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Something Lovely Under the Stamps [56] aka In My Mailbox, Stacking the Shelves, Book Haul, etc.

Yes, I believe I can actually read all of this. Yes, I might also be delusional.(More)

Total Books Hauled: 27
Total Books Read From Haul: 6
Total Books Read This Week: 3
Amount of Books Remaining in This Month's TBR: 24

Probability of Losing Sanity As a Result: 89.753144%

As a non-self-sustaining human being, I should have plenty of time on my hands. But, judging by the lack of reviews this week that is certainly not the case. School has once again commenced and I already want to painlessly bleed out my life's existence. Whoever told me the second semester of college is easy has finally had enough cans of coke and must be stopped. I've finally caught up on Vampire Diaries and Daemon bedding Elena is about the best thing to happen to me since my breasts came in. Oops, spoiler alert. Also: I went to the Teen Flights of Fantasy event at Books of Wonder after battling crazy taxi drivin' smelly-pits-havin' humans whose ancestors were clearly all Evil Lunar Queens in the middle of New York traffic, which is my excuse for my tardiness OBVS (now you know the truth, Jamie).

Sorry about the choppiness! In my defense, it was a lot of books.

Ebooks NOT Hauled Above:

Spirit and Dust by Rosemary Clement-Moore - This is a companion to Texas Gothic, which followed the story of Amy Goodnight and a murder mystery around the ranch she lives on. This story follows her cousin, Daisy Goodnight, who had a brief, though nonetheless intriguing appearance in the last book. She can speak to the dead, which is handy since the FBI want her for her most rigorous case yet. There will be kidnapping via crime boss involved.

Renegade by J. A. Souders - This is an underwater utopia that isn't as perfect as it seems, as the main character will soon discover as she runs off alongside a mysterious Surface Dweller to escape the dreaded MOOOTHER *wiggles fingers*, who controls the chilling world she's lived in all her life.

Til The World Ends Anthology - A Harlequin Teen release, Til the World Ends features three post-apocalyptic stories told by Julie Kagawa, Ann Aguirre, and Karen Duvall which coincide with Julie's Immortal Rules's series.

Pantomime by Laura Lim - has a very ambigious synopsis; it's kind of the perfect tease. All I know is it revolves around this mysterious circus full of wonder and secrets in a fantasy world that lures two opposites into the fold. But, as different as the two are, something about them will unlock the hidden truths of this place.

Also Known As by Robin Benway - is one of the upcoming releases Bloomsbury has been buzzing about for a while now. It's about a girl named Maggie who's both a professional safe-cracker and international spy, and hasn't ever been to a real high school and now has to adapt to one in order to get the scoop for her and her family's latest assignment. Of course, there's a boy who may just ruin everything.

Hysteria by Megan Miranda - So my homegirl Mallory is a murderer. She can't remember how/why she killed her boyfriend, but now he won't get out of her head because he still seems to be around. Not good. When someone at her brand new school turns up dead, and suspicion falls on her, it becomes up to her to prove her innocence.

Dance of Shadows by Yelena Black - A paranormal romance intermingling ballet and faeries. I actually have a blog tour stop for this one coming up next month.

Crimson Frost by Jennifer Estep - The fourth book in the Mythos academy series that released this past December from K-teen has already been read and reviewed on the blog, if you'd like to know more. No spoilers.

The Goddess Inheritance by Aimee Carter - releases next month from Harlequin Teen and it's the final installment in the Goddess Test trilogy. I love the dust jackets off these books, and I will go in depth as to how my feelings ended up changing when I post about it next month. This series is yet another twist on the Hades/Persephone myth and it's definitely one of my favorites. It takes some getting used to but they are good books.

The Beautiful and the Cursed by Page Morgan - isn't coming out until May from Delacorte books so you probably won't hear me mentioning this one for a bit. Losing her home in London, Ingrid, her mother, and sister must all leave to Paris where Ingrid's twin has supposedly found a home for them. Interestingly enough, it's not a normal ol' house, no. It's an abandoned abbey with eerily real looking gargoyles dotting the premises. The only one who knows something about her twin's strange disappearance is a servant in their new home. As she goes on the search for him, she uncovers things that seem to be best left buried.

