani said...

Haha. I'm ROTFLMFAO on this post. Like, SERIOUSLY. This is EXACTLY what I do. Gah! I need more self-restraint.

Hmm... Let me see... The longest I've gone without buying new/getting books would probably be 3 months. SERIOUSLY. THREE WHOLE MONTHS. And believe me when I say it was TORTURE ;)

Fara @ Tumbling In Books

Heidi said...

Rofl, great advice, Asher! I've been trying to practice a number of these myself.  Largely, I don't buy books unless it's an emergency (this DOES HAPPEN I swear!), I'm on a library embargo atm and am only going in to drop things off at the return desk and leave again (so hard!), and finally, I DO visit NetGalley and request, but I limit myself to 4 titles a month, which is doable and reasonable in my mind.  SO HARD.  

Lauren M said...

HA. As if I'd be able to do those things. :P I'm always looking for new books. I guess this is why we're addicts! 

Christy P. said...

LOL!!! I think I need to take your advice on ALLLLLL of these! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with a problem though. :)

Isa said...

These are the things I wish I could do. My main problem is buying books, I promised myself to only buy those from my wishlist. I go into store, see a pretty/interesting book or one that I've wanted to read but never bought or a book that had good reviews or was mentioned on a book blog and I end up buying it. I didn't get anything on my wishlist but somehow I ended up buying new books. When I totalled the amount of money I spent on books this month alone I was like 'This is not real. This DID NOT happen!' ><

I think I need to stay away from book blogs because they make me feel like running to the nearest bookstore and spreeing. xD This is good advice, if only I could follow it. 

Sam @ Realm of Fiction said...

My greed isn't even a sub-concious thing when it comes to books. ;) Okay, number 1 is impossible for me. I visit NG like EVERY DAY. It's almost a part of my daily ritual now. Wake up, Check NetGalley. Read. Blog. Check NetGalley. Go to bed. Rinse and repeat. 

oodlesofbooks said...

I try to avoid libraries and bookstores, but it's tough. I am pretty good at not accepting review copies anymore and I rarely give into e-books. This post is awesome btw :)

Caroline Taylor078 said...

I'm always really jealous when I see what books you get from the library as the libraries in the UK are shocking, I went in the other day and there wasn't one book in the ya section that was published in the past year and I have read all the older titles, its very depressing and one of the main reasons I spend so much on books even though I can't really afford to!

Natalie @ Mindful Musings said...

Lol! This is some great advice. Normally I would say that libraries and sales and bookstores are fantastic, but when you're like me, and you own over 300 books that you haven't yet read (not even counting ebooks here)...well...let's just say I should do a little catching up first! :)

Sarah said...

You're right, but I don't want to listen. I want more books. More! MORE! MOOOOOOOOOOOOAR!


I so need to listen to you... but it's so hard *whines*

April Books & Wine said...

Ahahahah I am physically UNABLE TO DO ANY OF THESE! For real. If I am like okay then no library for you THEN I BUY BOOKS or if I am like no requesting ARCs, review copies magically show up on my doorstep or if I'm like damn it no buying ebooks, I get approved on netgalley. Sigh. I have a severe addiction with a lot of enabling factors!