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Something Lovely Under the Stamps [59] aka In My Mailbox, Stacking the Shelves, Book Haul, etc.

How I missed blabbing about my newest stuff. There's nothing quite like procrastinating on a Sunday when you've got an online quiz to take and work in the morning leaving you no time to do your homework. Procrastinating is that much more special when you have things of actual importance to do.

Interested in just watching my vlog? Jump down.

Natural Born Angel by Scott Speer is the sequel to Immortal City, which, though I DID check it out at the library at one point in time, I haven't read. Surprise, surprise, my sister enjoyed it TONS, saying I just had to read it. She'll be reading my ARC of this as well because I'm a pitying, generous soul and have taken kindly to her person for the moment.

Omgomgomg, I'm so ready for Proxy by Alex London. We've got dystopian-esque society, potential chase/explosion scenes, PLUS, as if we didn't already want to take off our pants for this book, there's a strong possibility for a BROMANCE. I think we all know by this point how I feel about bromances, sexy guys or not. Doesn't mean I'm not hoping our two young men aren't sexay...

SYLO by D. J. MacHale sounds wicked cool, what with island home being invaded by mysteriously unheard of pocket of the government and a random stranger spouting crap about some powerful ruby and three friends taking this all on without reaching for a drink... of something legal, yeah.

Both Well's Bequest by Polly Shulman and The Apprentices by Maile Malloy belong to series I haven't read. Thankfully, they've only got ONE predecessor which makes it possible for me to possibly want to read them in the future. I don't know, man, life is very much all over the place and peeps be wanting me to read sequels and shizz. I might not have it in me, though I'm flattered at the, however misplaced, vote of confidence.

HOLLA UP IN HERRR for I received Dare You To by Katie McGarry as part of a forum thing which I scrambled to do in the time allotted (and that isn't very much because peeps are like vultures nowadays) and SUCCEEDED. Here is my prize and you best believe I'm gonna be on that like cheese on crackers so saddle up for that review sometime in the very near future.

Fall of Night by Rachel Caine lived only in the far reaches of my dreams for a very long time... UNTIL NOW. Check it: Penguin Teen ninja-forwarded a copy to my mom's place of employment and the sly producer of the ecstatic blogger you see before you HID THE TRUTH from me until I got home. At which point, I took out my frustrations on the mysterious package and lo and behold... well, ya'll are just so smart I don't think I need to tell you what happened next.

By far one of the most beautiful books I've read this year so far: Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare. Oh, holy book deities above, what it was like for me when I sat down and read and finished it and I CAN'T EVEN RIGHT NOW. But earlier in the week I did talk about the catastrophic assault on my poor emotions, so check that out if you would be so inclined.

So I totes used up my one chance for Netgalley acquisition on Breathless by Brigid Kemmerer last month and even without reading the book I can tell you it was SO WORTH IT. This series is... oh, what words could I give you to make you understand? And then I got a lovely email from Wendy @ The Midnight Garden letting me know about the blog tour for Spirit by Brigid Kemmerer and she didn't need to say much more after that OBVS.

And, finally, after falling in love with the movie adaptation, my mom gifted me The Host by Stephenie Meyer because I had a new obsession on my hands and was so crazed I needed soothing, like a baby raging at the injustice of their misplaced plastic nipple. Yes, my analogies are so reaching I used 'nipple' in a blog post and you can't change that. I'm not even sure I would. It's so... unexpected.

Thanks to Harlequin Teen Panel, Penguin USA, K-Teen, Wendy, and my mommy!

So that's my story of this month's haul so far... What are you still staring at? GO HOME, away with you. And if you're already there, go to bed, you're not needed here anymore. And if it'll make you go faster, fine fine tell me what you got since last time as well.


Princess Ash said...

Your vlogs are fun to watch, hun! Enjoy your haul :)

Princess Ash said...

I think we're on the same Penguin ARC list because I got all those same ones too-looking forward to your reviews and I hope we both like them loads!

Princess Ash said...

Ha, I got a copy of Natural Born Angel too, also not having read the first one. I'm going to try to get to it, but the pub date's coming up fast. :/

Bahahaha, your comments on Proxy make me wish they'd sent me that one too. *dies*