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15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Day 3 | The Homies

Oh, God, you guys. Today's challenge in April's 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge is making me into such a freak. Like, I do not even know how to proceed right now.


Day 3: Who are your blogging BFFs?

You know that kid in the movies, the one who thinks everyone is their friend and they're actually laughing behind that kid's back? And then that kid finds out about it and it makes you feel like crap when you watch it? I'm feeling that kid's anxiety right now. I seriously don't want to be that girl who calls out names, and then have those people step back and think, "Really? She thinks we're friends?"

The thing is, I'm better at socializing with strangers than I am with maintaining friendships. I would love to be on Twitter every day talking to peeps I consider friends, but that isn't the reality. I don't know these people inside-out, but I've talked with them enough, they've become fixtures enough in my blogging life that I think I can safely call them friends. They were the first people I thought of at this question.

So, please, if I'm not your friend, you're practically morally obligated not to tell me so XD. That would be embarrassing.

Let's start with Heidi and Mandee

I don't know how I started following Heidi from Bunbury in the Stacks, I don't remember who commented on who's blog first. I remembered following her for a while and enjoying what she had to say, even if we didn't always agree with each other's opinions. That's the beauty of our relationship when it comes to each other's reading tastes: we can sit and read each other's reactions and converse about them, respect and appreciate them even if we're opposed on a book. Though, it's always awesome when we fangirl over the same book. Which brings me to Scarlet by A. C. Gaughen. I believe that's what cemented my love of her blog, and it made me geek out (still does) that she cited me as one of the reviews for the book to pay attention to.

As for Mandee from Vegan YA Nerds, I would always do my best to catch her reviews. If you've never seen them, they're super unique, especially with the cat pictures featuring the books in them. But what I made sure never to miss were her book haul vlogs. The fascination started with her Aussie accent and then just escalated when we began geeking out over the same books. Our friendship started with mutual commenting on and love for each other's vlogs.

But, more recently, the thing that's made me really feel like I can label them as friends is not only due to our rendezvous in New York for Book Expo America but also because we had such a marvelous time together. While I can't speak for them, I felt completely comfortable with both of them, talking about books and bloggers and blogging. Talking about aspects of our lives. Eating, geeking, walking, and hanging together. I guess I could be overestimating the fun we had, but I don't think so. The three of us clicked and I only hope we can get together soon (I did get to see Heidi fairly quickly after BEA, yay!).

Then there's Brodie, Sarah, Sam, Liz, and Cait

Ladies who I met all around the same time. I don't quite remember how each of these friendships started but I remember the important stuff. Brodie, Sarah, and I all pretty much comment alike. We sound crazed, spasmodic, and cheerful. We'd make each other laugh with our comments, then we'd laugh once we brought our conversations to Twitter. They would threaten me if I didn't read Harry Potter, I'd send them stick figure me pictures with me doing something ridiculous to tell them I adore them. We have a whacky sense of humor that most people would O_O at. I miss them like crazy, and I wish I got to talk to them more.

With Sam, we typically comment on each other's blogs very frequently, and when you see someone around that often, it not only makes you feel warm inside but gives you someone familiar to talk to who enjoys a lot of the same things you do. We do have our difference in opinions, one of us usually loving a book more or less than the other, but we have quite a few mutual loves like Throne of Glass, Shadow and Bone, Unspoken *hisses*, Morganville, The Demon Trappers, The Assassin's Curse and I do believe I could go on. We've discussed so many books, and I look forward to talking with Sam every time. Speaking of The Assassin's Curse, which is not exactly an excellent segue but sufficient enough, Cait, Liz, and I love some of the same books as well.

I want to say I met Cait through Liz, who I would talk to a lot more when we were both still in high school (oh, the days when we didn't have to worry about college/uni, Liz). There were so many topics of conversation, especially because Liz and I were going through the same troubles and worries school-wise. And then there's the fact that we both simultaneously watched and loved The Legend of Korra as total Avatar fans. Cait and I started up with commenting as well, and developed much like how my friendship with Sam did. Cait is also one of the people who convinced me to read Jellicoe Road. That makes her a goddess if you didn't know.

Thanks for talking to me, guys, you made an impact.

And you? Who are your blogging friends? Am I one of them? Because that would be funny. In a good way. And probably cool.


Princess Ash said...

Oh my goodness this is such a lovely post!

Mandee, Brodie, Saz and Sam are all amazing people - I don't know the others you mentioned unfortunately. I spaz with Sarah all the time so I get what you mean by whacky sense of humour :D

Eeeep Throne of Glass, Shadow and Bone AND ON THE JELLICOE ROAD! I can tell these are all awesome people because I love these books too woohoo. To the person that recommended you OtJR: YOU GO GLEN COCO! One of my favourite books of all time.

Ash, I'm sure these book bloggers all love you so don't stress (:

Princess Ash said...

ASH! You silly cupcake. Of course I consider you a friend! I'm sure everyone else does too. I can't actually remember how we first met either, but I'm SO glad we did. It's always great to be able to fangirl over the same books with someone and I just love your enthusiasm and humour. Your posts are some of my favourites to read and your comments really do make my day! :) I follow all the other bloggers you mentioned too, and especially adore Sarah and Mandee. And Brodie! I really miss her visiting her blog. Thanks for mentioning me. <3

Princess Ash said...

Asher! You are so awesome. You were actually one of my first blogger friends! Along with Cait and Brodie :P. Oh the woes of university - we definitely need to have a catch-up! How's everything been going for you? AND OMG KORRA OMG. Why isn't season two here yet? Have you seen some of the stills? Did you know Azula's voice actress is going to voice someone in it? AZULA!

:) <3

Princess Ash said...


OK. So I woke up at 4AM and saw this, and you, like, TOTALLY MADE MY DAY BEFORE IT EVEN STARTED. I mean, I promptly fell back to sleep, but then I woke up at 8 OVERWHELMED WITH ASHER LOVE!

You are BEYOND lovely, lovely! AND I HEART YOU LIKE WHOA! ♥♥♥

Princess Ash said...

that anxiety you're talking about, i totally get it. but i think in this case and judging by the comments that you are safe. i don't think i read any of these blogs except for veganyanerds (which is awesome) so i will definitely check them out.

Princess Ash said...

Um, really? You ACTUALLY thinks we're friends? *gathers everyone you've ever met and laughs behind your back*



I MISS YOUR CRAZY BEAUTIFUL BRAIN *feels* *squishes* *noms* We need to catch up more, especially since I just stalked you on Goodreads and discovered YOU HAVE STILL ONLY READ THE FIRST HARRY POTTER BOOK WTF ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?

Get on that, dude. Asap.

P.S Did I mention I MISS YOU?!?!? *HUGGLES*
P.S.S All your Homies are amazing and I love them like crazy. Well, I've never met Heidi, but I love her like crazy by default because you say she's awesome.

Princess Ash said...

Ash!! This is such a sweet post :) You did not overestimate the fun you, me and Heids had - it was one of the best weeks ever! I am so glad we got to meet, hangout, eat food, and talk, talk, TALK! I miss you both xox

Princess Ash said...

So I suck because I'm responding to this so late, but I just have to say I love you. ♥

Princess Ash said...

Sarah and Mandee! I always love catching up with them. Although, Mandee makes me feel so socially dysfunctional as she's always super polite and proper!