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Something Lovely Under the Stamps [54] aka In My Mailbox, Stacking the Shelves, Book Haul, etc.

I forgot a book. Whoops.
You already know what it is, yo. Wait! Don't cringe away.

I am shivering with untold anticipation, my friends. This is the first I've posted a book haul in SO LONG. Please excuse my absence if you weren't already aware I was back. I was kidnapped by a psychopathic wench who wanted to get revenge on my person for stealing away her lover--an already married prince, I'll have you know. We fought in the middle of blistering winds, where the snow fell like ashes and we dueled to the death via snowball. It was heady and glorious, and I pummeled the evil wench and sent her packing to the moon. Where she became the queen and eventually took her fury out on an unsuspecting cyborg not too long after.

The lesson here? Don't pretend to canoodle with a prince eager to shake loose his vindictive lover. It can only end in a vengeful shrew populating the moon and seeking sinister ends in the future. Won't be doing that again, for serious. Excuses aside, let's get onto the pretty books!

Easy by Tamarra Webber... Source: Publicist at Penguin
Ah, another self-published masterpiece picked up by the hungry pubs. After a near-miss with an abusive encounter, this Jacqueline person gets her butt saved by a mysterious savior. I just love that shizz.
The Perfect Hope by Nora Roberts... Source: Publicist at Penguin
The Perfect Hope features the rough-and-rugged brother in the trio and the prim-and-neat innkeeper. I love all that noise. Plus, it's NORA ROBERTS. One dark stormy night at thirteen, during one of those wretched, particularly pubertytastic days, I discovered an author who could make me believe in TWUE WUV.
Stolen Nights by Rebecca Maizel... Source: St. Martin's via Netgalley
Infinite Days is all about All THE EMOTIONS. Lena is so full of longings that when she wakes up a human in the beginning of the novel, to quote myself, "it's like watching a blind man marvel at having his sight back." She feels every experience so deeply, you can't help but adore her. But she was a badass evil vampire once, which is, you know, AWESOMESAUCE. It's a dumb question to ask me if I want more, so don't ask. Also, Stolen Nights is going to be doing some explaining for that damn ending.
Sacrifice by Cayla Kluver... Source: Harlequin Teen via Netgalley
Don't misunderstand: Just because I'm reading the third book in this series, and I love (Steldor) a certain character (Steldor), and the author is a wonderful person doesn't mean the Legacy trilogy and I always get along. I can't tell you how many passages I wanted to crush, like I want to crush ALERA'S FACE. I don't dig the girl, but I read this series because there's something addictive about it. And it's the conclusion.
Uses for Boys by Erica Lorraine Scheidt... Source: St. Martin's via Netgalley
This book is already backed up by Jen at Makeshift Bookmark. And you know there's only a few I trust as much as Jen. Which reminds me. I LOVE YOU, JEN. -insert floaty hearts- Trust her too, or be square.
Scent of Magic by Maria V. Snyder... Source: Harlequin Teen via Netgalley
This is yet another sequel that I can't keep my mitts off of, and wouldn't even if it could declare harassment. Any Touch of Power haters, make no comment else I'll whip out the stapler. For serious, this is an amazing romantic high fantasy series, and is prob. best suited to peeps who haven't read Maria V. Snyder's work before. That way no preconceptions can butt in on your moment. If you're a character lover like I am, then you will definitely be a goner, my friend. And I'm not sorry for introducing you.
Prophecy by Ellen Oh... Source: Author via Giveaway
I won two signed bookmarks from Ellen Oh as well as another cute little trinket. AND I GOT A NOTE FROM BRODIE, which is a moment I wish I would've thought to film for you guys.
"Dearest Princess Ash, Please accept these humble offerings to the most beautiful, fierce, revered Princess in all the lands. I will bow under your reign ANY DAY. Which potentially sounds kinky if you have a dirty mind (Me: I do)... erm... I LOVE YOU! -Brodie xo"
Unwind by Neil Shusterman... Source: Public Library
Everyone in the bloody book tubing community raves about this book. I get the feeling that this will fall in with books like Enclave and Birthmarked and others of the same ilk, but with more of a Anna Dressed in Blood horror factor. And I like to pretend I'm not a little bitch wimp SO THIS SHOULD BE FUN.
Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake... Source: Public Library
Oh, balls, Anna Dressed in Blood was a creepy little freaking book! Yo, that was some scary stuff. OH, yeah, and I describe my feelings in this post, which doesn't have nearly enough comments so DO ME THE FAVOR before I go batshit. Girl of Nightmares isn't that creepy, says you? Alright... I can handle that. Will I be needing my pants, do you think? You know, to better run the hell out of my house.
The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien... Source: Public Library
As for reading, my middle school years were made of CRAP balled into MORE CRAP. I had one savior though... THANK GOD. And that was The Hobbit. Which, despite already being an unabashed imaginary Aragorn bang...er...Wait. Wait. Let me get back down to a PG13 level here. I would've been happy to invite Aragorn over for a cup of tea... and for other things as well... But, anyway, I didn't expect to love it as much as I did because it is really hardcore fantasy, and questing fantasy at that, but man, it really spoke to me. I'll be rereading this in time for the movie and hopefully begin planning a readalong of sorts.
Finnikin of the Rock and Froi of the Exiles by Melina Marchetta... Source: Public Library
Everyone seems to have contracted Marchetta Fever. And I figure there has to be a reason her books garner shrines and hymns and whatnot and a rating never below four or five stars. Someone that good is bound to impress me, and, well, it's no secret I love fantasy.

