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10 Things I Love About These BEA Titles

It's quite obvious that one such as myself would not be able to resist reading some of the highly anticipated titles I got during BEA. In fact, one could assume that I've scarcely read ANYTHING ELSE of late. And it just so happens the three I've read so far have landed (not necessarily equally) on my favorites list of this year, but because I'm a good little blogger I won't be doing full reviews until marginally closer to their respective release dates.

That doesn't mean I won't torture you with hints as to my reactions to each of them.

I know, I know, what an evil bastard I've turned out to be.

1. Leila Sales has given me one of my soul books. If I could be
ANYONE in the real world, it's been decided that I want to be Elise Dembowski, who knows a little something about pain and loneliness
and what that feels like when you're in high school and just how hopeless you can feel. And then rises up into something great, all because she follows an unexpected dream.

2. THIS SCENE: "People in the daytime see Vicky Blanchet, English major, or Vicky Blanchet, fat girl. And they're not wrong, but they're still somehow overlooking me. Is this silly? Does this make sense?"
"It's not silly," I told Vicky. And I suddenly wanted to tell her more, wanted to tell her how Amelia Kindl saw me as a crazy girl whose life needed saving, how Ms. Wu saw me as a student in trouble, how Lizzie Reardon saw me as an endless source of amusement, and how I saw myself as so much more, so much brighter. But I didn't even know how to begin, among these used cowboy boots and vintage ball gowns, how to lay out years of my life for Vicky in a way that would make sense. I didn't want to tell her how Amelia or Ms. Wu or Lizzie or anyone else saw me, because I didn't want Vicky to start agreeing with them.
So all I said was, "I see you as Vicky Blanchet, rock star."
"And I see you as Elise, DJ extraordinaire," she said, settling a big pair of sunglasses on her nose. "So buy the rhinestone pumps."

3. This isn't your typical contemporary book. Yes, the issues are big. Yes, there may or may not be a boy. But because it's about so much more than that, I love it more than your average contemporary. This is daytime magic, this is Leila Sales wrapped up in a book. It's beautiful.

4. There are muggles, ya'll. In this book, there are magical people who sometimes live in the nonmagical world, and they view nonmages in a very Harry Potter-esque manner, with a certain amount of disdain and unexplainable envy. There are also pockets of our world (though this not our century) that have magical aspects which connect both worlds. The world-building is just so super fly, you guys, I'M UNABLE TO EVEN.

5. One of my favorite plot lines is used, and USED MAGNIFICENTLY. The main character, "the chosen one," must masquerade as a boy in an all boys school. And she's so damn good at it, with her cockiness and boyish bantering, she not only fits right in but she's charming and it's almost like she develops this whole other self so you're digging two characters at once.

6. There is something ABOUT the relationship between Prince Titus and Iolanthe that takes the whole Hate Turned Love But We're Still Friends thing and makes it so delicious. Because, yeah, they like each other, but more than that they're companions, trusted ones and unable to go on very long without the other, and then there's the fact that Thomas is dangling that ULTIMATE declaration in our faces and pulling it away every time we reach for it.

7.There's a Prince Gaius in this book. #MERLIN. ALSO: #Fangirling.

8. Now, as a contemporary book with really close ties to actual life, my soul book is THIS SONG WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE. BUT. There is no one I would rather be more than Celaena Sardothien in my other life, the one that only exists in my brain. There is much controversy on this series in that people either really love it or hate it. I DON'T UNDERSTAND how anyone could do the latter. For me, it's as if Maas has literally taken components of my soul and put them in a series, so that I recognize SO MANY THINGS I like to read about. I mean, COME ON, there are freaking quickies in the broom closet. BROOM CLOSET. I thought only I could be so sly and dirty and I LOVE THAT I WAS WRONG. Oh, so deliciously wrong.

9.Celaena makes the absolute TOP of my favorite female characters list. Now for those of you who don't like this series, you're like WHAAAA? But here's why I will never understand you. This girl is more than just an empowered female, a teenage assassin with a mysterious past. She is the female version of Sage, a little of Loki and Daemon Black, and Sherlock and Kirk and Iron Man... CHRISTMAS, SHE MIGHT AS WELL BE DAMON SALVATORE! THIS WOMAN IS EVERY MAN I'VE LOVED that has proven to be arrogant, self-absorbed, confident, brash, crude, and BADTOTHEASS. Within her are so many familiar faces, and yet she's all of her own, and of her own making.

10. Focusing a little more on CROWN OF MIDNIGHT, things are much much darker. From rolling heads to bloodied carcases of good friends. The death count is so high in this one, and I LOVE IT. In a non-creepy feeds-on-death kind of way, just that this darkness brings out the savagery that people have forgotten Celaena possesses.. and she's only too happy to remind them once they bring her to the point of no return. This series would be kind of like if Zelda were an assassin with less of a sweet nature. Oh, there are so many exciting possibilities for the next and final book and man, I'm almost willing to buy a cheesecake. A whole one. Just for me, because I'm elated and miserable. Miserable because the wait is now FOREVER.

