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Teaser for Paranormous Fantastival Summer Blowout 2012


Hey! Hey, you! Get over here.

It's finally time to reveal some of the deets of my first ever event kicking off next month! And I managed to get this information to you in a stylish manner while I'm moving to another home, so SUCCESS! *fist-pumps*

Even though I'm not expecting a RAGING success considering I am an event-thrower-virgin and I imagine it takes a LOT of practice to be any good at doing it--and I mean putting together the event, you perverts! Or maybe that's just me thinking THINGS... *laughs wickedly* I do hope that everyone who participates and reads through the posts has fun and enjoys the event.

Also, keep in mind I'm teasing you, bro. That means YOU DON'T GET THE FULL SCOOP BEFORE YOU'RE SERVED. Try to repress the urge to shove your fists in my eyeballs, please. I just can't handle all the stress that comes with healing broken blood vessels and bruised eyelids.

Now, enough of me babbling. I'm going to hand it over to my alter ego, Princess Ash, who, of course, does not babble. She talks around a mouthful of pretty words instead--I'm so sorry.


*examines fingernails* Is that--is that dirt? *whips out monogrammed handkerchief seemingly out of nowhere* You can't hide from me...

Now, then. *clears throat daintily* Excuse me. As it may be already evident, I have an irrational hatred of dirt or dirty things.

I don't usually attend these *waves hands around* blogging... soirees, I suppose. I find them silly and dangerous and, above all, riddled with dirt or dirty things. Which I loathe. However, I'm willing to make an exception for Asher, since she so kindly asked I attend (Asher: I BEGGED).

Since I shall be whisked away from an abundance of amazing activities befit of a princess for the duration of the summer, I expect all of Asher's subjects to attend. This is non-negotiable, as I've already discussed with her (Asher: She so didn't), simply because this is a rare occurrence indeed.

I also expect you to dress accordingly. I shall look exquisite in my beautiful purple dress and adorned with stunning, enviable pieces. I don't know if you will successfully match my finery, but it would be best that you try. For the sake of appearances, at least.

I do not believe an excellent princess should have to bribe her subjects to do her bidding, but Asher will be awarding up to ten extra entries in her ongoing Follower Appreciation Giveaway for anyone who leaves a comment or creates a blog post about what they'll be wearing to this event *rolls eyes*. Though it's quite unnecessary, you should all applaud her generosity.

Below you will find more information and a few buttons for the event you can use to begin spreading the word. There will also be a form listed so that any advertising you do will be document and rewarded with extra entries in next month's prize pack giveaways.

Go on with you, leave me. I must return to inspecting myself *takes out jeweled hand mirror*.



Other Mentionables:
The event officially kicks off August 6! (My birthday is August 10, btw.) And will run through August until we hit September 1st. The theme is fantasy and retellings.

Some of the authors participating include:
Alethea Kontis (Enchanted)
Brigid Kemmerer (Storm)
Jennifer Nielsen (The False Prince)
Maria V. Snyder (Touch of Power)
Marissa Burt (Storybound)
Christopher Healy (The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom)
and many more *SQUEE*...

Some of the bloggers participating are:
Erica @ The Book Cellar
Heidi @ Bunbury in the Stacks
Candace @ Candace's Book Blog
Lauren @ 365 Days of Reading
Melanie @ Melanie's Musings
and more...

Now, if you're interested in submitting anything to the event, whether you're an author or a blogger or a publicist or an UGLY GREEN ALIEN, use this form here or email me. Especially if I thought you were too busy to participate and didn't want to bother you (I'm really staring at you Brodie, Sarah, Cait, and Liz, because I heart you all and don't want to stress you, OBVS *gives each of you a cluster of big bloated red hearts*). I'm so cool with interested parties, so try out and see what happens.

Now, if you want to help spread the word a little bit early, then I've got some buttons for you to use. If you're tweeting about the event, make sure to link to this post.

You can obvs use the above gif, but I gather that's a bit large. Of course, you can always shrink it with simple codes, and if you need help with that--email me. Here are some other options, though, for those of you not interested in that.

Interested in helping make sure peeps find out about this event? Well, then, grab yourself a button or get your fingers ready, and then fill out this form. And thanks so much!
There will be one more little teaser post coming up closer to the kick-off date, so watch out for that! Leave me a comment about your thoughts on what you know and have seen about the event so far!


Sam @ Realm of Fiction said...

Woot! This sounds like such a great event. I can't wait to see all the posts. :)

Liz @ Planet Print said...

LOL. You are awesome. And I love Princess Ash. And of course I will participate, you should have asked! :P I tried to fill in your form, but I got a permission request page? I think it's still a private form so you may want to make it public (I already requested permission though, because when I see buttons, I like to click them :P). Very excited for your event! :)

Sarah said...

Did you sister seriously draw that? :O

ALSO: *GLOMPS* *HUGGLES* *curses being busy* If I wasn't doing the AAA even this month, I'd be all over you and you'd be trying to beat me off with a stick. I'm not even kidding O____O

This sounds liek SO much fun! I can't wait to see what you come up with! SQUEEEEEEEE! ♥

Candace said...

I'm SO flipping excited for this fantastical event! And some fab authors too! Jennifer Nielsen?! Woo hoo! Oh and Christopher Newly! I'm reading his book right now! Looks like its going to be a blast!
I will be back to grab one of those gorgeous buttons!

Asher Knight said...

You and me both! <3

Asher Knight said...

I just made it public - *face-palm* I had no idea! Princess Ash would expect nothing less than love, I assure you, so it's a good thing she didn't badger you into it. YAY. <33

Asher Knight said...

SHE TOTALLY DID. And when I showed this comment she just... beamed.

ALSO: it's totally all right. I know you have that event, hence the non-asking. But I love you anyway, so no worries.

I can't wait, either!

A. Knight @ Paranormal Indulgence said...

YAY. I'm so happy you're excited! The authors participating are so awesome indeed! :-D

Brandy Schaefer Dull said...

Happy Birthday to you a few days early!!! What a celebration and loads of fun.. I am so excited for the chance to win some of these amazing gifts. Love the banner! Thank you for the awesome event!