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Reaction to.... The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa

I’m never too old for big faced ladies on a cover, even if she doesn’t look THAT Asian (or not at all, really, so boo), but there was something chilling and dark about THE IMMORTAL RULES , while still giving off enough emotion to be intriguing with the stone-cold face carrying a dripping tear around—which is the perfect way to portray Allison, Asian or no. With THE ETERNITY CURE it’s a little bit like chocolate cake for the eyes, with it’s beautiful design and it’s bold yet simple color scheme, BUT as you’re devouring it you don’t stop to think of what’s inside. So while this cover satisfies my superficial and immediate needs, if I’d walked past this cover in a bookstore I wouldn’t have a clue about what this is supposed to be about. While I’m not sure that’s a good thing, I know that I’d still stop and read the dust jacket because it IS eye-catching. So, ultimately, it’s a well-done for you, Harlequin Teen.

SUMMARY: Allison Sekemoto has vowed to rescue her creator, Kanin, who is being held hostage and tortured by the psychotic vampire Sarren. The call of blood leads her back to the beginning—New Covington and the Fringe, and a vampire prince who wants her dead yet may become her wary ally.

Even as Allie faces shocking revelations and heartbreak like she’s never known, a new strain of the Red Lung virus that decimated humanity is rising to threaten human and vampire alike.

I swear, consistency and I are old friends and we hang out as often as possible, but I can’t be consistent if I HAVEN’T EVEN FINISHED A BOOK. Working is no party, my friends, as I’m sure many of you know, so, yes, I’d try to go home to THE ETERNITY CURE and get going on it but then my worn body would give out EVERY SINGLE TIME. Now, I know why grownups are so miserable: they CAN’T EVEN read.

Stepping away from her fantastical, decidedly light-in-comparison world of the Nevernever, last year Julie Kagawa spun an entirely new realm for us, one filled with darkness, where, by the time we crack open the cover, the last of the bright spots are rapidly going out. The world that has been left behind after the spread of the deadly, mutating Red Lung virus is one of ash, blood, broken minds, and hopeless souls. It is the picture of a ravaged humanity, where people have been mostly reduced to their most basic and most imperative of functions: survival. As heart-breaking, tragic, raw, and blunt as that. Trust, happiness, and affection are forgotten things, like books and reading. In THE IMMORTAL RULES, we navigated through this world with Allison the Fringer at the helm, then experienced the horror of being the vulnerable passenger as the imminent collision that would change everything hurtled closer.

Allie the Vampire might as well be a separate entity all together. Living from in the shoes of a genuine monster has forced her to grow at a speed that’s as unnatural as the fangs that protrude when Hunger arises. And from beginning to the end of THE IMMORTAL RULES, Allie learns what it is to bond, love, and befriend. But happiness can’t last for long, not in this dilapidated world and not for a vampire.

With a new mission and a new course set ahead, Allie is on the hunt for her sire, a man whom she attaches the most complicated of bonds—strictly familial, I’m afraid—and whose sanity and existence is in peril even for an immortal as old and powerful as he. Taking place less than a year after THE IMMORTAL RULES, Allie’s quest hasn’t gone as intended, and will continue it’s downward spiral in THE ETERNITY CURE.

I remember some people mentioning that THE IMMORTAL RULES was a little slow at the starting line, and I know I didn’t have that problem. I discovered that, annoyingly, this time around with THE ETERNITY CURE. But, true to Kagawa’s talent it picks up well and pretty quickly, and that initial slow start almost serves a purpose. Like any thrill ride of life, where you think you’ve got it in the bag because it’s appearance is deceiving, the illusion is what builds the terror or the anxiety. In this case, I don’t think I would’ve been quite so wound-up if it hadn’t been for that sly opening.

You’d think that after THE IMMORTAL RULES, where we traveled from within the Inner Wall and the Fringe inside a vampire city, the outside toward a camp of remaining humans in search of a rumored haven, I’d’ve seen it all. But, one thing Kagawa is really good at doing is creating a new landscape within an already existing one. From Old D. C.—where poor Abe is barely hanging on—inside a White House under new management to the underground web of sewers leading to the heart of the Rabids nest and beneath the Fringe where the mole men are said to lurk, there are far darker places to tread.

Allie hasn’t undergone a shocking and unexpected metamorphosis since last we were with her. She’s still the same cold, expressionless badass katana wielder capable of many dark deeds and is only willing to leash the blood-sucking monster within her to a point, toeing the line that meets with her own standards. She is accepting of her new nature, what she is and isn’t capable of doing, but she’s chosen the kind of monster she has become, as Kanin would say, and I would say one that could even be termed honorable, if nothing else. With a strong, stubborn will and a katana strapped to her back, I firmly believe there isn’t much this girl can’t take on.

‘Cept maybe Jackal, the once and future raider king. I didn’t get any awesomeness vibes from him in THE IMMORTAL RULES, but man, was my doubt foiled! THIS DUDE.

If Puck were in a vampire book, where he was a malicious, unrepentant raider king who is cunning and mostly evil and slightly more witty, he would be Jackal. Don’t let me unintentionally deceive you: Puck and Jackal are not one in the same. AT ALL. But, oh, I do love good parallels. At first, his attempts at being annoyingly arrogant and witty were actually annoying, because I kind of thought here comes this typical character set up to be the comic relief or whatever. But, that quickly went away when I realized how wrong I was.

Yes, I’d always suspected this but…

Unfortunately, as often as they gave me happy chills and other cheerfully dirty thoughts, I wasn’t feeling the romance between Zeke and Allison as much. Some of the actual scenes, were, as I kind of hinted, pretty sexay and feels-ridden, but mostly they felt out of place and thrown together oddly. Whenever there was an affectionate quip or public kiss , whatever the case, I was never fully into it because I kept thinking something like, uh, guys, her Sire is RIGHT THERE, Jackal is RIGHT THERE, and ALSO: THERE ARE DEADLY THINGS EVERYWHERE. So not the bloody time. Not the time. Cool the pants fire.

