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Something Lovely Under the Stamps [60] aka In My Mailbox, Stacking the Shelves, Book Haul, etc.

You guys, I woke up this morning feeling a little concerned by the fact that I haven't done a book haul since APRIL 14TH. Two. Whole. Months. I'm sorry.

B-But there was all this STUFF going on. Like, school with finals, working almost forty-hours a week with this untried 18-year-old body, and... BEA preparation. I had a lot on my plate.


... ... ....

All right.

I wanted to let you guys know that my blogging ambitions have been revitalized in recent weeks and you may have noticed a bit of, dare I say, CONSISTENCY around these parts the past few days. I kicked off the week reviewing THE HERO'S GUIDE TO STORMING THE CASTLE by Chris Healy, which is the sequel to one of my favorite books of last year. Then I dropped off the reading high when I forced myself to go through with NIGHT SCHOOL by C. J. Daugherty, an unfortunately laughable disappointment. And, yesterday, if you haven't been by already, I reviewed another sequel to YET ANOTHER FAVORITE with THE PIRATE'S WISH by Cassandra Rose Clarke, a spectacular conclusion to a beloved duology.

I've been working on figuring out what kind of posting schedule I'd like to stick with and so I've finally decided on one. You can expect posts around Paranormal Indulgence between Tuesdays through Saturdays from now on. No posting, unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, will take place on Sunday or Monday. I FORBID IT. Never mind that I need sleep and stuff.

Now let's talk a little about this week's book haul. This is the Long Overdue Not BEA Related Edition. Because it's been two months and I've got a lot of books to go through here without adding almost eighty books amassed exclusively during my NYC trip onto everything. So excuse me if I restrain myself.

BUT. Have you seen my BEA trip montage? There are snippets of each book I got included in this video:

ALSO: Keep in mind that I was a little lazy this time around and didn't write out my reactions to getting each book. You'll have to watch my video for that. After all, I did spend three hours editing the damn thing.

It's a little on the longer side than normal (which is between 3-5 mins) but IT'S BEEN TWO MONTHS. I would apologize again if I wasn't cowering away from Regina.

Okaaay. That's everything. You can leave me now that I've shown you all my new things.


Why are you still here? Or really...


Princess Ash said...

It is SO good to see your face and hear your voice! It's like we're not so far apart - I MISS YOU, TOO!

Ooh, we both got Juliet's book, yay! I will have to get book one and start the series :)

I have to read Unspoken and find out what all the fuss is about! Love your haul, so many good books and so many that I need to read :D

Princess Ash said...

Shadowfell was one of my faves of last year as well! Even though I enjoyed it overall, I had one or two issues with the sequel - mainly that the pacing was slow and that there wasn't enough action.

Oh my gosh. Unravel made me feel ALL THE FEELS. That book...I just....fjdfswmvlfl.
Also: Damn love triangle! >_<

YAY! So glad to hear that your enjoyed The Burning Sky! :D <3

Princess Ash said...

So many GREAT books, Asher! I am so jealous of all of them, haha. I actually haven't started Rae Carson's series yet, but I know Veronica Roth loves it (and so do you!), so I have to read it soon. And omg omg omg Untold!!!!!! I loved Unspoken so much, and I cannot WAIT for the sequel. And Awaken! Ah! Although I liked the first two books were a bit dull, I still liked them. Plus, it's Meg Cabot! I have to read her books! :) And oh my goodness, I am putting off Boundless and idk why because i am obsessed with the first two books. And Unravel Me, ugh, i have to get on that. Okay, wow, this is just turning into a rambly mess of "ugh"s and "omg"s and "wow sophia sucks at catching up on books." GREAT VLOG. GREAT BOOKS. Happy reading, Ash! :) <3

Princess Ash said...

It's disastrously unfair that we've been so geographically misplaced. But I firmly believe my husband will be Australian and in my fantasy we will have a home in the US and one in Aussie land and then I will be able to see you much more easily. Now we only have to wait a few years for it to be a reality xDD

Juliet's series had a fabulous beginning and so I'm hoping the follow-up is just as awesome.

UNSPOKEN. *hisses* It is both the love and bane of my existence. My feelings on that one are so complicated I barely understand them beyond the pain...

Princess Ash said...

*fist-bumps* all around, girlie, I had no idea you were a fan! Hopefully, the pacing won't bother me too much with Raven Flight, especially because I consider Shadowfell to be a pretty slow.

UNRAVEL ME. You don't even KNOW, bro. And what do you mean love triangle?! This is the thing I don't get: all this Team Warner business. I didn't even know his team existed! HE'S INSANENUTS.

I loved, loved, loooooved The Burning Sky. Nearly special shelfed it but definitely one of my favorties this year.

Princess Ash said...

Thank you, Sophia! :D Don't be too jealous though because I'm now really really scared as to finding a home for all of them. My shelves are throwing up books and my room can only handle so many more before I believe it folds in on itself.

I THINK YOU WILL LOVE RAE'S SERIES. I loved it so much and in the beginning I really only liked it. There's just such an evolution in EVERY ASPECT that your feelings go through the same thing, I think.

It's okay, we can suck at catching up together :DD Thanks, Soph <3

Princess Ash said...

Love the Mean Girls gifs (sorry I didn't watch your video-I never watch video book hauls)-a bit of Regina always makes me laugh!

Princess Ash said...

Mean Girls is my favoritest thing EVER about posting. I can stick those gifs almost ANYWHERE and they will work xD

Princess Ash said...

Watching your haul vlog was awesome and also turned into me realizing how many awesome books I have to read...so I kinda feel like I fail, but that just means I have some EPIC reads coming up I guess? :D So yeah, Chaos of the Stars (love that freakin cover!) the Girl of Fire & Thorns series (Eeep!), Daughter of the Forest...all on the wishlist. True story! Angelfall, the Throne of Glass books & the Unearthly series also need to be read, like yesterday but at least I own those (but that means I have no excuse!) Yeah, I HAD to own them though, so hopefully soon! Imagine that I've actually read Half-Blood and Pure though *gasp* but I have NOT read VA so I had nothing to compare it to >.<

Oh and I would LOVE you to do a BEA vlog post - anything to relive the excitement one more time :D haha AND look at awesome books!

PS- I'd been eying the Merlin series in the back there so I was pumped you showed them off! I've only watched the first season but I'll be catching up VERY soon and I can't wait! YAY on the sweet steal of a deal with all the seasons! Congrats on all this good stuff! Enjoy & thanks for sharing!

Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows

Princess Ash said...

Oh, your comments make me smile like mad. Like seriously, I see rainbows and butterflies and leprechauns right now. READ ALL OF THOSE BOOKS. They are just too awesome to ignore.

And I'm seriously considering doing one, even though I'm afraid of the editing time it would take. But my piles have yet to be put away so I figure I"m still good for one xD

PS: YAY FOR MERLIN FANGIRLINESS. I KNEW THERE WAS A REASON I WAS DRAWN TO YOU, GIRL. I hope you love the remainder of the series because I'm a serious hardcore no holds barred fangirl and need to find others. I've got my mom into it and she's almost done with season 2 :DD