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Meager Musings on... Elemental Hotties in Fearless [#1.5] and Breathless [#2.5] by Brigid Kemmerer

I beg your forgiveness, Brigid, for waiting so long to read this installment even after your gesture of kindness. This was my plan all along in order to properly gear myself up for SPIRIT.

ALSO: You are the awesomest of them all.

SUMMARY: Being a force of nature doesn t keep you safe.Hunter Garrity is used to watching his back. The kids at school sense something different about him. And they re right.

Hunter has powers that have nothing to do with how hard he can throw a punch.

Maybe that s what Clare Kasten is picking up. She s shy, quiet, and intense, but she s sought him out. There s no telling what she wants from him.

But Hunter knows enough to sense a secret when it s close. And getting close to Clare is a danger he s ready to face.

So even though it is my bad that I hadn't read this as soon as I would've liked, it really did work out, because FEARLESS topped off by BREATHLESS was one of my most excellent reading decisions. And if the small voice of the responsible me is blabbering about how I just made the wait harder for SPIRIT, because it's not quite at the top of the TBR this month unfortunately, well I'm doing my best to bean it over the head with an imaginary wooden club.

Yes, it's as effective as the real thing.

A part of me REALLY wishes that I remembered STORM better so that I could figure out if the news of Hunter's past is as shocking as it's supposed to be or I'd just forgotten the reveal at some point. But, now, I have all these DOUBTFUL THINGYS in my head. Questions regarding Hunter's true loyalties. Images of me taking out my club again and going to work on Hunter's daddy.

The main thing, though, is the nice little window into Hunter pre-STORM and how much I sympathized with this Hunter. How much happier I am for his changes in the series, the Hunter he's grown to be or has become. This definitely served as a nice appetizer to get me ready for SPIRIT.

SUMMARY: Too many secrets. Not enough time.

Nick Merrick is supposed to be the level-headed one. The peacemaker. Since it’s just him and his three hotheaded brothers against the world, that’s a survival tactic. But now he’s got problems even his brothers can’t help him survive. His so-called girlfriend, Quinn, is going quick as mercury from daring to crazy. Meanwhile, Quinn’s dancer friend Adam is throwing Nick off balance, forcing him to recognize a truth he’d rather shove back into the dark. He can feel it—-the atmosphere is sizzling. Danger is on the way. But whatever happens next, Nick is starting to find out that sometimes nothing you do can keep the peace.

Before I go into all the HOT HOT HOTNESS of this mini installment, can I just say I knew it? I KNEW that Brigid couldn't resist giving us A WHOLE BOOK for Nick Merrick, coming soon. I didn't doubt her for a second... not... one... second... Yeaaaah.

Oh, did you think I was going to bring up that other thing? Well, I WON'T. Because that would be spoilery if I'm any judge. Which I'm probably not and am just torturing you with the knowledge I have but refuse to share, but that's half the fun. And I'm being cautious, because I'm not sure if I was the only one who didn't see the signs when it comes to Nick Merrick. Then again, I profess a lack of radar in that arena. But OH MY GOD! does this new development make things LOADS more interesting... and sexy. Oh yes, QUITE. SEXY.

All that noise aside, if you're wanting to know a little more about what to expect (other than what I won't share) then know this: BREATHLESS is a short installment, as expected given that it's another novella in the series, and it just sheds a little long-awaited light on a blood member of one of our favorite families. His worries, his fears, his desires (ALL KINDS OF). His guilt. Because there are secrets Nick Merrick is keeping, from his family, including Gabe, from Quinn, from himself. And you will find a hint of guilt here, in my review, from me. Because how addicted to this kid and his upcoming romance I am is displayed in my secret guilty wish to sacrifice SPIRIT to have SIEGE first because I WANT TO KNOW. And that's the point. Brigid Kemmerer is clever. *spits* Authors. Can't trust 'em any farther than you imagine throwing them. Even in Brigid's case, where the throwing would be as loving as possible.

I received BREATHLESS from K-Teen via Netgalley; I received FEARLESS as a token from the author because she's a sweet lady who likes me and not you. Just kidding. Mostly.


Princess Ash said...

I shamefully have not started this series yet (thanks for keeping the review non-spoilery! :P). But it's good to know the novellas are just as good as the books and leave you wanting more! I shall have to read these books at some point...maybe after exams...

Princess Ash said...

Liz, I hate to bring our friendship into this but if you don't read these books asap I will have to... blow up your Twitter inbox UNTIL YOU DO. Because it's so very good and the novellas fit right in with all the books AND GOSH I CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE.