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My Book Boyfriend: June Edition - Naji from The Assassin's Curse

Bossy, arrogant, irritable, scarred face... I was TOTALLY having Zuko flashbacks here. Not to mention this awesome guy is a KICKASS warrior assassin dude. The man of the hour? I'm talking about NAJI, from the AMAZEBALLS novel The Assassin's Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke, which is releasing October 2, 2012 by Strange Chemistry.

Not only is The Assassin's Curse a hands-down, gloriously stunning fantasy, but it's also got FRAKING FAB characters to boot. Why, if there was a My Book Girlfriend circulating right about now, best believe Ananna would be my pick for this month. She's brave, unceasingly loyal, temperamental, and a basketful of BADASS AWESOME PIRATE.

If only his clothes were BLACK. And he had a mask.
Don't let Naji's vulnerability and insecurity over his marred face fool you, though. Bro is an ASSASSIN after all. One of the elite, highly paid, intensely trained, specialize-in-killing assassins instead of your run-of-the-mill wannabe with a knife, okay?

  • He moves with shadows and shizz
  • He's wicked fab at magic using and spells, and even *dramatic pause* BLOOD MAGIC
  • He's got enemies in frightening places *wiggles fingers ominously*
  • He's irrevocably cursed with an IMPOSSIBLE CURSE
  • Scar or not, the man is SMEXY IN MY MIND
  • He wears all black robes and a mask to cover his face
  • He's really called a Jadorr'a
  • He speaks an incomprehensible "beautiful terrible language"
  • He has a beautiful, glacial pair of blue-gray eyes and, I believe, olive skin

YOU WANT THIS MAN. He brings so much tenderness and sexy feelings out of you, nearly simultaneously, and you want to hug and slobber over him at once. He's gone through some rough times because of his disfigurement, but that VERY SLOW brewing romance between him and Ananna? Well, it's REALLY SLOW. But the spark is there. Because she's his friend, she sees him for the incredible person he is. She's in love with him and I CAN'T WAIT to see HIS FACE when he realizes it. Cuz girlfriend is fierce and wonderful like no other.

It's crazysauce on a taco how FINE this boy is.
Now don't feel too upset, ladies and Fred. Because the chances of ONE of you not being without this book for long is GREAT. Because Strange Chemistry has allowed me to plan a special something for ya'll by the end of the week. So, interested in Naji (let's be real, who isn't?)? Then tune back into Paranormal Indulgence this Sunday, July 3rd for a generous surprise ;D

"Beautiful people, things are too easy for 'em. They don't know how to survive in this world. Somebody's ugly, or even plain, normal-looking, that means they got to work twice as hard for things. For anything. Just to get people to listen to 'em, or take 'em serious. So yeah. I don't trust beautiful people."
"I see." He dropped his head to the side. I didn't look at him, but down at the floor instead, at the fissures in the stones. "No wonder you were so quick to trust me."
I heard the hard edge in his voice, the crack of bitterness. And so I lifted my head. He was staring up at the ceiling.
"You ain't ugly." (49%)
"Ananna," Naji said. "I have actually done this sort of thing before. With alarming regularity, in fact."
"I know." I said it real soft, and he leaned over to me like cared what I was saying. "I just want to help you is all."
His eyes got soft and bright. I wanted him to smile. "That's very kind," he said. "I don't have a lot of experience with kindness, but I--I do appreciate it."
I blushed. "And I wish you wouldn't be so sore with me all the time."
He blinked. The music vibrated around us, all shimmery and soft. Nobody was dancing. "I'm not sore with you," he said.
I guess it shoulda made me feel better, but it didn't. (60%)
"I almost did," I said after a while.
"Almost did what?"
"Helped her find you." I couldn't look at him. "She showed me all these things that could happen if I did - amazing things. My own ship, my own crew."
Naji got real still. I knew he was staring at me even though I refused to look up at his face.
"What stopped you? Why didn't you help her?"
"'Cause you're my friend," I said.
All the hardness in his features melted away. "Oh." (93%)

Ananna of the Tanarau is the eldest daughter of a highly-ranked family in the loose assortment of cutthroats and thieves in the Pirate's Confederation. When she runs away from the marriage her parents have arranged for her, they hire Naji the assassin to murder her.

When a mysterious woman in a dress shop offers her magical assistance for dealing with the assassin, Ananna accepts. She never went in much for magic herself -- she lacks the talent for it -- but she's not quite ready to die yet, either. Unfortunately, the woman's magic fails.

Fortunately, Ananna inadvertently saves the assassin's life in the skirmish, thus activating a curse that had been placed on him a few years earlier. Now, whenever her life is in danger, he must protect her -- or else he experiences tremendous physical pain. Neither Ananna nor the assassin, Naji, are pleased about this development.

Follow Ananna and Naji as they sail across the globe, visiting such mysterious places as the Court of Salt and Waves, in their desperate effort to lift the curse. Soon they will discover that only by completing three impossible tasks will they be able to set themselves free.
Don't forget to check back to Missie's My Book Boyfriend post of the week.
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Kate said...

Assassins Curse is one of the the best books I've read this year. LOVED IT! Naji is amazing!

Danielle said...