The Dead and Buried by Kim Harrington - has already been featured on the blog, with a review you can check out if you want to know about it.

Indigo Awakening by Jordan Dane - In my defense, I auto-clicked this because of the cover. I am an unabashed cover whore; we know this. Then I saw that DANE wrote it and I've been dragging my feet ever since. Her last book wasn't awful, but it definitely wasn't good either.

Taken by Erin Bowman - has an awesome cover but sadly won't be released until April from Harper Teen. Apparently, there are no men in the world of Claysoot, because boys at eighteen all disappear. The MC is ready to meet his fate when a mysterious note from his mama turns up and he begins to question everything.

From Ashes by Molly McAdams - I got from William Morrow Paperbacks and it's the most ridiculous book I've ever read. For more info on that you can check out my already present review.

Going Vintage by Lindsey Leavitt - I have yet to review but liked. This releases in March from Bloomsbury and it's a funny and interesting contemporary romance with a lot of self-growth which I dug.

Mind Games by Kiersten White - I want to pounce on this so bad. It's the start of a psychological thriller series about two sisters with extraordinary abilities who are forced to use their gifts in a twisted way while they work for a school that focuses on corporate espionage if they don't want to see the other hurt or worse.

Prophecy by Ellen Oh - is a Korean-inspired fantasy that just released early this month from Harper Teen. Bad Asher, not reading this book yet. Tsk.

Shadow on the Crown Patricia Bracewell - I auto-clicked once again for the cover. But it's a Viking title that doesn't release until next month about Emma of Normandy in 1002 who has to fight to secure her crown and fight the love she feels for a man OBVS not her prob. ugly husband.

Three Sisters by Susan Mallery - is a companion to another book I need to read because I really enjoyed this one. It's an an adult Harlequin title that doesn't release until late next month about three women who have to overcome these overwhelmingly emotional obstacles to get to a happy place in their life, healing their relationships and themselves, as well as forging a new unlikely friendship with each other.

The Book of Broken Hearts by Sarah Ockler - I AM SO HAPPY FOR THIS NEXT ONE. Jude's older sisters have all dated a Vargas bro and have all had their hearts broken. She swore by candlelight and contract that she would never date one. As the remaining sister living at home she's taking care of her ill father and is in desperate need of a mechanic to help fix up her dad's beloved vintage motorcycle. And yeah, that mechanic is Emilio Vargas, who is sweet and awesome, and how is she going to resist? We'll see. This one doesn't release from Simon Teen until May though, apologies.

The Nightmare Affair by Mindee Arnett - I loooove the cover, though it reminds me of the unspeakable Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan, which it better be nothing like but sounds like the coolest thing ever. The MC Dusty is A NIGHTMARE. Literally.

Weather Witch by Shannon Delany - is the last thing I have to share... for today. This is a St. Martin's Griffin title releasing in June. It's a paranormal steampunk set in a bizarre Phildelphia in 1844 and somebody is illegally harboring what's called a weather witch in MC Jordan Astrea's household. This is why heroines should just gear up for the worst, because otherwise we wouldn't have a book.

I suck for not sharing all these finds with you earlier, my lovely peeps, but better late THAN NEVER AT ALL. Right? RIGHT? Anyway happy reading, ya'll!

Don't forget to enter to win a copy of The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead.


Liz @ Night Sky Reviews said...

Lots of books! Great haul.

Check out what books I received this week

Martina Koleva said...

How do you get so many books.. It's so not fair! I have it that I don't live in the US when it comes to getting books.. I'm really jealous! Hope you enjoy your books...


Cait said...

OMG you got ALL the books!! Totes jealous about The Indigo Spell, mine better arrive pronto *eyes Amazon*

Cait x

Grace Lo said...

Oh my god. So many good books! I'm dying to read 17 & Gone, Scarlet, plus Hysteria. *Insert grabby hands* *stops self and prepares for a bookstore haul aka. let's buy all the books in this bookstore*

Aylee said...

Oh, holy, SO MANY BOOKS! And good ones at that! I'm definitely most jealous of your signed books and the folks you got to meet. The only way I could get an author up where I live would be to kidnap them (which I am not necessarily above doing... jk. Or am I?). Hope you love What Happens Next!!