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It's Armchair BEA, baby! Intros First!

*cheers* Have you HEARD? The cool peeps over at Armchair BEA are providing us penny-pinchers and foreigners with a way to actively get excited for BEA all the way from home. That's riiight. That means you can post and get a taste of the BEA experience all in the comforts of your own home, even while cursing a nagging pain in the lower back and posting at nearly two in the morning! Which is COOLNESS, if you ask me. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING and still be part of BEA with fellow non-BEA-goers (we even have a button, guys and Stacey! It just doesn't get any flyer than that) to party about books from our chairs.

So, what the WHAT is all this INTRODUCTION BUSINESS, you ask? Well, considering that this year's theme is ALL ABOUT THE COMMUNAL LOVE we Armchair BEA participants have been kindly asked to answer five out of ten interview questions to get the meet and greet requirement out of the way. Which is probably going to be my favorite part of this WHOLE FLIPPING AWESOME EXPERIENCE.

Which then brings me to my first Q + A:

Q. What is your favorite part about the book blogging community? Is there anything that you would like to see change in the coming years?

Well, if you haven't ALREADY GUESSED, it's the interesting and exciting bloggers themselves. I love that we're made up of an ever-spun web of passionate, enthusiastic book lovers all UP ON that reading experience. Fans can congregate and "meet up" without ever having to set foot in other states, other countries even. We get to break out our GO TEAM t-shirts and geek out over new covers and fresh releases. Have an online orgy of EXTREME spazz attacks and fandom over a shared love of amazeball authors. I like that I can go on Twitter, let's say, and can hit up peeps WHO KNOW WHAT I'M GOING THROUGH about ex. a long-awaited book release, a too-large TBR, the drama, the stress and the fun. Who other than bloggers would know better?

It's the friendships that count, yo. And there're brand new opportunities to make friends every day just by popping over to someone else's blog for a change. I wish we could all find more ways, like Armchair BEA, than what's out there to reach out to each other.


And if you're wondering who this humble and enthusiastic blogger (me) is, then CHECK IT

Q. Who are you? How long have you been blogging? Why did you get into blogging?

Why, I am Asher Knight, though that's not my REAL HONEST-TO-BOB-LIKE-ON-MY-BIRTH-CERTIFICATE-NAME (this IS the internet, you know). To take a page from my About Me, I'm a lover of Twilight (and if I had dogs instead of cats I'd've named them after Jacob and his silly shirtless friends) and darn well not ashamed (we could meet up on the pavement outside if there's a problem). I've got a lot of pent-up nervous and easily excitable energy, which I utilize to read an overabundance of books at all hours of the night. And my mother wonders why I don't do well on tests *scoffs*

I'm turning eighteen this summer and will be - HALLELUJAH - graduating high school this June 22, for which I'm eternally grateful to, you know, God and the universe. I've got two sisters who happen to be twins (UN-FREAKING-FORTUNATELY), a mom who TOTALLY GETS the book addiction and doesn't obnoxiously write it off as "just a phase," and I wish my life was a Stephanie Perkins book. And if that failed, I would fall back on L. J. Smith. Because it's much easier to believe the Salvatore brothers will fall in love with you than a St. Clair or a Cricket (no, not the bug, YOU NINNYS). Or, NO, wait, Lisa T. Bergren. Because in 16th century Italy they'd probably appreciate the fact that I shave and wash my hair regularly way more.

I've been blogging since October 2010, and I was inspired by The Story Siren and Kristi's In My Mailbox vlogs. I'd never seen someone talk so FREELY, I guess is the word, and CONFIDENTLY about books and have a (pretty) place to show them off. It was a culture shock, let me tell you. Being among non-readers other than my immediate family all my life was worse than being the Avatar amongst an entire flock of non-benders. Imagine the isolation I was feeling here. So I basically said to myself, IF KRISTI CAN DO IT, YOU BET YOUR BUTT I CAN TOO. And the rest is history, dear ones.

Since becoming a part of the blogging community, I would say my tastes have evolved, so

Q. Have your reading tastes changed since you started blogging? How?

Before I started blogging, I was reading strictly Rachel Hawthorne and paranormal romance books. I sneered and defamed any books to the contrary. I was ABOVE all that other stuff. I knew what was what.

Then, blogging happened.

And my eyes were like
And then I was like

Because the truth was simple: I KNEW NOTHING. I WAS IGNORANT. And, worse, RESISTANT ALL THIS TIME for NO REASON. I came to find that I liked a bit of everything with inclinations toward fantasy of all kinds and contemporary romance AND paranormal books.