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  • Shadowfell by Juliet Marillier Book Review
    – “Nowhere is safe. Not for your kind, not for our kind, not for anyone. In this benighted realm, all is turned to darkness.”

    - Loved the crap out of this book and would recommend it to lovers of questing high fantasy interested in a medieval Scottish setting.
  • Tomorrow, I'll be sharing 5 Ways to Sneakily Read in School.

    On Monday, I'll be reviewing Crewel by Gennifer Albin, a book I did surprisingly enjoy.

    The events happening on Tuesday are some of the most exciting of the week. I'll be not only be reviewing Bitter Blood by Rachel Caine (HURRAH for MORGANVILLE!), but also giving a copy away.

    On Wednesday, I'll finally be posting a very necessary My Big, Fat TBR Pile featuring one of my most anticipated books of the year.

    On Thursday, I'll be featuring The Perfect Hope by Nora Roberts in an updated feature.

    On Friday, expect another fun post with a mystery blogger guest helping out.

    And, finally, Saturday will include a review of one of my favorite books of the year, Crown of Embers by Rae Carson!

    In other fabulous news, I completed my Goodreads goal for the year, which was, brace yourselves, a whole 150 BOOKS. So daunting, I know. But, I'm very proud of myself and happy I didn't have to cheat like I did last ye--Wha-oh, um, ignore that. Anyway, congratulate me, man, because that was hard work! How are you guys doing with your challenges?

    Okay, ya'll, now would be the time to tell me what you guys got in your mailboxes before I wander off to bed and sleep away the remainder of my impromptu vacation from school, among other blatantly irresponsible activities, and gorge on the last half of my king size Kit Kat. Hurry, now. And thanks for watching, reading, and stalking! You rock.


    Giselleco said...

    Oh I really want to read Easy! I keep seeing amazing reviews for it! I also loved Anna and GoN! Great haul!

    Nafiza Azad said...

    I am so very excited for The Hobbit and Ellen Oh's book. Have fun reading!

    April C said...

    I love that we both had The Hobbit in our mailboxes, although mine was the audiobook, but still yay for re-reading it.


    I am excited to read Easy but won't get to it for a long while, sigh.



    Happy reading :-D

    Princess Ash said...

    I just finished it right now and it is AMAZING. There's sweetness, a good plot, some heartbreaking moments and the love interest is totally swoon-worthy! I don't know if you'll love it but I don't think you'll have a tough time reading through all the steamy ;) I can't wait to finish the ANNA books, just because the ending killed me. Thanks <3

    Princess Ash said...

    *sings* "The misty mountains cold... two dungeons deep..." You get the idea. And Prophecy does sound pretty interesting. Never mind that I don't remember A CLUE from when I read the synopsis a while back xD Thanks! :)

    Princess Ash said...

    So you mean to say, April, we will be reading it at the same time? I feel so close to you now *wiggles eyebrows* But, yeah, bro, THE MOVIE. With all THE SINGING. AND THE BATTLING EVIL THINGS. I'm so PUMPED.

    I just finished Easy, actually, like two seconds ago and WOW. And ALSO! It's so freaking good. So swoony and sweet and romantic but still with a decent plot. I LURVED IT.

    See, you're not the first person to tell me that they're lying in tragic wait for Prophecy which compels me to go back and reread the summary... IT LOOKS AWESOME THOUGH. *bounces off to your mailbox* <3

    Rebecca said...

    Easy! Uses for Boys! *runs around in excitement* Both sound amazing and I can't wait to get my grabby hands on them. I look forward to your reviews!

    Oh, Brodie. Don't you just LOVE her? I love her notes and am happy to know you finally received one from her.

    You finished your Goodreads goal of 150 books? Woah baby! Unfortunately I am behind but that kinda has to do with the reading/blogging funk I'm in at the moment. Hopefully I get back into the swing of it swoon. Congrats on reaching your goal! *huggles*

    Candace said...

    Oh yay! You got Finnikin and Froi! I'm SO excited for you to read them!
    I SO need to read Maria V. Snyder. So is this the series I should start with then?

    I got Uses For Boys a few weeks ago when I met the author. She read from it and I'm thinking its gonna be one powerful read. And the author is SO nice!

    Hope you love all your books!

    Carina said...

    Sadly can't watch your video right now, but wow - these books are seriously awesome. Definitely want to get my greedy little hands on a couple of these.

    And congrats on 150+ read books - I'm quite jealous as I'm currently one book behind with having read 92 of 111. Aaaah, uni is making my life craaaaaazy. :D

    Jasprit said...

    Oh some awesome books Ash! I still have to read Easy, Uses for Boys and Finnkin, I've heard so many great things that I can't wait to dive into them! You'll have to keep me updated with your progress! I adore The Hobbit too, I honestly can't wait for the film, so thank you for sharing the trailer with us! Hope you enjoy all of your books! :)

    Addie R said...

    Wow, you got so many awesome books this week! I really want to read Unwind, Easy, Prophecy & Uses For Boys.

    Enjoy your haul! ^__^

    My Haul

    Grace Lo said...

    OMG! So, jealous of you :)
    I've been dying to get around to Touch of Power so I can read Scent of Magic . . . I've read Unwind a while back, but it was actually pretty good. Disturbing but good. Girl of Nightmares I got from the library yesterday. I also have the Prophecy ARC on my shelf, AND ISN'T THE LITTLE TRINKET SO CUTE?
    Happy reading!

    Heidi said...

    OMG that illustrated version of The Hobbit looks AMAZING!! I actually really didn't like The Hobbit when I tried to read it as a kid, but I have since listened to the audio and read it from high school and on, so I'm much less shameful now. I picked up Finnikin back in like June? when I got to meet MM, and I still haven't read it (I'm waiting till Quintana's nearly out in the US), but I know I'm going to love it (Jellicoe Road--which I haven't reviewed because THERE ARE NO WORDS--is easily on my all time favorites list).

    I'm happy to see your smiling face again! =D

    Leanne A. said...

    Wow there, what a haul! I got Easy this week too, even though I'm averse to self- pub romances (don't ask) but the hype machine is INSANE and it's all 5 star gushing galore. And you have Finnikin of the Rock and Unwind *fist pump* Both of them were phenomenal! And 150 books (with no cheating)?! Damn girl, you rock. :)

    Oh, and thank you for the trailer for The Hobbit :) I haven't read the book in school but the movie is one I anticipate, even though it's planned to be divided into three seperate movies. For a mere 300 paged book, give or take? No, just no.
    I hope you enjoy your goodies, mate. :)

    Quinn's Book Nook said...

    Holy cow, look at all those goodies! I have been wanting to read something by Melina Marchetta for awhile now. I have heard only amazing things!

    I have also been wanting to read Easy forawhile now. I need longer days to read all the books on my TBR pile!

    Haha. Glad Nora Robers made you believe in Twue Wuv!

    Princess Ash said...

    I am quite impressed with Easy and command that everybody read it because it's so amazing. SO GET ON THAT, REBECCA. but, yes, I'm also really excited for Uses for Boys as well since it's been getting pretty good reception too. (My review of Easy will be in two weeks ;D)

    DO I LOVE HER? I would do ANYTHING FOR HER. Which is also kind of sounds kinky which is why we would be perfect together. You hear me Brodie? SARAH CAN'T HAVE YOU!

