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Twelve Days Left of Marcus Finch: Clue #4

I gotcha by surprise with this one, didn't I? (More)

So. What have we learned so far?

Follow along to find out. As well as to enter a giveaway a la Penguin Teen for a hardcover copy of The Indigo Spell.

I thought I'd catch you by surprise with this next clue. OBVS, that's why it's a little late today. *shifty eyes*

Is this really a good thing? What about once a traitor, always a traitor? Then again, I think we can all agree the Alchemists are evil scheming jerks...

What do you think?

Come back tomorrow to learn even more about this suspicious and enigmatic character.


bn100 said...

That's an interesting clue.

Giaochau Nguyen said...

How did he betray the alchemist? Such an interesting clue. Can't wait for the book.

A.J. said...

So far, he doesn't sound like a bad guy.

Giaochau Nguyen said...

Did he find something about the alchemist that made him betray them?