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Interview with a Mustached Blogger #1: Heidi from Bunbury in the Stacks

It’s important to remember when you’re a blogger who has one follower+ that you’ve put yourself on the map. People can and will find you. Even when you’re least expecting it at the gas station. As a princess myself, I know the feeling of having many eyes upon me, and not just when my mom’s paying for gasoline. So in order to prevent the prying eyes of Australian stalkers in Pro Koala t-shirts, a disguise is necessary. And nothing is less conspicuous than donning a mustache. And nothing is funnier than seeing a blogger wear one I’ve drawn on or they have purchased/drawn on for the sake of this post. Instead of having been Tagged, I like to think of them as having been Mustached. Way more fun.

Oh. You want to know more about what sort of interview this is? Right. Uh, I just ask people questions. People I like. About things that I think would be helpful or insightful to you. Kind of, anyway. That’s it.

Today’s lovely Mustached guest is an American Bunburyist of tall stature and curly hair *fist-PUMP*. She also answers to wild, screeching calls of Heidi and her blog is among the top of my daily go-to blog reading list, because of her awesomely-written, relatable opinions on books as well as the fact that she’s absolutely too cool and witty to enjoy having a conversation with me outside of the internets. Probably. She isn’t afraid to get snarky either. Except with me, because OBVS I’m a dangerous person and my *stink-eye* is not to be trifled with. And I’m not above unusual forms of torture. Just throwing that out there.

I wanted Bunbury in the Stacks to be the first blog I feature because, implied sauciness aside, I just love the pants off of Heidi, and, yeah, she wrote this amazing post during my birthday blog event. Which, naturally, made me LOVE HER MORE. Which brings me to—

Heeey, Heidi. I didn’t see you there.
Oh...hey, Asher! *whispers* Smooth, real smooth.
*whispers* Did you bring the—you know?
Of course! I call it the Victorian. Distinguished, no?
In fact, it’s almost so distinguished I’m beginning to think my own in inadequate. Because I have many enemies, I must also take the same precautions, but I feel you have significantly outgunned me. You look beautiful. You should stop shaving.
*Narrows eyes at Asher.*
Does the mustache make me look too fat? Honest opinion.
No! Of course not. *looks behind Asher* Did you bring the carpenter?

Of course not. You’re far too overwhelmingly devious for me to risk his person like that. Who knows what kind of evil machinations you have in store for the poor thing. It’s probably best we get started with the questions. So. If the fictional character you spend time with the most had to describe your personality outside of the blogosphere, what do you think he/she would say about you?
Hmm, well this is a little awkward, see, as I think Harry knows that I really spend so much time with him because I like all of his friends (and some of his enemies) so much. I wouldn’t call him bitter exactly, but maybe a bit uncomfortable? Still, I think we get along all right, he’d probably say something like:

“Heidi’s not a bad sort. If I didn’t know she was a muggle I might think she was a squib because she loves magic and creatures so much, but she couldn’t work a spell to save her life. I’m pretty sure she’s convinced that narwhals are magical. If she’d been at Hogwarts, she almost certainly would have been a Hufflepuff. She’s pretty smart and all, incredibly loyal to her friends, but she’s the ‘do enough to look good but not raise expectations too high’ sort and likes to kick back and have fun. She’s really pretty shy and quiet when you first meet her, and it takes ages to get to know her, but I’ve known her for something like 15 years now so she can be quite loud. She’s very crabby in the mornings, is surprisingly patient with others but not at all patient with herself. She enjoys chewy candy, knitting, and her favorite drink is Butterbeer (at least what she calls Butterbeer, which isn’t really the same thing we drink in Hogsmeade at all).”

Ah, a Potterhead. The reddish hair should’ve tipped me off. I would say we don’t allow your kind here for the sake of being dramatic but, frankly, you Harry Potter fans are unbelievable company. Is Harry Potter what turned you onto reading YA books, blogging, or both?
Yes, I am a Potterhead. Mrs. Weasley is my hero, and I have made a list of her sons in the order of which I would marry them--George, Fred, Charlie, Bill, Ron. I would not marry Percy.

I’ve actually always been a huge reader. My parents used to joke that they had the only kid who had to get glasses because she read too much rather than watched too much T.V. (I contend I’m just blind). I was very reluctant to read Harry Potter initially, because as a contrarian it is my duty to hate anything popular (especially as a 13 year old contrarian), but my parents selected the first book as our audio for a family road trip, and I was instantly hooked!

I went into kind of a reading lull for the years that I was in college, mostly reading my epic fantasy novels, but when taking my Resources for Young Adults course in grad school we were required to read books like Speak. About the same time I discovered Goodreads and the Blogosphere, and was suddenly exposed to this whole world of YA I didn’t know existed previously. As with Harry Potter, I was instantly hooked.

That’s so funny because I would totes marry Rupert Grint... even without him asking. I really need to finish reading--er, what’s typically your response to those who haven’t read the HP series? Is that the worst thing that could happen to you as a reader librarian blogger person?
Haha, I know you haven’t read them. While I adore HP, and do try to get as many people hooked as possible, I try very hard never to act aghast at someone not having gone there. Though, to be honest, I don’t know anyone who’s read HP and hasn’t loved it. I have quite a few friends who never read them that still enjoy the movies.

In one of my college courses, we used to play the ‘What’s the most famous book you’ve never read?’ game, where we’d admit our greatest reading shames. Things like Jane Austen, Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter all were brought up with regularity. I’m against shaming anyone for not having experienced something in their lives--it’s actually a lot of fun to get readers to admit what they haven’t read! Also cathartic.

You are smart. I love it. And I know this because you properly used a word I had to Google. And speaking of Lord of the Rings, I want to break out singing the dwarves’ song in The Hobbit trailer. If only we could duet. But, we’d actually have to meet first. *sad sigh* Until that time, fill me in on what you’re like around other bloggers or authors.
SO EXCITED for The Hobbit! But did it really need to be split into three movies?

I’m extremely shy in real life, especially around people that I admire. I still have a hard time thinking of authors as real people and not just ephemeral beings of pure genius. Having gone to a fair amount of book events this year is really helping though, and I’m getting more and more comfortable talking to authors and bloggers all the time. Having so many being all friendly and fun on the Twitter helps as well! Mostly I’m usually too afraid to say hi, or I fangirl a lot, but I’ve found it’s worth the awkward fumbling to get to talk to some of my favorite people out there.

Thank you, I knew I wasn’t the only one ready to dropkick whoever came up with that atrocious idea. *bats eyelashes* I look forward to the day you fumble around me, Heidi, though my conversation skillz won’t be much better. Since I’ve hardly filled my quota of Must Attend Signings In Pursuit of Intelligible Speaking Skillz, we’d both likely be subjected to an uber awkward encounter. Speaking of dishing out dropkicks, don’t you want to find inventive ways of torturing Sarah Rees Brennan’s soul and others like her? I ask this because I just finished Unspoken and now I understand your need for a Ranty Pants session. What do you think is a suitable situation for an author who employs a Just Want To End My Life ending?
Bwahahaha. *Rubs hands together*

It’s a shame strappado isn’t really condoned anymore these days. I’d probably go for strapping them into the Small World ride at Disney Land and force them to ride it non-stop for 24 hours or so. Long enough to make them twitch.

Oh yeah. And we could have the park theme songs playing on a loop, so that it has the same effect as chinese water torture, which I think is more than acceptable under the circumstances. Since you have such creative methods of torture stored in your head, I also have to assume the same can be said for blogging tips. What would your biggest piece of advice be for a newbie blogger?
Oh man, that’s hard considering I still think of myself as a newbie blogger! I guess the biggest piece of advice I can think of is this: Don’t let anyone tell you how to blog. Read what you like, review how you like, and post about what you like. As long as you’re genuine it will come through in your blog, and people will want to read it and get to know you because of that--not because you adhere to strict rules and guidelines about how things should be done.

Don’t let anyone tell you how to blog. I love that. While, there are just certain uncrossable lines, I don’t think anyone should tell you what’s right or what’s wrong in blogging. You’re your own person. And I think you’re your own person in every single one of your blog posts, Heidi. I can always feel your personality shining through so that your posts never feel stiff or boring. What would you say your overall goal is for your blog? Is it maintaining your voice, expanding your blog and making it popular, making new friends, etc?
I honestly don’t have really high aims for my blog. I like it being somewhat small because I like feeling that it’s something I do for myself, for fun, and not because I’m obligated. I think that if it got too big, I’d start feeling that I had to do things to please others, and that’s not what I want (I am very happy to have readers though).

My favorite thing about blogging is the opportunity to make friends and chat books with other bookish people. It’s like having a giant book club for those of us who don’t share many reading tastes with friends in real life.

I do have one blogging dream yet to achieve, and that’s to one day have a review line blurbed on a physical book. I don’t know if that’ll ever happen because I’m fairly quiet and not real chummy with publishers, but a girl can dream.

And I share your dream to be blurbed on the front or back cover. Something. THAT WOULD BE EPIC. Going back to our community, we are like a giant book club. I’m surprised I’d never thought of it that way before. And making friends with people is the best. I have absolutely no friends who read the same things I do, which is a bummer. BUT I HAVE PEEPS LIKE YOU, HEIDI. Tell me, as one of my friends, do you have anything you’d like to ask me before we go off onto our next reading adventure? Any last words? (Why does that sound all doomsday, you’re-going-to-die-today? xD)
That does sound ominous, cue the song ‘Under Pressure’ in the background.

I want to know, since we’re nearing the close of 2012--what has been your favorite bookish discovery this year? Is it a particular author/genre/series/book/event? I always want to know what I might have missed.

Thank you so much for having me, my mustachioed friend! Here’s hoping we can have an awkward real life conversation in 2013, and for goodness sake go finish Harry Potter. :P

Demands, demands. I'm never going to be good enough for you otherwise am I? :P And my favorite bookish discovery in genre has been middle grade. I was such a snob when it came to reading anything with an age group recommendation younger than teen. And then I read books like The Star Shard by Frederic S. Durbin, Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer, Plain Kate by Erin Bow, The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen, and, of course, The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom by Christopher Healy. If you got something to say about middle grade, read these before I pound your face into a pancake for being judgmental. Like I was.

Thank Heidi for that amazing discovery and further inspiration for this series of posts. What do you think of Heidi? Do you know her? Don't you WANT to know her? And who would you like to see stop by the blog next?


Sam @ Realm of Fiction said...

Oh I completely forget, Asher, that you haven't read the HP books! I don't know how that slipped my mind. But I agree with Heidi, I don't know anyone who hasn't enjoyed them. You NEED to get a move on... or I can no longer associate myself with you.

I adore this interview! The book-blogging community really is like one big book club. And a very cool book club at that. ;)

Princess Ash said...

I.. don't know how that slipped your mind either. Are you trying to trick me? I thought it was a permanent red mark on my ledger... YOU'D DARE THREATEN ME?! Must I remind you that I once beat down an evil wench who later took up ruling the moon. I CAN DEFEAT YOU TOO, your will will crumble, and you won't be able to resist me.

We should totally come up with handshakes, or leather jackets, or signature smoothies. Something :D