    I TOTALLY DID. I felt giddy the second I noticed. Not to rub it in but I've squeezed in two MORE books since then, and I think the count will grow even more over the next 2 months. I hope you get out of that funk soon! I know what that's like, OBVS being away for so long, but I think you'll start to miss your friends, their comments, putting up the word on the latest books soon :) Don't stay away too long! *tackle-glomps*

    Princess Ash said...

    Ha, it's okay to be too busy to watch me say funny things. Watch it when you're feeling blue, that'll be better. Oooh, you have to let me know when you read one of these so that we can swap opinions :)

    Thanks! It was an exciting moment! And I KNOW. College isn't so bad though, atm.Probably because I'm only taking four classes that meet four days out of the week. Talk about slackerrr xD

    Princess Ash said...

    :) Thanks! I can't wait to read many of these! I've already read Easy and it is AMAZEBALLS so seriously read it. I don't care if I'm being pushy, READ IT. And Finnikin! I can't wait to start that one especially because so many peeps dig Marchetta's books it's borderline ostentatious xD I LOVE THAT. I love that she has captured so many readers' attention, I have to feel like there's a big reason. OMG, if only I could gather a huge group of bloggers to go with me to the premiere. That would be the only good time had, for serious.

    Princess Ash said...

    I have a feeling that all of these are going to be awesome reads. I can already vouch for one - I've been doing it all day it seems - Easy. It's absolutely so good, full of romantic depth, character growth, and LORD the NAUGHTYTIMES! *saucy wink* I hope many peeps pick up this book ASAP.

    Thank you! ^_________^

    Princess Ash said...

    Don't be jealous! Some of these are already out!

    READ TOUCH OF POWER. Seriously, read it. I wish more people loved the book because the characters are so amazing, funny, and adorable, and the fantasy is as riveting as the action. I've heard Unwind is SUPER disturbing, which I kind of like the idea of being able to handle. Oh, you have to let me know what you think of GoN! YOU HAVE A PROPHECY ARC? Holy Toledo! You are so lucky! And it is VERY CUTE. I haven't even opened the package yet in hopes to preserve it xD Happy reading back! May your fictional men star in your dreams!

    Princess Ash said...

    IT IS AMAZING. I wish I could've shown more of the illustrations because they are truly stupendous! *GASP*.. *clutches heart* I CAN'T EVEN, HEIDI. I can't imagine not loving this book. But, then, I didn't appreciate HP when I tried it at a super young age, so maybe I shouldn't talk. I'm glad you've come to your senses. Is Quintana part of the series? I had no idea! Crap!

    Nooo, I'm happy to see yours <3

    Grace Lo said...

    Totes excited for everything here, and just one little thing. The Prophecy trinket tag thingy-ma-bob has the Prophecy cover on the inside, which you might be able to get a peek at through the sides if you want to preserve it c:

    Princess Ash said...

    Ha, thanks, I think it's going to be fun! Even while I stress myself to death trying to get them all read. No, trust me I UNDERSTAND being adverse. I'm wandered my way into some pretty cracked up ones. But, the truth is people are on the money about this book, which RARELY happens. I have a nice mix of critical and non-critical friends who all love this book so... DON'T BE SCARED :D REALLY? THEY WERE? Oh, that has me SO MUCH MORE EXCITED for both books now. HEHE. YOU SHOULD HEAR ME SINGING THE SONG in the trailer. I do it so well xD But, yes, I can't wait for this movie. And I don't hold your not reading it against you because I love all three LoR movies without having read them. Still, talk about phenomenal books, that sure is one. AND I KNOW. 3 parts is superfluous! Even if it is a really epic book. And it is Peter Jackson, who I trust unreservedly, so I'm not that worried. Just annoyed that I have to wait so long.

    You called me mate! I am pathetically in love with you now, fyi. I like to fancy myself British with a faux accent and everything. I even toss in random words after googling them into my speech and blog posts xDD

    Princess Ash said...

    I KNEW I WASN'T THE ONLY ONE! I am now challenging Marchetta to win me over, so let's cross our fingers.

    EASY IS AMAZEBALLS. Screw those other TBR books and hop right on it when you get the chance. For serious. LOVED IT SO MUCH.