And that brings me to

Q. What are you currently reading, or what is your favorite book you have read so far in 2012?

Since I asked so nicely, I'll tell myself and YOU. I am currently, as in RIGHT THIS MINUTE, reading Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen, in sticking with my love of all things paranormal. And this week I have plans to read Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas and Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock.

What's more exciting to talk about, however, are my current favorites of this AWESOME-IN-BOOKS YEAR. There have been so many AMAZING books, some of which I STILL HAVE TO BUY, and they are

FINALLY, I thought, originally, to ask myself to tell other people one non-bookish thing about myself that no one knows. I tried to think of any open secrets I might have. And came up EMPTY. Then, I realized that I wouldn't feel adequate with an ordinary answer for a question that demands you say something like 'I organize petitions on behalf of the chihuahuas who loathe being stuffed in purses' or 'I collect pennies for homeless book lovers with nothing but the clothes on their backs and their e-readers,' and since I do neither, I decided to go with

Q. If you could eat dinner with risk kidnapping any author or character, who would it be and why?

Since Stephanie Perkins hugged me at a book signing recently, I'D FEEL REALLY BAD if I turned around and attempted a kidnap, you know?

But I'd probably go after Leigh Bardugo, Lisa T. Bergren, Richelle Mead, Tahereh Mafi, and Alyxandra Harvey. I'd start out by luring them with a very important dinner invitation. Then, I'd trap them when they least expected it. I wouldn't let them go until they told me all their secrets for their next books, wrote me in in at least one of them (in front of me), and, after autographing every one of my copies...

I'd make them hug me.

Here's that button! :D Image credit: Nina @ Nina Reads

And that's all the witticisms and stick figure drawings I have in store for you my fellow non-BEA-goers! Are you a fellow participant? Drop a link to your post in the comment section below.

Got something specific in mind? Dare I believe I might NOT have covered something you wish to know? If so, let me know down in the comments section. Don't be shy!


englishrosec said...

Hey Asher ! Thanks for popping by my blog...you have a buzzing place over here!!
Enjoy non-BEA.

Faye R said...

Hehe, this was a great post Asher! :-) I really enjoyed it and getting to know more about you.
I feel it is only fair to say, however, that I do not like Twilight. Just to, you know, keep our friendship real. I have read them, and I did like them, but then I read the fourth one and re-evaluated my life. Haha. It ruined the entire series for me and made me think about what I had just read.

So I do understand when people love twilight but I can no longer stand it.

Aside from this, great post! Yay for getting to know Asher!
Feel free to stop by my intro post :)


Theresa Cole said...

LOL. Great post and nice to "meet" you!

Ginifer Bryant said...

I'm so excited about Armchair BEA!!! Great post! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. :)

New follower - you and your site are wicked awesome!

Karin said...

Happy Armchair BEA. I see you have BOURNE listed as one of your favorite books of 2012. I love that series. 

Julie( My 5 Monkeys) said...

I loved shadow and Bone and Brightly woven. Welcome to armchairbea and I too hugged stephanie perkins too 

Ashley @ Book Labyrinth said...

Ha, I am kind of flailing and giggling at all your answers. So much fun.

Also, love the thought that we would impress the Forelli boys just by being clean.

Annette Mills said...

Always good for a laugh! Thanks! Old follower. Congrats on your graduation. At some point, do a post and let us know what you are doing next...(unless you already have, and then sorry -- I don't remember.)

Happy BEA. My BEA Post

Ryan said...

You have a wonderful blog going and I hope you continue to enjoy it.  Have a great week.

Andrea Modolo said...

Love all your answers, especially about how great the blogging community is. I would not have gotten into this if it wasn't for a few people I met that were already in the blogging community and they welcomed me with open arms and were so helpful with everything! Book bloggers are definitely some of the greatest people I will ever meet. It's great to get to know you here! 

Tina M.E. said...

I'm a new follower and just love your thoughts!!! My eyes opened wide when I started venturing into new titles and discovering new writers and the readers that make it all happen! :) Welcome to BEA!! Tina M.E. http://www.fantasyromanceoccult.com 

UnforgettableBooks said...

Hi Asher! Amazing answers! Your so funny! I love how you changed eat dinner with with kidnapping, I would also love to kidnap my favorite authors and characters!
We met on twitter awhile ago, I loved talking to you then. it was some thursday night when you posted your golden lily review. I miss that night, when i was not busy with end of the year junior year high school work. the last few weeks i have been so busy and only able to occasionally comment on blogs and post work of art I already written. I love how you mentioned hugging of your favorite author. I hugged TGL when I first its awesomeness I would love to chat with you again this summer, if you want. 
I'm also excited to read Shadow and Bone and When you were mine! 
I'm glad you were able to travel to different genres. I will always remember when I finally read a book that was not fantasy, amazing day! (When it happens by Suzanne Colasanti- awesome romance YA!)

