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Five Days Left of Marcus Finch: Clue #11

Only five days worth of clues remaining. Five days of torture. (More)

So. What have we learned so far?

Follow along to find out. As well as to enter a giveaway a la Penguin Teen for a hardcover copy of The Indigo Spell.

By far, the most revealing yet most mysterious clue to date:

For what purpose? What does he know of Sydney Sage that could possibly make him risk losing his cover in order to find her and reveal himself to her? Suspicious, suspicious.

Come back tomorrow to learn even more about this suspicious and enigmatic character.


Giaochau Nguyen said...

Why has he been looking for Sydney? Does it have to do with her new magical abilities?

bn100 said...

For how long?

A.J. said...

Honestly? I don't trust him..

Giaochau Nguyen said...

How does he now about Sydney?