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Reaction to... The Mephisto Kiss by Trinity Faegan

Okay, I HATE this cover. Something about the cover of THE MEPHISTO KISS makes me think of a bad photoshop job and I’m clearly unimpressed. But that is the ONLY thing I fail to love about this sequel to THE MEPHISTO COVENANT.

SUMMARY: The eyes never lie. No one’s eyes are darker than Eryx. Not even the Devil’s.

When Jax and Sasha first see Jordan Ellis, they know she is no ordinary teenager. She’s the daughter of the President after all, but she’s also Anabo – a descendant of Eve.

What they don’t know is that Eryx plans to kidnap Jordan and force President Ellis to pledge his soul. If Eryx’s plot succeeds, the consequences would be catastrophic.

But the Mephisto brothers do know about Jordan’s secret identity. And for one of them, she could be the match that leads to their soul’s salvation.

Now it’s a desperate race against time to save Jordan and prevent Eryx’s haunting eyes from discovering her true identity.

I honestly don’t know why it took me so long to read this book. Well, yes I do. After THE MEPHISTO COVENANT, I wasn’t burning with anxiety and need-to-know feels for the sequel and so it didn’t cut it to my Actual Priorities list. But I requested it. And don’t give me that look. Yes, I’ve requested a lot, but usually because I’ve SOME kind of invested interest. In this case, I knew I’d be reading THE MEPHISTO KISS I just wasn’t sure when. Picking it up after months of having it was an impulsive decision, I now realize, BUT I’M SO HAPPY that I did it. Because it’s as if Trinity Faegan took all my small though many gripes about the first book and made a phenomenal book that I just want squeeze to my chest and serenade it whilst it remains in my arms. YEAH.

All together there are seven sons of Hell. A long, long time ago, the eldest of those sons did something unforgiveable and cast himself out of the Mephisto—sons of the dark angel Mephistopheles and the Anabo Mana who were neither acknowledged by God or Lucifer—and has since become the enemy of the rest of his family. Because of their origins the Mephisto are earth-bound, immortal, and, if killed, headed straight to Hell with absolutely no passage into Heaven. Unless they’ve fulfilled the Mephisto Covenant—a promise from God that says each of the Mephisto will find peace and love with an Anabo—an infallibly pure soul resistant against temptation and the wickedness of man. But as Ajax, or Jax, has so proven in THE MEPHISTO COVENANT, that proves to be as difficult as can be, and will be even more difficult when Kyros, or Key, is given his own chance for redemption.

Yes, Trinity Faegan has made so many improvements to this second book in the Mephisto series. You have to understand, the first book wasn’t a bad book. It was a little weird at times—a lot of people still seem to question the sexism (would that be the word?) that seems to be embedded within certain aspects of the story—and the plot had been a little too choppy. The villain took FOREVER to show up, if my review is any judge, and the pacing needed work too. Not the case at all in THE MEPHISTO KISS.

We are given a brief introductory step into the minds of Kyros and Jordan before we are thrust into the fast-paced kidnapping that changes everything. Jordan is the president’s daughter, and was never any interest of the Mephisto or their sworn-enemy Eryx, until she becomes an essential piece to the chess game the President is unknowingly losing against Eryx and his plot to overtake the American government. With Jordan taken, it is revealed that Jordan is suspected to be one of whom the Mephisto are always looking for, and before he can prepare himself for what is about to happen, Kyros is assaulted with the scent of bluebells coming from an item of Jordan’s, changing everything.

What I loved so much about THE MEPHISTO KISS is the constant adventures, all the terrible outcomes, risk-taking, and fighting against evil whereas in THE MEPHISTO COVENANT all that didn’t seem so important. I had been too busy wishing Jax and Sasha together, just because, but with this book Faegan figured out if we are invested in the characters as much as humanly possible so will we be in their mission. It’s now imperative to stop Eryx, to keep him from tempting more souls and from taking the only happiness that really counts among the Mephisto after a thousand years of their own individual loneliness. From the Carpathian Mountains to Bucharest to Washington to the Mephisto stronghold, all that we learn and everywhere we go is thrilling, exciting, and compelled a range of emotions from me with every turn of the scene.

True to my tastes, even more than I loved the plot, I loved this deeper development and better presentation of characters I liked in this first book. I saw the potential in the bromance between the Mephistos and how it might touch me deeply but it didn’t go that far in the first book whereas now I can’t imagine ever not reading a book with them in it. They are more of a presence, grounded in emotions and pasts and personalities that didn’t feel this close in THE MEPHISTO COVENANT. I finally feel like I know them, like I can sense family and feel home, their home, and enjoy all the struggles, arguments, and joyous occasions that come with that family.

