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Paranormous Fantastival Summer 2012 Officially Kicks Off!

Can you believe in the almost-two years I've been blogging, I've never planned a blog event before? I've never had to wait as the anxiety built in me while authors decided the fate of this event. I've never had to worry about breathing either, but I practically needed an inhaler every time I got an author rejection. A paper bag came next when I was ignored. And as the event kick off date approached, my mental health became more questionable than usual; I couldn't even look myself in the eyeballs because the sight of myself would set me off... I did not sleep for thirty six hours every forty-eight hours, and you could pencil me in under mentally distressed and unstable.

But, I've finally gotten the sporadic twitching thing to stop, so no worries ;). This ridiculous introduction aside, how EXCITED ARE YOU? Because I'm not lying, this event is happening right now. I and my alter ego Princess Ash are your hosts for this month, and the only difference between our excitement is that she expresses it gracefully whereas I look like Tasmanian devil on a bad day.

Without further ado, Princess Ash is going to tell you

what it's all about:

*sits stiffly before gathering crowd* I hope you all remembered what I said about dirt. I expect nothing short of impeccable cleanliness. I—

Would you just get on with it?

*glares haughtily* Very well.

Paranormous Fantastival Summer 2012 has been created for one purpose and one purpose only: to celebrate my upcoming birthday.

And mine.

Since we detest the summer for all its dryness, humidity, and overbearing sunlight (it's nearly unbearable resorting to the confines of our cavelike bedroom), we put together this event because we wanted to have fun as summer weans in celebration of the season's end.

We will be featuring blog and vlog reviews, author and blogger guest posts, author and character interviews, teaser and deleted scenes, discussion posts, and, of course, a great ABUNDANCE of wonderful prizes!

Beginning with...

our comment and advertising contest:
For every thoughtful comment, advertising tweet, and submission with the twitter hashtag #PrincessAshSays—we'll get to it in a moment—you will gain extra entries for the following prize packs!

US ONLY Prize Pack #1:
a signed copy of Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep
a signed copy of Kiss of Frost by Jennifer Estep
a signed copy of Dark Frost by Jennifer Estep
4 signed bookmarks by Jennifer Estep
some Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo swag
a copy of Wildefire by Karsten Knight

US ONLY Prize Pack #2:
a copy of Devine Intervention by Martha Brockenbrough
a copy of Troubletwisters: The Magic by Garth Nix
a copy of copy of Troubletwisters: The Monster by Garth Nix
a copy of The Crowfield Curse by Pat Walsh
a copy of Wildefire by Karsten Knight
a copy of When You Were Mine by Rebecca Serle

a copy of Wildefire by Karsten Knight
a copy of When You Were Mine by Rebecca Serle
a copy of Endlessly by Kiersten White
a copy of Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson

US + Canada Prize Pack:
a copy of The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa
a copy of The Goddess Legacy by Aimee Carter
a copy of Allegiance by Cayla Kluver
a copy of Underworlds: The Battle Begins by Tony Abbott
a copy of Underworlds: When Monsters Escape by Tony Abbott
a hardcover copy of The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom by Christopher Healy and signed book plate
a copy of Lightbringer by K.D. McEntire

UK ONLY Prize Pack:
a copy of A Witch in Winter by Ruth Warburton
a copy of A Witch in Love by Ruth Warburton

Australia ONLY Prize Pack:
5 signed book plates for Mercy by Rebecca Lim

International Prize Pack:
some Innocent Darkness by Suzanne Lazear swag
a copy of Titan Magic by Jodi Lamm
an e-book copy of ReVamped by Ada Adams + post card, bookmark, and stickers
a pre-order of Renegade by JA Souders
a copy of Thief's Covenant by Ari Marmell

And the list is still growing, so be sure to check back often. Not to mention there will be other giveaways throughout the event!

A GINORMOUS thank you to Jennifer Estep, Joanna on behalf of Leigh Bardugo, Scholastic, Harlequin Teen, Harper Teen, Hachette UK, Rebecca Lim, Suzanne Lazear, Walden Pond Press, Jodi Lamm, Ada Adams, and JA Souders for your stunning generosity!