I love that you use anime characters each week. I am a fan of Vampire Knight and Deathnote I have a cat named Misa Misa... It might be a little unhealthy.. Great Pick!

Liz @ Planet Print said...

Zuko! I so just requested this because of you. Fingers crossed! Naji sounds flipping AWESOME. And I for some reason really like books about assassins...:P. Can't wait to read this!

Missie Bee said...

Asher! I love this post, mainly because your enthusiasm is infectious! Naji sounds incredible. That "No wonder you were so quick to trust me" scene almost did me in! Thanks for doing something a little bit different.

Lis @ The reader lines said...

Oh my God! I love how this man sounds! I have to try the book.
Thanks so much for sharing!

the autumn review said...

Haven't heard of this. Sounds interesting!
my BB

Sam @ Realm of Fiction said...

I hear nothing but good things about this book, and if all the gushing reviews on Goodreads weren't convincing enough, you went and posted this amazingness! I think I may have fallen for Naji already. ;) Also, new look? Love it!

Jennifer said...

Oh my god! I have to add this to my wishlist especially if he reminded you of Zuko! I have an unhealthy obsession with that boy. Thanks for introducing me to Naji...great quotes too!
Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

Heidi said...

I wanted to read this book before. Now I DESPERATELY want to read it. *Drools*

Joie @ Joie de Lire said...

Oh. My. Freaking goodness.
As if I didn't want this book badly before reading this! Argh! Now October seems so far away!
Also, pics of Zuko totally made me nostalgic for the TV show!!

Here’s my
book boyfriend
of the week

Amy said...

Oh. My. Goodness! I seriously can't wait to read this one! Those pictures are just wow and those quotes definitely have me fanning myself. This is one I'm putting at the top of my TBR pile - Thank you so much for sharing and adding more to the books I must read right away! Have a great weekend! :)

Here's mine:

Asher Knight said...

wooooohoooo. *DANCES WITH KATE* Wasn't it just? LOVE.

Asher Knight said...

My sister totally digs BOTH Vampire Knight and Deathnote. I'm pretty sure we own both as well. I LOVE ANIME. So awesome! Do you watch The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra? THEY BOTH ROCK. And your cat's name? SO AWESOME.

Asher Knight said...

How many ways did you love Zuko in your mind? For me it was like a million. Love that man! Can't wait to see him in Legend of Korra, because I refuse to believe he won't show up at least once. ANYWAY. The fact that you ran and requested it is THE BEST NEWS. Naji is incredible, and so is this story. I AM PHYSICALLY IN PAIN WITHOUT THE SEQUEL, no joke. NEED IT.

Asher Knight said...

*dances with Missie* I'M SO ENTHUSIASTIC OVER THIS BOOK, i can't even. He's amazing and his predicament will rip at your gut, will make you feel so bad for him.

Asher Knight said...

YAY. That's exactly the kind of reaction I was hoping for!

Asher Knight said...

YES, YES, YES, there's a REASON, several in fact, why everyone's gushing, Sam, I promise. I know how much you enjoy fantasy and I can't imagine you'd feel differently about this one. REALLY LOVED IT, okay? TRY IT. It's on NG, so check it out :D

YAY. I was a little bit worried about this one, because it's not as colorful as I normally go for but I'm in love with it because it has so many awesome capabilities :-D

Asher Knight said...

ANOTHER ZUKO FAN O-O?! *fist-pumps* I'M FINDING THEM EVERYWHERE. I had a serious case of the flashbacks with Naji, only he's quicker to mellow out like season 3 Zuko.

Asher Knight said...

WITH GOOD REASON. It is sickeningly amazing. The fantasy is unlike anything I've encountered in recent memory.

Asher Knight said...

DOESN'T IT JUST? But don't forget to stop by later in the week because there's a special something happening that EVERYONE can be apart of for The Assassin's Curse. Legend of Korra is pretty amazeballs too, you know, so you might want to check that out if you're missing Zuko. Plus, General Iroh, Zuko's grandson, has finally made an appearance :O ;)

Asher Knight said...

WOOHOO. Job complete. I feel accomplished in my goal. ENJOY THE BOOK WHEN YOU CAN. And I'll be sure to check out everyone's MBB sometime today.

Sam @ Realm of Fiction said...

I have a copy and have re-scheduled everything (AGAIN!) so I can read it sooner. Can't wait! :D

Clarisse said...

I had to laugh because I imagined Naji looking EXACTLY like Zuko too! =))

This was a great book! One of my faves for the year. So glad to have had the chance to read an advanced copy!

Asher Knight said...

RIIIGHT? I was WAITING for someone to say it. I knew I wasn't crazy!

*high-fives* EPIC FANTASY. For sure. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Be sure to look out for it on Sunday ;D

Asher Knight said...

*jumps up and down* TOTALLY TWEET ME ONCE YOU'RE DONE.

K R Weinert said...

Lol!!! That's so funny, Zuko crossed my mind, but like you said Z couldn't move with the shadows :-)

Amy said...

You did NOT just invoke the name Zuko. BUT YOU DID, and I love it. DANG! I was already stoked to read this book. Now I really can't wait, especially since he's all smexy in your mind. :-)