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Something Lovely Under the Stamps [57] aka In My Mailbox, Stacking the Shelves, Book Haul, etc.

Thank snowing skies for Sundays, else I'd never get any reading done.(More)

Total Books Hauled: 5
Total Books Read From Haul: 1
Total Books Read This Week: 9
Amount of Books Remaining in This Month's TBR: 23

Probability of Losing Sanity As a Result: 78.2222222%

It snowed. A lot. Like ten inches.

Ebooks NOT Hauled Above:

Radiant by Cynthia Hand - A novella in between the second and third books in the Unearthly trilogy.

Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs - is about triplets who have something to do with Medusa and there's all this Greek mythology twistiness involved.

Fierce Reads Anthology - features stories with some of my favorite Macmillan authors.

The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong - I've been dying for this one. DYING. The next best thing to more Chlorek-ness.

Princess of the Midnight Ball and Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George - are books one and two in the series and I have book three from Netgalley, so now it's all about timing.

Snowed In by Rachel Hawthorne - A part of what I like to think of as Tween Romance Classics from when I was a preteen, one that is ADORBS and I loved it. Loved rereading it.

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion - Do I really need to explain why I own this?

The Archived by Victoria Schwab - I love every awesome bit of Schwab and her writing and I've heard that this book is PHENOMENAL.

Boundless by Cynthia Hand - ASDFSH23381@#$#@%saDFASDFJHLHA~!>? I've been asking myself since Friday why I haven't begun reading this, like, yesterday. The twisted recesses of my brain coughed back no answers.

Snow Queen by Emma Harrison - is written by an author I ADORED in my preteens for writing Tourist Trap and so when I saw the $1.99 sale, I didn't even have to justify it to myself.

Ahhhh. Aren't you glad I didn't wait weeks and WEEKS to share my findings? Pretty snazzy stuff, eh? CAN'T WAIT.

Don't forget to enter to win a copy of The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead.


Sarah said...

JELLICOE ROOOOOAD! Is this gonna be a re-read? I read it for the first time last year and that book is :O

Braiden said...

haha you're funny! I don't know why I haven't gotten around to Jellicoe Road yet. I love Lumatere Chronicles (QUINTANA QUINTANA love her, my queen - Quintana of Charyn is simply amazing) and Melina in general, but since I don't have that same NEED TO READ IT NAOWWWWW feeling for contemporaries that's probably why I haven't yet picked up Jellicoe although I've owned it for many.. many... years.

Rebecca said...

Two words: JELLICOE ROAD. Goodness, I LOVE that book. Also, I would have love to see that mumba/salsa/tap dance, it sounded pretty epic. So excited for Boundless; let's hope we get to out copies soon!

Bending The Spine said...

so many great books. I want to read Warm Bodies now that I've watched the movie. Thanks for stopping by my sts:)

Christina Megan said...

The Moon and More!!! *flails* I had a dream about Sarah Dessen last night. I'm pretty sure my subconscious is dying for that book. :-p

Oh, also, I have Jellicoe Road, and I really need to read it. The fact that I haven't read any Marchetta shames me!

Alluring Reads said...

Boundless is so freaking good! I hope you love the ending of the series just as I did. I want to read Jellicoe Road so bad, but I never see it when I am at the bookstore. I may have to just bite the bullet and order it from TBD because I think I will love it. Great haul this week, I hope you enjoy all of your new goodies!

Heidi said...

I feel like it's been too long since I saw your face. You make me happy every time, especially your words about Jellicoe. IT WILL MAKE YOU CRY. Even dead souls like me. <3

Grace Lo said...

EEK! Such an amazing haul! I'm dying for City of a Thousand Dolls over here. And The Archived! Have fun reading this week, guurrrl ;)

Keertana Anandraj said...

THE MOON AND MORE! I want this SO BADLY! I hope it's amazing! :) Also, Warm Bodies sounds awesome and JELLICOE ROAD! Get your tissues ready because you will need them! I think I started tearing up before I even hit the hundred-page-mark...and I rarely cry. It was so, so good. Enjoy, Ash! :D

Princess Ash said...

RE-READ ASAP. I read it not two weeks ago and LOVE OF MY LIFE.

Princess Ash said...

Thank you, thank you *bows* WHY HAVEN'T YOU GOTTEN TO JELLICOE ROAD? I don't care if you don't have answers, find them for me NOW because I'm positive there's little to no excuse. I *heart* Finnikin and I've got to finish out the series soon but OH MY WORD JELLICOE. You have NO IDEA that you're MISSING OUT. I'm not a contemporary nerd either but BOY I'd do anything for Marchetta so SHOULD YOU and READ IT. This is BEYOND merely contemporary romance. It's all heart and beauty and emotion and gosh, I don't even think I'm making sense that's how bad it got to me.

Princess Ash said...

I love that book with all my dark soul. LOVE EVERY LETTER. I'll try to oblige you after I've had something to drink (that is suitable for my age, OBVS *shifty eyes*). YES, YES, YES. But I won't get mine until it releases in paperback 'cause that's how I've been collecting and I don't like to mix and match, you know?

Princess Ash said...

YOU'VE WATCHED IT? Lucky dove. And no prob :)

Princess Ash said...

Did that dream involve me stealing the shirt off Wes's back when Macy wasn't looking? Because then we were SHARING DREAMS.

NEED TO READ IT. Need to read Jellicoe Road. It is one of the most beautiful pieces of literature the literature gods have ever bestowed on us mere mortals. In fact, I'm convinced Marchetta is a demi-goddess disguised in human flesh.

Princess Ash said...

OH DON'T SAY THAT. It'll only make me more guilty with myself for the fact that I got it Friday and IT'S BEEN MORE THAN FORTY-EIGHT HOURS and I HAVE NOT read it yet. And do WHATEVER YOU MUST DO to read Jellicoe Road. I can't stress that whatever enough. Even if the means run from as strange as donating organs to pickpocketing the hubby. I'M SERIOUS. I actually bought my copy for $7.20 on Amazon, just FYI.

Princess Ash said...

HA. Which is worse dead or BLACK? And I'm trying to get into the swing of things more so that my face can become more available to you. WHY WEREN'T YOU AT BOOKS OF WONDER LAST WEEK?

Princess Ash said...

I harassed my county catalog until they posted CoaTD and made it available. DO WHAT YOU MUST because I have it on good authority that it's amazebeans. AND COUNT ON IT.

Princess Ash said...

I hope so too. I did a strange mesh of dances recognizable to many cultures because of THAT BOOK. And Jellicoe Road will be a re-read because as if I would be so slow as to not have it read it by now *gives evil eye to many in the comment section*! IT'S BEAUTIFUL. I cried and rocked with it in the end.

Grace Lo said...

I'd count myself as pretty lucky :P My local library is pretty up-to-date with high-demand books, so I rarely have to resort to harassment to get them to get some new books.

Aylee said...

I feel like it's been too long since I've seen your face! (Probably because I missed your last vlog... will watch it next!!). It's good to hear that Jellicoe Road gave you ALL THE FEELS because I have that one on my shelf, just begging for me to pick it up to read on... a rainy day? Or would that be too sad? Mayhap a beach day would be better (as if I ever get to go to the beach living in the middle of the prairies).

I'm not sure I've ever heard of anyone hating a Sarah Dessen book with a fiery-- something, haha - you cut off right then. And which books of hers are you referring to, pray tell? Just curious, because umm, on account of the fact that I haven't actually, umm, read any of her books before (...don't hate!). So I should probably avoid those ones when it comes to the time that I will be finally bringing Sarah Dessen into my life.

I liked City of a Thousand Dolls well enough, but I think it's because I am a dog person, more than a cat person. And it's definitely a cat person type of book.

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