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Ten Days Left of Marcus Finch: Clue #6

Ready to learn more? Hopefully today's clue makes yesterday's click. (More)

So. What have we learned so far?

Follow along to find out. As well as to enter a giveaway a la Penguin Teen for a hardcover copy of The Indigo Spell.

Remember how you were wondering about Marcus's connection to the Alchemists? Well, he has one because:

So then, how does the new tattoo relate to this new piece of info? Come on, guys, you're smart cookies ;)

Come back tomorrow to learn even more about this suspicious and enigmatic character.


Jennifer Messerschmidt said...

Hopefully he has lots of info on how evil the Alchemists are. I don't trust them one bit. I hope Sydney leaves them.

Giaochau Nguyen said...

Wonder what made him decide to leave?

bn100 said...

He's not anymore?

A.J. said...

Not surprised. ;)