Introduction Post!

LittleRed Reads said...

haha i loved this post! new follower!
It's so great to meet you!!Hope you have a great Armchair BEA week!Here's my post: http://little-red-reads.blogspot.com/2012/06/armchair-bea-introductions.htmlxo Stephanie

Suey said...

Fun fun post... and I LOVE how you use CAPS to emphasize stuff because yes, I do the VERY SAME THING!! :) I love how you started blogging and discovered a whole new world of books. You sound like a blast.. keep it up and have fun this ABEA week!

Nea Barabea said...

Great post Asher!!! :) :) And thank you for spreading the word :) ;) I didn't know about this and then I saw and read your post and I was like OMG OMG!! :) :D And like always, you have totally rocked with this post! ;) It's made of awesome ;) <3

Rhiannonpaille said...

Hey Asher, love your answers, and the epic EYE OPEN. I had the same thing when I began blogging, and now I have grabby hands when it comes to books. Mmm Hemlock is on my list, Throne of Glass is a big maybe but I have plenty of other things I peruse around for. :) Have a good one! 

Brandileigh2003 said...

Love the post :)
I know what you mean about breaking out the Team so and so shirts, sometimes I feel like only bloggers understand. Here's my post if you wanna check it out.

Natalie @ Mindful Musings said...

I adored reading this post! Your personality really shows through! It's one of the reasons why I like your blog so much. :) Anyways, I really enjoyed Brightly Woven and Scarlet, and the other books you picked are definitely on my to-read list! I'm hoping to start Shadow and Bone later tonight! 

Enjoy the rest of Armchair BEA! :)

Chelsey C. said...

Blogging is good at opening eyes! I used to be a strictly high fantasy type of girl, but now I read much more than that! I'm really getting into YA contemporary romance right now. Great post and happy armchair BEA!

Bonnie @ A Backwards Story said...

Congrats on graduation!  What are you doing in the fall?  Ack, twins!  While I always wanted a twin, I don't think I'd enjoy being the sibling of one as much! OMG, I wish I grew up in a Stephanie Perkins book! *swoon* And Lisa T. Bergren, YES!   Oh, I read THRONE OF GLASS a few weeks ago, but since it wasn't as fairytale like as I thought it would be, I couldn't review it last month!  I'm going to have to bank the review for August now!  Oooh, I JUST finished reading SHADOW AND BONE this weekend!  I didn't think I'd like it at all, and I loved it so much that I went out and bought a finished copy yesterday!!  I just finished SCARLET recently, too, and I think that because everyone loved it so much, it was a little overhyped for me, so I was a bit sad!  BRIGHTLY WOVEN, I love that book!!!! I'm so excited about Alexandra's new novel and am ecstatic to have an ARC from NetGalley, ahhh!  Love her!  Isn't Stephanie Perkins great?  I met her at a huge signing at Books of Wonder and they were going in one hour chunks and she had the longest line, so they asked her to stay longer and she said okay!

Bonnie @ A Backwards Story said...

Oh, and until I get my new template up and running, my current one isn't allowing me to reply to comments, so I'll reply here! :)  I did live in Japan, yes!  You made me blush, lol!  I speak a little Japanese.  And I've forgotten most of it because I don't use it here.  I took a semester in college my senior year, then got into the JET Programme and taught English in Nagasaki for two years!  It was awesome and there are times I just really miss Japan!  I have a co-worker who just got back from a semester in Tokyo and he makes me miss it even more...and I find myself thinking in Japanese again, lol!

Actually, recently another blogger mentioned my speaking voice via Twitter!  It was the first time anyone had said anything--and you're the second!  I'm so surprised, too, because IRL, everyone tells me I sound like a little kid and I'm always really embarrassed of my voice!  I think it is clearer to listen to, though, because I 1) Was in Speech Therapy through 5th grade due to multiple ear infections as a kid that resulted in slight hearing loss, and 2) Having lived in Japan where English is not a native language, I had to learn to speak slowly and clearly, so maybe I enunciate more?  IDK! 

Haha, time?  What's that?  I will sadly return half of these books unread, I think! I want to read UNDERWORLD soon, and I'm debating if I should re-read the first two books before I start BLACK HEART or not!  I need to read SIRENZ 2 soon, too!  It definitely had a great voice if you read it!  Thanks for commenting!  I'm following you now, too :)

Chrystal M said...

I loved your witty writing and your wonderful stick figure drawings. :) I am a new follower thanks to ABEA! 

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