And now that I've tortured you long enough, which book are you most excited for?


Princess Ash said...

AHH! I wasn't able to get The Burning Sky (not sure where I was at the time)! And now I'm needy for it. Thanks. Your Jafar .GIF rings true. TORTURER!

I haven't read Leila Sales new book yet nor have I read Crown of Midnight. I'd have to read Throne of Glass first anyway... *slinks away in shame*

Princess Ash said...

Eeee, I actually just read 'This Song' and OMIGOSH wasn't it so good?! Like, super painful at moments, but just generally so, so good.

Princess Ash said...

Ha, I must be a bad blogger, because I plan on reviewing Fangirl as soon as I have any space in my posting schedule, though, honestly, that could take a while, only because my schedule is SO FULL.

THE BURNING SKY HAS HATE TURNED LOVE. I'm on it. Also, I didn't know this was there. At least I was approved on EW.

Princess Ash said...

I'm so excited for This Song Will Change Your Life and your reasons make me want to read it even more! *bounces*

Princess Ash said...

Heehee, well this is a good sort of torture, if that makes sense? I'm all for early buzz and getting super excited over upcoming reads. Especially since I recently got The Burning Sky for review (HOORAY!) and I will no doubt be getting my grubby paws on The Crown of Midnight as soon as I can.

So. The Burning Sky. HOLY CRAP. You just described my PERFECT book!!! Muggles?! Harry Potter-esque?! I might have to take back what I said about this being a good form of torture because you're KILLING me. Ahhh, and the girl masquerading as a boy plotline is one of my faves!!

I am a little confused by how much people seem to dislike Throne of Glass! I'm with you, I think it's brilliant and I adore Celaena! Oh boy, this sequel sounds so fantastic, surely some of the naysayers will come around when they read it? Quickies in the broom closet plus a darker more deadly storyline? Awesomeness.

Princess Ash said...

I was so worried that I wasn't going to be able to get it but I FOUND MY WAY. If you want to borrow it at some point, I'll be happy to share, girlie, you know that ;)

YOU HAVEN'T READ THRONE OF GLASS? More pressingly, WHY?! And Leila Sales is a mastermind of contemporary fiction. I still don't know how she skipped past my radar!

Princess Ash said...

It was so bloody amazing that I can't even look at many other contemps the same way again.

Princess Ash said...

No, not a bad blogger, an ambitious one who cares little for "the rules". Mostly the whole I have to wait to read it is an excuse that does two things: 1) hide the fact that I'm anxious about reading it and 2) make it SEEM like I'm going to read other books that have been awaiting my attention. See what I did there?

I have a sneaking suspicion you're going to be one of the ones who I'm almost positive will really enjoy it. YAY FOR APPROVALS.

Princess Ash said...

It's so freaking raw and emotional and beautiful WITH a wonderful ending. I mean, I can hardly say that about many books. Leila knows my heart.

Princess Ash said...

Yes, I'm probably going to continuously do a post like this, especially since I have ALL summer. Yaaaay! I'm so happy you got THE BURNING SKY. You're another one of the people I thought of as I read this who I think will really enjoy it. Bloomsbury has it up on NG, I believe, as far as CoM.

This is why I thought of you as one of the people who would dig it because I'm like this has Aylee all over it, provided it's done just right for her. For me, it totally was! It's so damn imaginative and THE BOY PLOTLINE. YES.

THANK GOD. I was afraid more friends would turn up on this post saying they hated ToG, and I CANNOT understand it. I really can't. I think it's brilliantly crafted and wonderfully imagined and I FREAKING LOVE CELAENA. And I think naysayers may enjoy it only slightly more than the last one, just because Maas doesn't change her style, WHICH I LOVE, but just adds some more interesting facets."Quickies in the broom closet plus a darker more deadly storyline" is an excellent way to recap my recap and I hope that intrigues you as much it has me and I've already read the damn book lololol

Princess Ash said...

Oh my freaking gawd! You managed to get me even MORE excited for the Burning Sky! How is that even possible?! I don't know but I know it'll be harder to resist not reading that one ASAP...September seems so far away! And I'm dying to get into both Throne of Glass AND Crown of Midnight, since I haven't read either (I know...I know.) but I have a feeling I'm going to fangirl over that series hardcore :D Thanks for the best possible kind of torture imaginable LOL

Princess Ash said...

SHE IS SO AWESOME IN THAT BOOK HOW CAN YOU EVEN?! But, I get you, because many people said the same even though I strongly beg to differ. But in this book HER AWESOMENESS IS IN FULL SWING. Like seriously, you will have no doubt of her assassiness. (That was me subtly poking you hoping you'll read book two anyway :D)

Princess Ash said...

YOU MUST READ IT. I ignore release dates when it prevents me from sating my curiosity. Oh oh and I hope you love the TOG series otherwise I'm not sure we can be proper friends ;D