Kyros was especially distant in THE MEPHISTO COVENANT, as the leader of the Mephisto, but that is no longer a problem. To protect himself from too deep of emotional investment, to hide all the emotional scarring and pain that comes with it, and to keep himself rigidly in check, his distance, or the cause thereof, is one of the saddest things I’ve ever known in a book. For the sake of his father, his brothers, all of them, and his long-dead mother, Kyros is an unbearably sad character though there is no outward sorrow to show. I couldn’t help but be relieved and happy at the promise of Jordan, or life with her. Seeing them stumble their way through love was so much more gratifying than what I found in the last book. It’s real and raw, full of mistakes and misunderstandings of each other’s characters while they figure out what those characters really are, and ultimately full of hope and acceptance and I am TOTES behind that. Yes, Jordan, like Sasha, battled with what was right for her, whether Kyros was wrong for her or not, but unlike Sasha, seemed strong and perfectly scared and somehow more real about her indecision. But there is a realization of the balance they have together that keeps them in check as much as happy.

  1. Kyros Begs Jordan To Stay Alive
  2. Phoenix Tells Kyros About Jane
  3. Jax Gives Jordan Advice
  4. Kyros Wants Jordan For Jordan
  5. Kyros Decides Jordan, Every Time
I’ve done the best that I could, putting my love of this book into words. And only now after finishing early this morning (I’m talking around five am people!), and after I try to make myself guilty for sleeping in and not studying for my final tomorrow because I stayed up late reading THE MEPHISTO KISS, do I realize how unequivocally excited I am for the rest of the books in the series! It makes me so sad that Faegan’s publisher decided against another book, like BEYOND sad.

But, I’m not bedridden with ragefever or pulling my own hair out because Trinity Faegan made the brave decision to continue the series on her own. And I can’t truly, deeply thank her enough for it because I genuinely love these characters she’s brought into the fictional world and who knows how much blacker my soul would’ve gotten if she hadn’t decided? Because she spared me a fate of long-lasting anger and took pity on all of us desperately waiting for the next part of the story, I think she is even more amazing. Really, people, you are missing so much by skipping this book.

I can’t tell you how much my blood sings at the thought of reading Phoenix’s story, which is the next book in the series called THE MEPHISTO MARK. Even though I must wait until September, in this book especially, Phoenix, the first brother to find an Anabo and lose her, has gotten to me and I’ve decided to be patient. I trust you, Trinity, to make me love Phoenix, Mariah, and their story so very much. And oddly enough it’s a scene with the guy in question that I find even more oddly compelled to share with you.

After a while, Phoenix said, "Jane wasn't what I expected."
Jerking his attention away from the dust motes, he saw Phoenix staring at the clock. "You never said so."
"I thought I'd find a girl who was strong and independent, who liked to ride as much as I did, who had a spirit of adventure and would go with me to places like the Himalayas, or the pyramids in Egypt. Instead, I got Jane, who couldn't walk and was afraid of horses. She was shy, reserved, and a homebody." Phoenix shifted in his chair and rubbed an invisible spot from the brown leather armrest. "Looking at it from her side, she thought she'd marry an aristocrat who would be as passionate about social change in England as she was, who could take her to church. Instead, she got me."
"Who healed her so she could walk. That had to rank higher than social change."
"Not to Jane."
Key was floored. "I thought you and Jane were crazy about each other."
"We were."
"But you just said--"
"All that was in the beginning, Key. Once I really knew her, I didn't care so much about the pyramids. She could be funny, which isn't something I ever considered important. She had quirks, like hiding dime novels inside her hat so she could sneak away from parties and read. You don't think about things like that while you're waiting. You build up this perfect girl in your head, but she doesn't exist. What you get instead is a real human being, and if you're lucky like me, she'll be a million times better than what you imagined and expected."
"In her hat? Really?"
Phoenix nodded and reached for his book. "She loved scary stories."
Key got to his feet and walked to the doorway into the front hall, then stopped and said over his shoulder, "Do you ever imagine another girl?"
"All the time, but now, instead of a girl who's into pyramids, she's always Jane."

Now, maybe, you know what I mean.

Hardback / 448 pgs / Sept 25th 2012 / Egmont USA / Goodreads / $17.99

I received a copy from Egmont via Netgalley back in October.


Princess Ash said...

Ok I loved the first book but like you I wasn't to interested on swooping in and reading the second one. I also hate the second cover. It doesn't even feel the same as the first one. But I will be snagging my copy and reading it as soon as I'm done with Unravel me.

Princess Ash said...

I haven't heard of this but I agree about the cover. And it's annoying when a publisher ditches a book/series but it's awesome when an author goes ahead with it anyway!

Princess Ash said...

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