    Indeed she did. She was just so convincing. And she made it all feel so beautifully real, so no knockers of hers allowed here ;D I LOVE HER.

    Princess Ash said...

    WHAAAA? *scrambles to thingy*

    Andrea @The Bookish Babes said...

    Ha! Loved your story!

    Easy is fantastic. I adore Tammara Webber. I reeeeaaallly want to read Uses For Boys. Really.

    Hope you enjoy the books! And your Kit Kat. ;-)

    Amy Fournier said...

    What an awesome haul!! I don't even know where to start so I will just give a general AHHHHH!! SO much awesomeness!!! Oh and I totally need to get Easy!!

    Princess Ash said...

    It's okay! I know all about not knowing when to start when I'm faced with so many pretty books. It's just like an overwhelming load of awesome and I have no words. But, yeah, I'm UBER EXCITED for many of these. And YES you need Easy, because it is an amazing read. I say this unreservedly.

    Aylee said...

    Bahaha, I hope the ordeal with the psychotic wench is long since over! This is an excellent haul!! This is also the first time I've seen one of your vlogs, and I have to say your personality is exactly what I thought it was going to be based on your writing style! That's impressive to me because I love it when a) a person's personality is evident in their writing style and b) a person seems unaffected by being on camera and you can tell that that is their legit personality. So yeah, I really loved it! Don't EVER change!!

    It's cool to hear you talk about your love for Stolen Nights because I really haven't heard too much about the series, but your enthusiasm for it makes me excited! I literally LOL'd at your dirty Anna Dressed in Blood joke. And HOLY CRAP am I ever excited for The Hobbit movie and have been abusing the repeat button on that trailer ever since it was released! The singing always gives me big-time goosebumps and brings up so many good memories of going to see LoTR with my friends growing up.

    Congrats on reading 150 books so far this year!! That is a major accomplishment!

    Ash @ Paranormal Indulgence said...

    YES YES YES. Maria V. Snyder but I'm also to discover another awesome fantasy writer. YES YOU SHOULD! that when you won't feel bias or anything xD Really?!? I can't wait to read Uses for Boys, bro. So damn excited!

    Princess Ash said...

    I thought so too but she's appearing in some stories lately, messing with my favorite cyborg, so I think I'm going to have some words with her soon. THANKS. It is pretty exciting, if I do say so myself xD Oh, thank God you weren't around in the beginning of my vlogging days - TOTES AWKWARD. I hadn't the skill to portray the kind of person I am and the kind of voice I have until middle of this year, I'd say. And now it comes naturally, much to my relief. THANK YOU , THANK YOU. *smiles* That is like the best compliment ever received. I won't.

    It's such a good book, the first one I mean. I'm equal parts excited and nervous for the sequel because it's BEEN SO LONG. xDD I have a wickedly dirty mind which is why I put it in there in hopes I'd find likeminded peeps. OH GOSH I CAN'T FRAKING WAIT FOR THE HOBBIT. It's like a physical longing now. I'm even more excited for this than Breaking Dawn II which is saying something because it's THE CONCLUSION. I was only a kid when I first watched the LoTR series but I was obsessed with being elf. I might just ask my aunt to cut out some of my elvish-speaking days so I can put it up here in celebration of the release xD There was a time when that was all I would speak. And of course later on I've become so obsessed with the movies I watch it every few weekends, which is insane when you can consider you can FEEL YOU LIFE DRAIN AWAY SLOWLY as you commit yourself to 9 hours of film.

    THANK YOU!! I was super excited when I saw it! I'd been determined to finish it out this year :D

    VeganYANerds said...

    Hey Ash! I'm a bit slow on returning comments right now but thanks so much for dropping by our blog last weekend! I have checked my local libraries and they all have the Morganville Vamp series so I will keep Bitter Blood and work my way through the series - thank you!

    Also, loved watching your vlog :D
    Mands xox

    Princess Ash said...

    IT'S OKAY. I'm totally the same way when it comes to hopping around to respond. YOU'RE GOING TO READ THE SERIES?! HURRAH. I literally cannot wait for you to read them and convert as a fan. I refuse to believe there are any other realities that could happen here.

    Hehe, THANK YOU. I'm so happy you stopped by!