  1. Running Into Jackal
  2. Infiltrating A Nest Of Rabids… With Jackal
  3. Finding The Mole Men… With Jackal
  4. Running Into Zeke… With Jackal
  5. Oh! And, Uh, Jackal
  6. THE ENDING so fucked up, Julie

I’ve gotta stop promising I’ll not do the whole “THE ENDING!” following –Insert Wavy Hand Gestures As An Attempt At Eerieness And Drama- because I’m a liar. But, seriously, even as I saw it coming, I still couldn’t contain the shock and awe… and anticipation. Mostly, because yes I’m looking forward to more badassery on Jackal’s part, but also because I imagine that The Forever Song is going to have some PRETTY EPIC STUFF involved. Not to mention that a certain psychotic vamp has once again been thwarted by our Allison Sekemoto (if his limb deduction is any indication).

And I’m SURE his vengeance will create a catastrophic quake in Allison’s world.

Hardback / 446 pgs / April 30th 2013 / Harlequin Teen / Goodreads / $16.99

I received an e-galley of this book from Harlequin Teen via Netgalley.


Princess Ash said...

This is sitting on my shelf, waiting for me to find some time to read it already. I've seen several reviewers say how wonderfully twisted Jackal is in this one, so I'm really looking forward to reading about his travels with Allie, who I loved in the first book.

Princess Ash said...

I know that feeling intimately. There are so many books here practically giving me the stink eye because I've waited THIS LONG to read them. Or still haven't. I thought Jackal was going to be so so typical but I was wrong, man. He is NOT. And Allie grows more in this book and is still the same lovable badass so I'm looking forward to seeing you're reaction to all of this!!

Princess Ash said...

ugh ugh ugh! I love your review and HATE it at the same time. I love it because it's a freaking brilliant review. So well-crafted and well-said! But I hate it because I never finished this one! It expired before I could read all of it, so that SUCKED hardcore, and I haven't been able to purchase my own copy yet. Boo. But anyywayyyy, from what I've read: I definitely agree that the beginning was kind of slow, but it definitely picked up pretty quickly. JACKAL IS MY FAVORITE. HE'S JUST SO EVILLY HILARIOUS AND GAH. GREAT. A+ FOR HIM. And I completely agree that I just didn't feel Zeke/Allie in this one. I was 100% for them in the first installment, but in this book (or at least, the first half), it did seem a bit forced. And public kisses? Cringe. Amazing review, Asher! <3 Love it.

Princess Ash said...

Hahahaha, awesome.

I totally agree with your assessment of Jackal and your commentary on Zeke and Allie's romance (so NOT feeling it). That ending killed me, and not in the good way. Sigh. Oh well. Hope book three is a bit stronger for me, aka has MOAR Jackal.

Princess Ash said...

I was so impressed by the end of this book-can't wait for big things in book 3! Love the "You liar!" gif :)

Princess Ash said...

I HATE WHEN BOOKS EXPIRE. Which is why I religiously input them in my kindle because I couldn't stand it if I never got to read it! The romance just seemed so out of place in this book; I was happy to see Zeke, and then I was like just keep doing cool stuff and STOP KISSING. It's weird. AND ZOMG JACKAL. You must read on with the book for him, you will love him more. THANK YOU SO MUCH SOPHIA <33

Princess Ash said...

I mean whoever disagrees with my assessment on Jackal wouldn't know funny if they were pushed down the stairs *shify eyes*. They'd just be broken. AND WHADDUP WITH THE ROMANCE? Such a letdown because I was feeling it in book one, that I can remember, and then everything started to feel cheesy. Except when Allie did some self-reflection on vampirism and what not. But I wasn't digging the romancey things.

Princess Ash said...

I think it's because Allie suddenly got so wimpy and save the humans. There was tension between them in the first book, but now they're all united and obsessed with one another and just no.

Princess Ash said...

I think it's mainly that for me too. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN. Not so much for the Zeke and Allie-ness but just where the plot could go as far as Eden and everything :D

And I try, I do. :D

Princess Ash said...

I liked that he was all accepting of her true nature, because it's not as if he didn't witness her in action, BUT it came off as typical and expected and movie-like instead of deep and meaningful. And, honestly, why can't, FOR ONCE, we have a big bad vampire whose urges CAN'T be controlled no matter who is pleading with them? That would be way way more interesting and definitely different xD And the whole turning off emotions bit on Allie's part at the end... *rolls eyes*

Princess Ash said...

Yeah, I do feel a bit like the acceptance on both sides was the problem. They had serious issues at the end of book one, and when they come back together here those are ALL GONE. When was that stuff resolved? When did he stop being seriously bothered by her being a vampire?

Princess Ash said...

*nods* It would've been MUCH more believable if we'd seen him go through the struggling, doubts, and questions he would've had to ask to be believably over it. It didn't seem like a mature, well-thought-out decision, more like a decision based off thoughts induced by the fire in his pants. DISAPPOINTING. I know he can think.

Princess Ash said...


Princess Ash said...

We call him Fire Crotch.

Princess Ash said...

Poor Fire Crotch. Who knows what evil things befell his person by the very end of this book? I wonder if he's a *GASP* vampire too. (I would SO be surprised :P)

Princess Ash said...

He's obviously something. Immune to vampirism would be my guess, but we'll see!

Princess Ash said...

Oh, but immunity is BORING. I want him to sprout fangs and develop post-vampire angst problems.