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15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Day 2 | The Things You Do At Sleepytime

In relation to books, you dirty-minded savages. As if we could go there right now. Get your mind off of Bradley James's luscious ass and join me away from the gutter so we can discuss a legitimate question relevant to blogging. You know, for the challenge.


Day 2: What's your bedtime reading ritual?

Now there are MANY ways in which bedtime can play out for me. It really does depend on the day.

I have a part-time job in a women's clothing store, so there are days during the week in which I get paid to stay and help close up the store. On those nights I can get home from anywhere between 10pm and 11:30pm. And what mostly happens on those nights, after trudging on home with the exhaustion of a six to eight and a half hour day on my back, I get inside and look for any packages addressed to me. (At least a few times a week, I will have ordered something or have gotten something from the pubs and so I make sure I stay lucid enough for that.)

If nothing is waiting for me, I approach my living room couch and spill bonelessly onto it. From there one of three things can happen: 1) I completely black out, grubby clothes and deteriorating makeup still on, which EWWW 2) I flip onto my back and turn on the tv, oftentimes to netflix so I can pretend to watch Merlin or 3) I take out my tablet or my kindle and pretend to myself that I'm actually going to read. One would think that after the numerous accidents I've had with my technology, the latter wouldn't really be an option, but I'm adept at denial and am stubborn about what I can handle. Needless to say, I already feel like shit in the morning when I find my kindle somewhere across the floor. Luckily, I have carpeting.

If I'm NOT closing and am home relatively early, I go home to spend a few hours on the internet. That could mean anything from catching up on celeb gossip to scrolling through my horoscope or Tumblr to stalking Tweeps and YouTubers to reading bookish news to blogging. I wasn't kidding yesterday when I said I lead quite a pathetic life. Like if you never thought that there was someone this pitiful in life, too bad because I AM that person. Sorry to disappoint you, but some people ARE boring.

If the night's still young, I will step out of my cave and beg, nag, and whine until my mother agrees to watch a few episodes of #Merlin with me. She really just feigns reluctance and just enjoys seeing me reduced to the state of a two-year-old with tantrum issues; she's a sick woman. Don't ever let me let you meet her.

Once our eyes are gritty and blurry from watching too long, she escapes back to her bedroom and if I'm too lazy, which I usually am, I remain on the couch and attempt to read something. But generally it ends up that it's lights out for me.

So, in other words, I barely get any reading done at night.

And you? You think you can do better? What do YOU do at night... for the purposes of reading?


Princess Ash said...

Oh now this sound scarily like my own life, only I come home earlier most days and don't have nearly as much of an excuse to crash on the sofa. I'm just very lazy by default (really, it's a wonder that I even get anything done). I'm actually in bed right now, and it's still daytime over here. And I know all about finding kindles strewn across the floor. I read late at night most days, so I'll wake up to find my books and ereaders have fallen off the bed. And I DON'T have carpeting. Sigh. It's such a hard existence.

Princess Ash said...

Oh wow. I'm the opposite. The evenings actually when I get most of my reading done, though if you're getting home that late I can TOTALLY understand why you just collapse on the couch/floor/flop around mindlessly like a potato.

Ahahahahahahahha I need to watch Merlin. It sounds so awesome. Yeah you've basically convinced me to watch Merlin based on this post alone. You even included a Merlin gif. I see what you did there.

Y'see, with me, a lot of the times I'm like yep no worries I want to just read 10 more pages before I go to sleep.
*eyes start to close*...NO. 9 MORE PAGES.
*wakes up* *checks phone* 4:50am. Lights still on, been sleeping in a sitting position for the past 4 hours. Book and phone still on top of self.
Yep that's how I roll.

Princess Ash said...

Finally someone else who doesn't get much night time reading done!!! The way you broke your evenings down made me literally LOL. I think we need to be friends. :)