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TBR | Have Reads and Will Reads

DON'T JUST STAND THERE. If you have a better, cleverer suggestion for a title of posts with the following content, by all means make yourself useful and brag all about your ingenious creation. Toes knows we need something brilliant around here after what you're about to be coerced into watching.

To say there were a few low points in my month of reading during March is an insult to my character; I do not lie, and A FEW is not nearly enough to describe the slew of disappointing reads I endured most reluctantly. These duds left me empty and unsatisfied and why do I feel like I'm talking about the performance of a phantom lover? Because everyone knows the only sex partners I welcome to my bed are the ones other people make up for a living selling stories. Ah, the consequences of reading this post. Who knows what ridiculously uncensored outburst of irrelevance will come next?

Just trudge along, I promise it will cease being unnecessarily painful.

Onto the part of my hopes, dreams, and expectations that haven't experienced the apocalypse do the aforementioned suck-fest, there were some books that made me Delena-Had-Sex happy. ... ...

For one reason or another, sex keeps intruding in this post, which I've somehow made worse by including a .gif of Tom Hiddleston who, let's check the reality, we all want to engage in sexytimes with. I don't have an appropriately logical explanation for that in which to help you understand. Pardon me.

If you'll allow me to carry on, books like Clockwork Princess and What Happens Next made a most welcomed appearance. Then, there's also the fact that I finished the In Death series in the beginning of the month and read The Host, after loving the movie, at the end of the month. And, yeah, since I was craving series-mania I embarked on the Lords of the Underworld. Sexy angry, scarred, tortured men and, darnit I'll say it, sexsexsex with almost as lovely women with a twist of paranormal and Greek mythology. AWESOMECAKE... and speaking of cake, lackluster reading was balanced out by all the post-celebration cake, including but not limited to, CHEESE CAKE.

To make up for the month that I probably should've been smashed to properly cope through most of, I have some exciting reads in my horizon, which I have NO DOUBT will be a SPLENDID month. Take note that you guys voted for Insurgent by Veronica Roth, and well, your wish is not often my command but I thought I'd spice things up and change up the routine. Don't be afraid to let me know how happy I've made you.


Princess Ash said...

You have some awesome titles here. I recently read The Tragedy Paper and Everbound and enjoyed both a lot. The Healy sequel should also be fantastic!

Princess Ash said...

hahah Asher I've said it before and I meant it, you are so completely awesome!! LOVED this video :D :D You are hilarious :D Maybe it's me or. Yes it is me hahahaa. LOVE!! And duh, yeah, you should TOTALLY read Insugent <3 It's so so good! I love it from the deep of my heart <3 Have fun!

Princess Ash said...

Asher, I LOVE YOUR FACE. Seriously, your vlogs make me so happy. I've been much more caught up in reading than blogging lately myself, and have been finishing probably 3 books for every one I end up talking about, which is why I kind of love these quick rewind videos.