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Want to know more about

Well, you want extra entries, don't you? And not just here, but throughout the event, right?
#PrincessAshSays is just a way for Princess Ash to boss you around. Once every day or few days, she will be posting commands, and if you do them then you get extra entries. Easy, right? Follow Princess Ash on Twitter to get updates!

But before you do that, make sure you read

This Week's Schedule:
Because it can be a bit overwhelming to look at a full-length event schedule, and also because the event seems to be expanding, I'll be posting week-to-week schedules for the week, beginning now.

August 6th
Introduction + Event Schedule: Week 1 + Prizes List
Guest Post: Marissa Burt + Giveaway (at 8PM EST)

August 7th
Guest Post: Heidi from Bunbury in the Stacks
Author Interview: Lauren Oliver

August 8th
Review: For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund
Guest Post: Molli from Once Upon a Prologue

August 9th
Character Interview: Juliet + Giveaway
Guest Post: Sheenah Freitas

August 10th
Happy Birthday to Me!

August 11th
Guest Post: Candace from Candace’s Book Blog

August 12th
Guest Post: Alethea Kontis
Birthday Vlog + Special Giveaway
Event Schedule: Week Two

Before you go, make sure to grab buttons to help spread the word!

And that's everything for right now, friends! Get excited and keep an eye out :D Also, got something specific in mind? Dare I believe I might NOT have covered something you wish to know? If so, let me know down in the comments section.


rogier said...

wha hoo

Heidi said...

Yay! I'm SO excited for this event, Asher (as you know, but it bears repeating). I tip my hat to you for putting it together, I can't imagine the stress and time it takes (especially when you're moving), but for those of us who get to partake, it's well worth it!

August is MY birthday month too, and I look forward to passing it with good books and good posts as we impatiently await the cooler air of fall.

Lili said...

I am so excited for this event! I'm currently participating in an event over at Tynga's Reviews called Paranormal Summer Camp, so I totally understand how nuts it is to put one of these things together! And I absolutely adore that you're doing this in celebration of your birthday! Your birthday is the day after my dog's birthday. She's turning 13. lol

Anyway, I can't wait to participate in this event and see what Princess Ash Says!

Asheley said...

YAY AN EVENT!!!!!! How exciting! I'm sure it'll be spectacular. I'll be lurking and commenting like a madwoman. I just did my first event in June and it was stressful but fun, and I'm glad I did it. So ROCK ON for you doing this! It looks super big. And exciting.

Right this second, as you know, I'm fangirling over my boyfrann up yonder screaming OMG! He's so purty.

UnforgettableBooks said...

:) Cool! I love events! Good luck on everything! Happy almost Birthday!

Marie Landry said...

This looks like it's going to be a lot of fun, Asher! Congrats on your first big event (ohhh how I understand the insanity it can cause) and thanks for hosting this!

Marie Landry said...

Oops, the page shifted on me and I accidentally put my blog URL in the Australian prize back. Please delete that entry. Thanks Asher!

Montana G. said...

This sounds like it's going to be an awesome event! I'm really excited to see all the reviews and guest posts :)

Brandy Schaefer Dull said...

First off Happy Early Birthday! Thank you for the amazing giveaway!!!! This is an amazing event and you should be very proud of what you have accomplished.

Lili said...

Asking me to what to wear to this event... I don't have any gowns, but I do have this gorgeous black dress that has one long full sleeve and no sleeve on the other side. It has these rhinestone type things along the side and a pair of heels to go with it. THAT is what I'll be wearing this entire month during this event. lol

Kelly Mills said...

Wow, what a truly awesome event! But hey, go big or go home right? lol Seriously though, I've been enjoying your blog for some time now and look forward to more of your fabulousness in the future!

Sonia said...

Yikes, I can only imagine the stress of full-out planning an event! I've only done Harry Potter week but I kind of managed to jump in last-minute and so Brodie, Liz and Honey had already done all the hard work ;) STILL THOUGH. I left all my posts so late and I was freaking OUT trying to get it all done.

Princess Ash! Your highness! I am dreadfully tardy for this magical event but I hope to have your permission to participate anyway! I'll dust off my best ball gowns and even risk broken ankles with some heels.

Happy birthday again, Asher! :)